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  1. For me at least, the IE games pathing was never as wonky as it is in this game. Party members getting stuck on not just objects, but each other, and running in place. Running in circles. Taking off mid combat and attempting to run halfway across the map in exactly the opposite direction from the assigned target. Killing their assigned target, then running to the nearest door and immediately closing/opening it. Killing their current target, then walking over to the middle of nowhere to swing their weapon several times at nothing but air. I'm starting to think lead poisoning is more of an issue in their world than this hollowborn nonsense.
  2. That's been my take on it as well. I find combat to be an unrewarding chore that makes me want to avoid it altogether.
  3. I've never understood this either. I've seen it brought up time and again about resting, spamming spells, quick saves and reloading, etc. If a person feels it ruins the gameplay, or trivializes something, why not simply make a decision to not do it. Why limit or ask for such limitation on the way others play.
  4. I agree completely, and I've felt the same way since I first tried the beta. A lot of the design choices made by sawyer still leave me scratching my head.
  5. Maybe not, but the concept for this game was sold from the very beginning as the spiritual successor to those games. While I wouldn't go so far as to say the game sucks, I am disappointed. I like certain aspects of the game, ie the art design, sound, etc, but I have issues with the core gameplay to the point I simply don't find it enjoyable. The way xp is handled, stealth, combat only abilities, ai. endurance/HP, etc. I have no doubt that patches will address some of these, as will (hopefully) mods, but for the most part some things are here to stay. The game seems to be doing well and I am glad for that, and I know I am in the minority as a lot of people enjoy it, I just wish I did.
  6. Are you doing AttributeScore Durance Intelligence 20? You need to do "FindCharacter Durance", you'll get something like NPC_Durance(Clone)_0 in the console command. So then use this name instead of just "Durance" for the attributescore command. My Durance is showing as Companion_GGP(Clone)_2. I am able to modify him using GGP and save some typing. Also, for anyone interested there are a couple of nice cheat tables in the cheatengine forum that allow editing most of this stuff easily as well.
  7. What exactly doesn't work? Looting bodies isn't supposed to work (it's been disabled), but item swapping should. Could you elaborate? In combat, trying to move an item either in stash, equipped, or from one party member to another says in red "that slot cant be changed in combat" Everything else seems to work as intended. Thanks for the mod too btw.
  8. I know it says steam, but seems to be working well on my gog version save for the combat looting/item swapping.
  9. Completely pointless. Remove all of this. Yep. With combat in PoE being more involved than the infinity engine games, I never expected to go unrewarded for the effort. All this extra trouble to try and balance a problem they created in the first place. When I initially backed this on kickstarter I never expected such a radical depature from the games this was to be the spiritual successor to. I will wait patiently until release and hope to be proven wrong, but as of right now i am very disapointed I contributed anything.
  10. I don't miss them at all. 1 less item to have to constantly micromanage.
  11. One of the first things I usually do in a game is turn the music off as I much prefer hearing everything else instead. However for some reason I neglected to turn it off in this beta, and I like it well enough.
  12. No thanks, id rather keep the ui as is than go with what op suggested. Why not just allow the ui to be unlocked so people can move items wherever they want the way a lot of mmo's currently do.
  13. Yes, its currently abysmally slow.
  14. My work laptop is an i3 @ 1.9, and 6 gigs of ram with intel hd 4000 graphics. There isnt any option to tweak graphic options, but the game runs fantastic on its default. The fan ramps up a bit and remains that speed the entire time I'm playing, but its fine. With far better specs than my laptop, you should be more than good to go.
  15. Exactly, PST did this and it was wonderful. Its probably a bug, but having to micromanage all my characters to stand on top of each other so I can rest is also frustrating.
  16. but the knockdown sound effect is a bit excessive That noise is super annoying, and I really hoped its replaced with something less irritating.
  17. I would be fine with more of both, however I lean towards the wilderness areas as I am more interested in exploring. There never seem to be enough wilderness areas, ruined temples, forgotten tombs, etc and always leave me wanting more. The teaser looked awesome, and although I'm very eager to get my hands on the game, I am also content to wait for a completed and well polished product. I want this game to do well, and would love to see other publishers kicking themselves for not throwing money at this from the start.
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