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  1. I'd probably go for: PC (Dwarven Dragon Thrashed Tank for bonus vs wilders and primordials – Summoner) Kana (Dragon Thrashed Tank – Summoner) Eder (2H Sanguine Plate/Shod in Faith'er – Aggressive) Maneha (One Handed CC Barbarian – Aggressive) Grieving Mother (Melee Cipher – Whatever) Priest (100% Defensively Specced) I have no idea how good the priest's per rest AI is, but it would be silly if it didn't counter status effects on your party with the related prayer spells. If it can do buffing, even better. Also don't know how good Cipher AI is but if they can knock out charms then that'd be great ... maybe even defensive Mindweb at very high levels? edit: hmm ... I was just thinking that rather than taking Maneha you could take Zahua and respec so that his only active ability is Force of Anguish. This would mean he'd spend all of his wounds proning dudes left right and centre which would be extremely valuable in this kind of set up.
  2. I feel an approach like this to Flames of Devotion would have been much preferred, but there should have been restrictions on who it could be cast on and it should've been once per encounter/rest or something. It probably still woulda been OP though.
  3. Yeah the thing about Sacred Immolation was really annoying. I like the AI for triggering per encounter abilities that I'd normally forget to use or which are very micro intensive and can be forgotten in the heat of the moment (Exhortations, Interdictions, Arcane Assaults, Swift Strikes etc ...)
  4. Not necessarily. I found in my last playthrough (which was a dual marking weapons + coordinating strikes moon godlike) that the Paladin was actually quite tanky, and could apply a passive +30 accuracy buff while doing reasonable damage with the two swords. People have said on the boards that marking only applies to one ally but I did some testing in Cragholdt and found that it can apply to two or more characters hitting the same enemy. Also the Alpha Strike thing Boeroer was talking about is no joke i.e. on Crits with the Silver Flash weapon I was regularly getting hits of 200–250 damage. A lot of times towards the end of the game I'd wait until I could get a Petrify down then boom – 300 to 350 damage. I think I hit the Kraken at the end of WM2 for 400-450 damage including the Divine Mark Proc. I might post my build here but I'm a bit nervous about it getting torn to bits . It was based on stacking as much speed as possible to grant the marking bonus where it was necessary. I think I read somewhere earlier in development that Flames of Devotion was apparently supposed to flat-out kill an enemy and they had to take it out because it was overpowered. Also, yeah, sacred immolation rocks. It's kinda comparable to having a mini Storm of Holy Fire per encounter that heals your allies as well.
  5. I just don't use Druids because I always find that the game tends to become "Pillars of Relentless Storm". I can't use a Druid and then not use the spell either because I hate the feeling of having to intentionally gimp myself.
  6. When building a party I usually have 4-5 main priorities: 1. Sturdiness 2. Consistent non-rest AoE DPS 3. Single Target Damage 4. Hard Crown Control 5. Support To that extent, I suppose my "ideal" party is: 1. Dragon Thrashed Chanter Main Tank (Extremely tanky, strongest consistent AoE DPS in the game, Good Single Target Damage with Seven Nights) 2. Marker Paladin (Support, Tanky, Alpha Strike Damage, Dual Marking weapons, consistent AoE DPS) 3. DW/2H Fighter (Great Single Target Damage, Much Tankier than Rogue/Monk, Great Speed) 4. Wizard (Strong AoE CC, Single Target CC and Damage) 5. Cipher/Druid (Either of these is fine and fulfils different roles. I try not to use druids because it always turns in to a relentless storm fest, though Defensive Mindweb later in the game is just as much a GG ability) 6. Priest (Buffs/AoE Damage)
  7. This isn't necessarily always the case. As you can see from the equations above (which aren't completely accurate I'll warrant but close enough) on a Crit with the crit talents and a +60% damage bonus you should be able to get an average damage roll of 19 per pellet before lashes. This means Flames of Devotion, Intense Flames and the Weapon Lash will do 11.4, 5.7 and 5.7 damage respectively before DR is taken in to account. So against DR 16 the portion of the damage from lashes would be 7.4, 1.7 + 1.7 = 11 * 6 = 66 fire damage + your ordinary damage (which is affected by DR penetration). Throw in the Divine Mark proc (which I'll admit is the saving grace here vs other alpha strike weapons) and you could be talking 200 damage vs 16 DR. This is an insanely good idea – I never would have thought of it. This is another nice option. A shame Ryonas Vambraces – the only DR reduction wearable in the game – occupy the same slot so going for one or the other would affect your missiles skills.
  8. Ran a few numbers on which weapons are best for Alpha Strikes: Assumptions: – 30% damage from Might – No Sky Dragon/Kraken Eyes Used (Max Upgrade = Exceptional) – Lashes = 60% (Flames), 30% (Intense Flames), 30% (Weapon Lash) – Doemenel Talent + Other Crit talent + Durgan Annihilation (+0.7 Crit Modifier) – Penetrating Shot + Ryonas Base Damage Pistol 22 – 30 Arbalest 22 – 32 Blunderbuss 6 – 9 * 6 Arquebus 24 – 36 Dulcanale (Exceptional) 22 – 30 * (1 + 1.3 + 1.3) = 35 – 48, avg = 41.5 Dulcanale Crit Mod: 0.2 + 0.5 + 0.3 + 0.3 + 0.1 = 1.4 Dulcanale Crit Bonus = 22 * 1.4 – 30 * 1.4 = 31 – 42, avg = 36 Dulcanale avg unmodified crit damage (before lashes) = 41.5 + 36 = 78 DR Penetra 78 * 0.6 - DR 2(78 * 0.3 - DR) = 172 vs 0 DR 8 DR = 172 - 8 - 0.75*8 + 8 = 166 16 DR = 172 - 16 - 0.75*16 + 16 = 160 24 DR = 172 - 24 - 0.75*24 + 17 = 149 32 DR = 133 40 DR = 119 Fellstroke (Exceptional) 22 – 30 * (1+ .3 + .3 + .25) = 41 – 56, avg = 48.5 Crit Mod = 0.9 Crit Bonus = 22 * 0.9, 30* 0.9 = 20 – 27, avg = 23.5 = 72 average with 14 DR Penetration 72 * 0.6 = 43 72 * 0.3 = 22 72 * 0.3 = 22 = 159 vs 0 DR 8 DR = 159 - 8 - 6 + 8 = 153 16 DR = 159 - 16 - 12 + 14 = 145 24 DR = 131 32 DR = 117 Aedren’s Wrecker (Superb) 22 – 32 *1.75 = 38.5 – 56 Crit = 0.2 + 0.3 + 0.3 + 0.1 = 0.9 * 22 = 20 0.9 * 32 = 29 AVG = 25 + 47 = 72 (8 DR Penetration) Same numbers as Fellstroke but with less penetration, note no accuracy malus Pliambo 24 – 36 * (1 + .3 + .3) = 37 – 58, Crit = 0.2 + 0.3 + 0.3 + 0.1 = 0.9 = 22 – 32 55 – 90, avg = 72 (14 DR Penetration) = 159 vs 0 DR Exact Same numbers as Fellstroke, has disorienting + marking Silver Flash 6 – 9 * 1.6 = 10 – 14.4, AVG = 12 Crit Bonus = 6 * 0.9, 5.4 – 9 * 0.9 = 8.1, AVG = 7 DR Penetration = 12 19 * 6 = 114 19 * 0.6 = 11.5 vs .25 DR * 6 = 69 19 * 0.3 = 6 vs .25 DR * 6 = 36 19 * 0.3 = 6 vs .25 DR * 6 = 36 = 255 Damage vs 0 DR vs DR 4 = 255 - 24 - 18 + 24 = 236 vs DR 12 = 255 - 72 - 54 + 72 = 201 vs DR 16 = 255 - 96 - 72 + 72 = 159 vs DR 20 = 255 - 120 - 90 + 72 = 117 vs DR 24 = 255 - 144 - 108 + 72 = 75 Divine Mark = 40 – 50 * (1+.3 + .2) = 60 – 75 DM Crit Bonus = 0.5 + 0.3 + 0.1 = 0.9, = 36 – 45 = 40.5 AVG DM adds approx 108 Damage on Crit vs 0 DR Conclusions – Seems like Silver Flash is ridiculously good even without the Divine Mark proc in the low to mid DR range. I'm assuming it has 6/10 chance to land per blast because of the six pellets? Even at Mid DR Range Divine Mark Proc can push it over others. – In terms of pure damage on something that's already going to crit Dulcanale > Pliambo = Fellstroke > Aedren's Wrecker. Silver Flash will beat out anything approx 15 to 20 DR and lower (assuming you get a Divine Mark proc). – If you've got three open slots it probably makes sense to be a Ruffian (Dulcanale, Fellstroke, Silver Flash/Lead Splitter) – With higher % damage modifier e.g. from flanking bonus and from apprentice sneak, Pliambo will edge out Dulcanale because of Arquebus's higher base damage
  9. Yeah, dual spears just look really goofy. I did some experiments with burst damage and actually found it surprisingly useful. – Prestidigitators missiles did around 70-90 a pop depending on DR, Minoletta's about the same – Flames of Devotion on a low to mid DR target with the Silver Flash absolute annihilated it (like 200 damage) when the Divine Mark procced and critted too. – Scrolls of Minoletta's Bounding Missiles and Missile Barrage also did loads of damage. Would probably get way more damage in with the Doemenel Talent, Durgan and the other crit talent too.
  10. Interesting ... how about something like this? Island Aumaua – Darcozzi Paladin Flames of Devotion Zealous Charge Coordinated Attacks Sworn Enemy Reviving Exhortation Liberating Exhortation Sacred Immolation Inspiring Triumph Inspiring Liberation Intense Flames Veterans Recovery Envenomed Strike Weapon Focus Penetrating Shot Scion of Flame Prestidigitators Missiles Weapon Set 1: Shame or Glory/Shame or Glory Weapon Set 2: High Damage Ranged Weapon Weapon Set 3: High Damage Ranged Weapon Helm: Munica Arret (3x Charm) Armour: Ryonas Breastplate Ring 1: Ring of Deflection Boots: Boots of Speed Amulet: Cloak of Minor Missiles (3x Missiles) Bracer: Ryona’s Vambraces Ring 2: Ring of Searing Flames (3x Combusting Wounds) Belt: Weapon Switch Time Reduction Belt This way you would have: Passive – +30 accuracy bonus to all allies attacking same target as you – Huge Speed to get this bonus around Per Encounter – 1x Sacred Immolation – 2x Flames of Devotion – 1x Prestidigitators Missiles – 1x Sworn Enemy – 1x Liberating Exhortation (with +10 accuracy bonus) – 1x Triumph of the Crusaders Per Rest – 3x Envenomed Strike – 3x Combusting Wounds – 3x Minoletta’s Minor Missiles – 3x Charm Consumable – Missile Spells I assume the missile spells trigger combusting wounds on each proc?
  11. Hi all, I've been exploring the different ways that Paladins can do damage and would like to hear your thoughts. Sacred Immolation It's always felt to me that trying to get decent damage out of a Paladin is like trying to fit a square peg in to a round hole. We all know that at Level 13 Paladins get Sacred Immolation and that this is a great ability (20 – 30 base damage, fire elemental, AoE, 30 sec base duration). With moderate Might and Intellect (20/20) and Scion of Flame you can expect it to do average damage of 37.5 per tick before DR is taken in to account. With a 45 sec duration that's 16 ticks for approx 600 - 16DR damage vs all enemies within the radius (440 vs 10DR, 360 vs 15 DR, 280 vs 20 DR, 200 vs 25 DR). Trouble is, that seems to more or less be the height of the Paladin's damage dealing capabilities. (Can this be extended by Spelltongue? ...) Flames of Devotion People talk about this ability like it's amazing but I honestly just don't see it. Assuming you don't want to spend your Sky Dragon eyes on an Arquebus let's take a crit with a Superb Arbalest, Scion of Flame, Apprentice Sneak, Doemenel Talent, Durgan Steel, +.1 crit talent, Sworn Enemy, a Flame Lash and Intense Flames with 20 Might vs 16 DR: 22 – 32 * (1 + .3 (Might) +.45 (Superb) + .15 (Apprentice Sneak) + .2 (Sworn Enemy) = 46 – 67 + 22 – 32 * 0.4 = 55 – 80, avg = 68 - 16 = 52 60% Fire Lash vs .25 DR = 68*0.6 - 4 = 37 30% Fire Lash vs .25 DR = 68*0.3 - 4 = 16.5 30% Fire Lash vs .25 DR = 68*0.3 - 4 = 16.5 = approx 122 damage This really doesn't seem like anything worth writing home about considering a Fighter with the Blade of the Endless Paths/Sanguine Plate under a speed set-up can hit for 50–65 damage a pop, nevermind abilities like Charge. I really only see Flames of Devotion as good in the context of activating certain abilities (e.g. Shieldbearer Talent). Auto-Attack Other than Flames of Devotion and Sworn Enemy, Paladin has 0 class unique abilities that improve his attacks. For comparison sake: – Fighter: Confident Aim, Armoured Grace, Weapon Specialisation, Weapon Mastery, Nice on use abilities (incl. Charge) – Cipher: +40% Base damage bonus with one talent invested – Monk: Torments Reach, Turning Wheel, Swift/Lightning Strikes etc … – Barb: Carnage, Heart of Fury etc .. – Druid: Spiritshift – Rogue: Sneak Attack, Death Blows, other +damage abilities – Chanter: Closest to Paladin but Their Champion Braved the Horde (+40% Speed) puts it over the edge Of course, you can do some fast attack set-ups with the Paladin that use Sanguine Plate Frenzy and Outlanders Frenzy (with Durgan Steel): 2H: Blade of the Endless Paths + Gauntlets of Swift Action + Durgan Steel + Sanguine Plate Frenzy = 1.11 - .35 - .5 = Approx 50% Recovery DW: 1H Speed Weapon + Durgan Steel + Gauntlets + Sanguine Frenzy = 1.31 -.35 -.2 = 100% Recovery Reduction with Vulnerable Attack 1H Speed Weapon + Shield + Outlanders Frenzy: 1.15*1.15*1.2*1.15*1.25 - 1 = 1.25 -.35 -.5 = Approx 80% Recovery reduced But without any physical damage increasing abilities innate to the class is it even worth it to do this when you could dump Dex and get more out of Sacred Immolation by investing in MIG/INT/PER? Pretty much any other character in your party can get better usage out of Sanguine Plate and your Durgan Steel. Retaliation? I did some experiments on a build recently with Retaliation, inspired by the Flames of Darcozzi Palace. Even with Sura's Supper Plate + Flames + Coat of Ill Payment + Wreathing Flame it was pretty awful vs anyone with DR greater than 10 or so.
  12. 1) I want to take Eder, Pallegina, Aloth, and Kana since they are likely to play a big role in the next game. Any suggestions as to builds for them? I was thinking Eder as Lady of pain, and Aloth as a blaster, but Pallegina and Kana both throw me off. Maybe Kana as more of a ranged support/buffer, as I won't be using many of the buffs? I'd turn Pallegina in to a marker/support Paladin with dual marking weapons (e.g. Shame or Glory/Cladhalliath) and coordinated attacks so she can give nearby allies +30 accuracy. Sacred Immolation is a definite once you get it (Level 13). Other than that, Pallegina's unique Marked Enemy paladin talent is quite good but I don't think the flames of devotion one is amazing. Marked enemy works nice with charm or other damage/status affects you can apply from items/spells. Kana is actually built quite well to be a dragon thrashed tank as well, but you could easily turn him in to a Chillfog build (See the sticky post of builds in this forum) or a Chanter focused on the level 2 CC chants. 2) If Kana comes with, do chants stack, or should I diversify chants? Damage over time chants will stack on enemies, buff chants on your party will not stack. 3) I want to switch to a firearm when appropriate. I was wondering if there is any synergy with "And Hel-Hyraf Crashed Upon the Shield" and then switching for a blunderbuss shot, or is that tactic not powerful enough? Would Aefyllah Ues Mith Fir work with a blunderbuss? Aefyllah Ues mith fyr does not work well with a blunderbuss because of the way lashes are calculated, you're better using it with larger damage weapons and spells (e.g. Arquebus) Hel Hyraf Crash upon the shield is nothing to write home about. Wizards can drop expose vulnerabilities which is more or less the same effect with a longer duration (if I recall correctly). Weapon switching seems good in principle but gets old fast. I think having a Chanter in your back row is kind of a waste but that's just me. Overall I think the following lineup would suit you well: PC: Dragon Thrashed Chanter (See Boeroer's Drake's Ambassador) Pallegina: Marker/Support (Coordinated Attacks, Lay on Hands, Reinforcing Exhortation, Sworn enemy, Sacred Immolation etc ...) Kana: Chillfog (Again, Boeroer's build) Eder: Lady of Pain Aloth Priest
  13. These are gorgeous. Regretting I didn't find them earlier and use them for my latest playthrough.
  14. This is not true, at least enough to make a material difference to the matter at hand, because each extra frame closer to the minimum in a full attack cycle is more valuable than the last one. Case in point: Swing with neutral recovery at 20 Dex AD = 30/1.3 = 23 frames RD = 23/1.2 * max(0, 1 - 2*0) RD = 19 frames Full attack cycle = 23+19+5 = 47 Frames Swing with neutral recovery at 10 Dex AD = 30 RD = 30/1.2 *1 RD = 25 Full attack cycle = 60 frames Swing with 0 recovery at 10 DEX: AD = 30 RD = 0 Full attack cycle = 35 Frames Swing with 0 recovery at 20 DEX: AD = 30/1.3 = 23 RD = 0 Full attack cycle = 28 Frames While the total number of frames reduced is smaller on the 0 recovery build, you still get a 20% attack speed increase. Given that the frames reduced become exponentially more valuable the closer you are to the minimum, this is still a good investment. Edit: Also fortitude is handy though!
  15. Definitely put me down for having a one-stop shop damage calculating utility. I feel like any time someone's trying to work out their attack speed it's probably a means to an end to working out overall damage of a character, or giving a pretty good indication of that. To that extent, having it on the same page seems to make sense. Given how neatly presented/tight the attack speed information is if all someone wanted to do was to work it out they could probably just do that. Or there could be a "master calculation" utility that has all of the various bits and bobs and then separate tabs for separate calcs if the person wanted. The absolute dream would be being able to easily compare two or more different equipment/ability set-ups against each other. The ****-my-pants-from-happiness feature would be to be able to get some nice graphs as well.
  16. It depends: – Might frontloads the damage and is better vs high DR enemies and with bigger base damage attacks – Dexterity will give you more damage over time at the expense of less immediate damage (assuming points would otherwise be invest in Might). – Per will increase your damage a fair bit against targets that are hard to hit, but not as much against targets that you're already not going to miss/graze against. All of this is variable depending on what buffs you're using and your party composition. With a Rogue like the one built above I'd probably take Dex over Might or go for 16/16/16 between Might/Con/Dex. If you put Shod in Faith on another character with higher combined int/might (Paladin, Chanter, Barbarian, Fighter) and were willing to accept a drop in Veteran's recovery duration, you could dump INT to 3 and have 18/18/18 +1 point to spare. Best of both worlds. edit: also, out of all of the classes in the game, I'd say Rogue/non-stormcaller ranger can get away with dumping int the most
  17. I discussed this in my post in the thread with Max Quest, but I think the benefits of reduced frames actually become greater the smaller your total attack time is. For example, if we went by frames in the following examples you'd get the following damage increases: 120 frames base attack 60 frames = 2x faster 30 frames = 4x faster 15 frames = 8x faster 7.5 frames = 16x faster Your damage output increases exponentially the smaller the total number of frames. So let's say your Rogue had 0 recovery and is attacking with a 1 handed weapon. At 10 Dex, this action would be 35 frames. At 20 Dex, it'd be 28 frames. That's only seven frames saved, however relative to where you were it's still a 20% increase in damage output. Conversely, the same point investment in to might for a Rogue (assuming a 1h weapon) would give you +30% base damage and therefore 3.3 – 4.8 extra damage + lash bonuses per hit. Assuming we reach an average of 5 damage added per hit for the investment in Might, this indicates to me that in order for the investment in Might to beat the Dex investment the damage on the extra hit would have to be < 20, which seems unlikely considering its a Rogue.
  18. Max, I've been trying to think about the value of Dexterity after recovery is removed and was wondering if you could provide some insight (It's been 8-9 years since I've been in a maths classroom ...). Is it accurate to say that Dexterity isn't all that valuable after recovery has been removed? There are two ways of looking at this as far as I can see: – The "total number of frames" approach – The "relative" benefit approach Let's say a character's full attack cycle is 65 frames and they've got a neutral recovery mod (0.00). This means with a Dexterity of 20 the total amount of frames reduced is 30/1.3 + 30/1.3/1.2 = 42. Roughly speaking, this means that for every three times the 20 dex char attacks a 10 Dex character will only attack two times. The total amount of frames reduced is 18 (after recovery mod is factored in). Now, if we take an example where recovery has been reduced to 0, we would have a 35 frame attack cycle. Applying 20 Dex to the 30 frames of this which constitute the "attack" portion of the cycle means we get 30/1.3 = 23 frames, so total attack time is 28 frames. In the first example with neutral recovery the total number of reduced frames is 18, in the second example the total number of reduced frames is only 7. However is looking at the total number of reduced frames a misleading way of working out the value of Dex? If characters' attack cycle frames were as follows: (A) 60 frames (B) 30 frames © 15 frames (D) 7.5 frames – (B) attacks 2x faster than (A) – © attacks 2x faster than (B), 4x faster than (A) – (D) attacks 2x faster than ©, 4x faster than (B), and 8x faster than (A) So really, the closer your total number of attack cycle frames approach the absolute minimum then can reach, the more value each reduced frame becomes. Is it correct to say your damage output exponentially increases the smaller the total number of frames gets? e.g. a 2 frame difference if your total attack cycle only constituted four frames is equivalent to a 30 frames reduction if your total attack cycle constituted 60 frames. Therefore, it seems wrong to say that Dexterity is not valuable on a character with 0 recovery - in fact it's as valuable if not more valuable than a character with a large number of total frames. Interested to hear what you think. Maybe I got something wrong? edit: fixed some math (factored in recovery mod)
  19. That java thing is so good - can't wait. Run some ads on it, put damage calculations on it too and you'll definitely get your money's worth closer to when PoE 2 releases and everyone's playing the game again.
  20. Not sure whether it's clear or not, but my post above wasn't aimed at you. I agree with you. I think the value of "status effect on crit" weapons is relative to the amount of CC you already have at your disposal based on party composition. If you've got one wizard, cipher, druid or dedicated CC chanter in your party then yes, you'll probably get good mileage out of them, but if you've got two I'd argue they have much less value. What use is prone on crit when you can spam amplified wave every 6-8 seconds, shadowflame, storm spells, AoE paralyse etc ...?
  21. Dude, as a rule, it's not good form to get snarky with people who are taking personal time out to try and help you to understand the game. Here's an example of an easily achievable close to 0 recovery fighter build without consumables: (1.33 (Sanguine Plate Frenzy) * 1.2 (Blade of the Endless Paths Speed Enchant) * 1.15 (Durgan Weapon) * 1.15 (Gloves of Swift Action) + .2 (Armoured Grace) + .15 (Durgan Armour)) - 1 = 1.46 - .5 (Full Plate) -.5 (No dual wield bonus) = 0.46 * 2 = 0.92 This means recovery is reduced first by diving by 1.2 (this happens with all characters) and then reducing it again by 92%, making it almost completely neglible and the character is wearing the heaviest armour possible in the game and it's a circumstance that can happen in pretty much every single fight in the game without consumables. With decent int you'll get around 30 secs of Frenzy and so can attack like this for that length of time, more if you want to take outlanders frenzy. A character dual wielding with 0 recovery would attack at nearly the exact same speed e.g. hit with weapon 1, recovery, 5 frame break, hit with weapon 2, recovery, 5 frame break, but for much smaller damage each hit (base damage 1 handed weapons = 11 – 16, base damage 2 handed weapons = 14 – 20 but fighter can get it to 17 – 20 with confident aim). Depending on this character's dexerity, the character's actual attack time and recovery will be reduced even further.
  22. Imagine attempting the PnP version! "Break out your TI-80s boys, were going to need an hour to figure out attack round 1!" I can't wait for tabletop... Made me lol hard. ahh I got it mixed up with outlanders frenzy: Assuming Durgan Steel+Gloves of Swift Action figures for attacking are then: BOTP + Frenzy = 0.46 = 92% Reduction in Recovery, Full Cycle @ 17 Dex = 32 frames full attack/recovery/break BOTP no frenzy = -0.06 = 12% increase in recovery = 58 frames full attack/recovery/break TF/R + Frenzy = 0.1 = 20% Reduction in Recovery = 47 frames full attack/recovery/break TF/R no Frenzy = -0.33 = 66% increase in recovery time = 65 frames full attack/recovery/break With the correct figures for Frenzy this means that BOTP + Frenzy attacks a whopping 32% faster than TF/R with Frenzy. To draw a line under this thread it seems to me that in terms of pure single target DPS BotEP is the better choice against most enemies in the game if: – (a) You're wearing the gloves of Swift Action – (b) You have an ability that increase your attack speed between 20%–35% that you've got regular access to. Harder to say with a 50% decreased recovery ability (DaoM, Time Parasite). Tidefall will attack faster but BP can then do vulnerable attack with no penalty. – © Your might is in a "medium" range for melee DPS (e.g. between 20 – 26 with abilities/items) such that the wounding damage doesn't become a much larger component of overall damage – (d) You don't need lots of DoTs enemies to proc certain things (e.g. synergy with ranger abilities) – (e) Your intelligence is in a medium to high range
  23. Morrowind's got everything. Obtuse, hard to figure out and convoluted mechanics (like Pillars) which are ultimately fun to experiment with, discover and mess around with (like Pillars) and some of the best atmosphere and lore in any game ever created. Still has a fairly active modding community which is making high quality landmass mods that are 4-5x the size of the main game. You'll want to mod it a bit to get the engine and other things up to scratch but apart from that the game is still absolutely golden. edit: sorry didn't see "recent" in the title, still you can make Morrowind look like it was made very recently with mods, see below: http://i.imgur.com/ZzClJEQ.jpg http://dl1.scharesoft.de/screens/Morrowind_Graphics_Extender.jpg
  24. Yeah, I actually quite like where most of the attack speed/damage mechanics end up, but not the complicated process of how they get there. There must be a way of simplifying things or conveying them to users without me having to sit down for half an hour working all of this out. One thing's for sure though – the actual information conveyed to players in game is completely deficient and often wrong in a variety of circumstances. If this was a bigger community we'd no doubt have utilities like Dark Soul's Mugenmonkey utility, but alas it is not. MaxQuest said in his thread that he may make a spreadsheet utility if he's got the time. If I recall correctly Josh Sawyer has said that they always wanted to make the attack speed system more transparent for users but because of limitations in Unity 4 (the engine the game was built on) there wasn't a way of getting the engine to pick that information up. Pillars 2 is being developed on Unity 5, so they will be able to pick up this kind of information. But then they're going to make a whole load of other changes to the system, like rather than having DR penetration as a progressive system it'll be a breakpoint based system I think.
  25. Hmm there's quite a lot to be said for action denial (prone). On Rumbalt annihilating with Fighter's Confident Aim would lead to between 8.5 – 10 extra damage, meaning after Durganisation you could expect a crit to do 22.6 – 26 extra damage vs 14 – 16 without annihilation, not taking in to account the corresponding boost this would also give to your lash. If something isn't attacking you, then you're not getting interrupted by it (which, let's face it, is going to happen on a 2H char on POTD), thereby helping to increase your damage output and keeping you safer. Attack speed buffs are very powerful. Let's say hypothetically the Fighter's Frenzy from Sanguine plate runs out: Tidefall/Rumbalt Recovery factor = 1.15*1.15 - 1 = 0.332 - .15 (Sanguine plate with armoured recovery) - .5 (No DW penalty) = -0.318 Endless Paths Recovery factor = 1.15*1.15*1.2 - 1 = .59 - .15 - .5 = -0.06 This means that TF/R attacks every 64 frames and Endless Paths attacks every 52 frames, making EP approx 20% faster. EP is approx 27.5% faster than TF/R when the Frenzy is active. I think you're probably right though. You can't really account from numbers alone how useful a prone is.
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