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  1. Hi all, Started my second playthrough of Deadfire recently now that all of the expansions are out. Playing on POTD, balance has been great - the game really takes everything the original did and makes it 100% better. After beating Belranga after a good amount of trial and error, I've run up against a complete brick wall against Dorudugan. My party composition is as follows: - PC (Troubadour/Shieldbearer) - Pallegina (Fighter/Paladin) - Eder (Fighter/Rogue) - Aloth (Pure Wizard) - Ydwin (Cipher/Rogue) Up until he hits half health, the strategy of plinking away with ranged weapons while the skeletons from the skeleton chant take the heat seems to work really well. I keep resources refreshed with ancestor's memory and all is good. However, once he starts using magnetic overdrive things start to completely fall apart and I'm struggling to see a way I can do this with my current party composition. I'm using Essence Interrupter, the raw damage pistol, blunt ranged weapons, the helmet and belt that make you immune to push and pull and various other bits of good gear. Once he starts using magnetic overdrive I get into a downward spiral - the most I've got him to is about 35%/40% health - and getting him from 50% to 35% takes me about as long as it did to take him from 100% to 50%. I've tried to avoid magnetic overdrive by using the two push/pull immune items on PC/Pallegina, Smoke Veil on Eder/Ydwin and Arkemyr's Brilliant Departure with Aloth but it's very unreliable. Once a character gets sucked in there's a chance they'll get bodyblocked by skeletons but if they get engaged a lot of the time it means curtains for them. I really don't want to have to start using different NPCs - I'd like to use the characters I've used the whole game to take him down. Any thoughts you guys have would be welcome. Something I haven't tried is using the Cipher's AoE spell that gives concentration to maybe avoid the Prone on getting sucked in? I noticed that Concelhaut's crushing doom didn't work on Belranga when she had concentration up. If I got enough burn AR on the three characters that didn't have push/pull immune, and they didn't get knocked down, maybe I could suck up the disengagement attack?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm wondering on what your thoughts are for Troubadour vs Beckoner in a Herald multiclass? I want a strong tank/support character very similar to the healing wall that does the majority of its damage through summons. I will probably be dumping perception as I don't see auto-attacks or offensive active abilities playing much of a role in the damage/benefit the character provides (which would mostly be from summons) unless anyone has a good reasons not to? Basically I kind of want to run the inverse of the Classic PoE1 Dragon Thrashed tank, except they provide defensive benefits rather than offensive one. I think from the time that the healing wall build was written Beckoner has been nerfed (Summon Invocations +1 Cost) and there have been various other balance changes to the game. I haven't played since the second week the game was released, so haven't touched any of the DLCs etc ... Personally Beckoner still seems like quite a strong contender because of the Phrases regained from Sasha's Singing Scimitar, as you'd be able to drop an empowered summon at the start of each fight. On the other hand Troubador seems like the more consistent and versatile choice, with stronger (but less) summons and twice the amount of phrases overall. Your thoughts welcome! Maybe a pure Beckoner or Troubadour is the better choice overall?
  3. Ah that's a real shame. Are you sure it's not worth it? I was thinking it would be pretty easy to boost a Chanter up to 30 Might/30 Intellect. Maybe with drug monk ...?
  4. See title. Played a Beckoner on my first playthrough (which I completed recently) but curious to see how this build is now.
  5. I don't really feel that anyone is sexualised in Pillars of Eternity. The closest thing the game has to a good looking character (that's actually used in game, not just a portrait) is probably Pallegina and she's got feathers sprouting out of her head. It seems to have been a conscious design choice. Even the brothels in the game are done in a very tongue and cheek way. It's kind of why Ydwin for PoE 2 felt like such a weird character. edit: I can't vouch for the men, maybe women find Eder or Aloth attractive
  6. I have checked the animation for drinking potions:- 3-4 frames delay - 70 frames (or 2.333s) action (potion effect is applied in the middle of this interval) - note: it is not influenced by armor, attack speed or dex. I don't see how to make it instant and add constant recovery instead. But what I can do is speed it up. For example make drinking animation faster: 70 frames => 30 frames. What do you say? I've no idea how this would work in practice. My main problem with potion drinking – and I think Boeroer might be able to chime in here – is that sometimes it just completely bugs out. If this helps the problem then great. Going to work on some more descriptions tomo.
  7. Perfect. I would just remove the last "melee" mentioning, because TwoWeaponStyle affects Long Pain too, no? Edit: checked, Long Pain is affected by TwoWeaponStyle. 1. Making the spreadsheet private is probably a good idea. I'll send you a PM with my account details. Still 100% welcome comments from other people though on how it's progressing. 2. edit: nvm - recovery duration is better
  8. I can try and figure something out with the description of two weapon style talent. I think this gets it right while still being somewhat immersive: "A character dual wielding weapons negates the 50% recovery penalty applicable to all ranged and melee auto-attacks, often attacking more frequently than characters that use other fighting styles. Specialised training in dual wielding weapons from this talent further reduces a character's recovery time after carrying out a melee attack while dual wielding."
  9. Spent a couple of hours there updating some of the descriptions of attack speed increasing abilities: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zBp1xBsoQQteuOZ2AXZ1BXUeqxeFre-OC1tfw6IXvsc/edit#gid=0 I think most of them are probably an improvement over the original description but I need a reality check before I spend time doing any more.
  10. Yeah that's what I was thinking. I've got some time tomorrow so I'll try putting some in then.
  11. Hi again MaxQuest, sorry I didn't mean to drop that big load of things on you and there is no way I'd expect you to fix them all! I just thought I'd look through the talents/abilities and see what jumped out at me and maybe hopefully draw some things to peoples' attention. I'm more than happy to put the time in myself to fix the descriptions of various abilities – it's one of the few things that I can actually do to contribute to this project as I'm not much of a computer person. Perhaps we could put together a spreadsheet for that purpose? Edit: Also I just had a look through "PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\localized\en\text\game\abilities.stringtable" and it seems like a lot of the ability descriptions are drawing their text from somewhere else i.e. a lot of them say "DefaultText". Maybe they're storing it in the prefabs?
  12. I'm just jotting these down for now, maybe there are some things in here worth changing – just from having a look at the talent/ability list: – Find some way to easily convey the (a) offensive stacking and (b) defensive stacking rules to player in game – Find some way to better convey DoT damage to player in game – Improved description of how +DR enchantments work with existing DR on armours – Improve description for coordinating – Improve description for speed enchant – Improve description for wounding enchant – Improved description on apprentice sneak (should read "physical" melee/ranged damage) – Change all instances of "X% Attack Speed" to "X% Reduced Recovery Time" – Improved description of runner's wounding shot – Improved description of Veteran's recovery – Improved description of the Marksman ability – Improved Weapon recovery tool tips (e.g. slow, extremely slow) – Improved description on what abilities the Racial Killer talents apply to, including whether they affect AoE attacks – Improved description of how blood slaughter works – Consistency between different modals (e.g. either they all work together or none work together – anything is better than the hodge podge atm) – Improved description of elemental talents – Consistency and/or explanation of added damage bonuses (e.g. flanking, bonus spell damage) works for spells – Improved description/explanation of how the draining effect works on weapons – Buff to "Greater Frenzy" – Improved description of the "carnage ability" (e.g. an explanation of how the accuracy bonus works) – Improved description of how scaling works for beloved spirits and ancient memory – Improved description of how brisk recitation works – If intellect change for summons is not made, updated description for summons when intellect does not affect summon durations – Change all class talents that modify class abilities to passive bonuses so they are consistent – Change all instances of +% damage to +% base damage – Improved descriptions for how lashes work – Improved description for constant recovery (Duration, Scaling) – Make Veterans recovery = constant recovery in strength (debatable) – Improve description of confident aim – Improve description for wary defender – Improve description for cloak of tireless defender – Change transcendant suffering talent so it functions like novice suffering: one ability with upgrade progression clear to player – Improve description of turning wheel – Improve description of long pain (scaling) – Improve description of dichotomous soul – Change Mortification of the Soul to per encounter and something like 5 wounds (universally useless ability), perhaps scaling – Improve description for lightning strikes – Improve description for Resonant Touch – Improve description for Rooting Pain – Fix Blood testament gloves? – Mark Inspiring Triumph as passive bonus that stacks with everything – Improve description of Aegis of Loyalty – Improve description of how coordinated attacks/marking weapons work – Fix aura radius enhancing items so that they work on total radius? (e.g. chanter voice of mountaintop) – Improve description of +5 defence effect on little saviour and outworn buckler – Improve description of aggrandizing radiance – Improve description of inspiring radiance (make clear passive) – Fix Empowered Interdiction so it applies to both effects – Improve description of Devotions for the Faithful – Mark Arcane Veil/Hardened Veil as passive, explaining it will stack with other sources – Improve description of Blast, Penetrating Blast and Dangerous implements talents (What do they actually apply to?) – Improve description of how combusting wounds works – Improve description of Concelhaut'scorrosive siphon – Does Arcane Dampener still kill immunities? :thinkingface: – Improve description of Concelhaut's draining touch – Improve description of deleterious alacrity of motion – Improve description of Kalakoth's Minor Blights – Improve description of Iron Skin – Improve description of Mirrored Image – Improve description of draining wall – Improve description of Concelhaut's crushing doom – Improve description of Heart of Fury ("Every equipped weapon ...")
  13. I tried fixing a few things in my own game but doing any fixes through the Unity Asset Bundle Extractor is a real drag. It takes a lot of experimentation before you have any idea what you're doing. Some of the fixes/changes I'd like to see are: – Lashes cannot be completely disregarded by DR (debatable) – Monk fist accuracy bonus applies to Monk abilities – Intellect applies to summon durations – Wounding damage lash duration not affected by Int (as suggested by you) – Make all potions instant use with a longer recovery time and remove the buggy drinking animation (same for Athletics) I'm sure I could probably think of a few more. It's probably too much to ask to get the elemental abilities to apply to DoTs.
  14. If you're using a Chanter tank on POTD it's probably best to set your attributes more defensively in the beginning and then once you get better items switch to a more offensive build focused around the Dragon Thrashed.
  15. This is obviously not a solo build as the idea is to help others survive. If your concern on party base is the aggro this guy can hold, although have not tried this extensively yet, I can say this guy can punish easily who passes by him (overbearing guard). Just throw some Will reduction area effects on enemies and let him punish them with Executioner's Hood as well. And with a paladin aura this guy can reach 55% graze to hit conversion. Enemies will definitely ignore this guy unfortunately. Overbearing Guard is OK at locking some enemies in but a lot will just eat the prone then move on to another target.
  16. Something I've been thinking about: Does a Wizard using Kalakoth's Minor Blights with Blast and Penetrating Blast do more damage up close than a Wizard with Citzals Spirit lance? I think they might.
  17. I'm not really a fan of playing Orlans either ... it's kind of like playing Gnomes in D&D based games or whatever. I'm glad you're enjoying your character. If you haven't been to White March yet you get a Ring that gives +3 Resolve in the first area quite quickly.
  18. Chiming in to say that I was anti-FoD until I did a semi optimised burst fire set-up with it and it is indeed worth it. Silver flash + fire lash + intense flames + exceptional and a divine mark proc got me around 600 damage vs a petrified kraken.
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