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  1. You're such a downer man. <_< What does this tell us? The Devs are spending all of their time pouring their heart and souls into making the PC version super great. They don't have time to come on here :cool:
  2. Yeah, it would be weird if they made yet another jedi character for you to play as. Come on, there can only be so many people strong enough in the force to shape the future of a galaxy Revan or Exile would be cool. I haven't played K2 yet, but I'm assuming since you guys said Revan that he ends up not dying?
  3. Maybe they are tyring to make it more Star Warsish. The first star wars movie ended with an awards ceremony similar to how LS Kotor 1 ended. ESB ended fast and didn't really have an ending, just set things up for a sequel. Maybe that's what they were shooting for with this game.
  4. although she is blind physically she can use the force to see so she has a permenent force sight so she would know what she's getting herself into <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hehe, thanks smart ass Try and tell a joke around here.... Besides, just because she can see people in the force doesn't mean she can tell if they're male/female. The force isn't gender specific as far as I know. Maybe she's just attracted to people strong in the force. So there! How ya like me now?
  5. A good theory, though it is slightly flawed. The truth is, like many of us on this mb, LucasArts and Obsidian really really hate American XBox owners. We hates them And what better way to upset them then to make them think we're doing them a favor by releasing it early, but making it full of bugs. muahhaahahahah, long live the PC owners :cool:
  6. I dunno if I would call Visas bisexual. She is blind after all, she probably doesn't know what she's getting herself into "
  7. There are parts of the game which you both likea and dislike. Which to me really means the same as I don't know
  8. You could always try turning down the difficulty level. If you're already on the easiest difficulty then try mixing things up a bit, use new feats, different characters, grenades, the options are endless...
  9. Yes, please god make this game so that it doesn't crash like hte last one :cool:
  10. You should look on the Technical Help forum, not this one. Several people there seem to be having identical problems.
  11. I agree, ever since episode 1 games have overly abused these lightsaber forms. Why stop at 2 blades? Why not make a triangular hilt to hold onto with 3 blades coming out? Why not carry two double bladed lightsaber. It looks cool every now and then, but gimme a break
  12. actual its in capital letters on the officail site. only 2 day hear and i think i'v masterd copy and past. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Doesn't anubis die at the end of Stargate Season 7 when earth uses the ancient weapon on his fleet attacking them? You shouldn't exist !
  13. I would agree 1up is fairly pathetic....they don't go very in-depth and appear to review their games based on person bias.... I do disagree with you though about gamespot. I've always liked them, and thought their reviews were really good.
  14. There was 2 problems with K1 for me.... 1 it crashed alot upon loading new areas. Most of the time it woudn't do that, which made the game playable, but it was frustrating, and didn't make any sense to me. 2 some of the characters had limbs that were hanging off of their bodies , which although humourous, got to be very annoying, obviously a video card issue. I'm on a laptop, so I can understand there should be some issues. But the fact that I can play games like Doom 3 and HL2 without any problems makes me think they just didn't put enough effort into K1's PC version. From what they've released so far it looks like it'll be better, we'll see...
  15. You have to remember, this is the force we're dealing with. At this point Revan himself could drop out of the sky and I wouldn't even bat an eye :D
  16. Fair enough. I don't think that's really the issue of this post though. And I think it's safe to say that everybody on this forum is going to thoroughly enjoy this game
  17. I thought the review was pretty fair all things considered. Though I can't say that until I play the game. Just to clarify, gamespot scores ARE NOT based on one reviewer, but rather an average of them. And one person gets the privilege of doing a video/written review of the game. Halo's score was not "inflated". Halo 2 had a reasonably great storyline for Single Player, but the game is meant for multiplayer, which is where the game shines. It completely revolutionized mp gaming for the xbox, and there's no denying the greatness of it *something tells me you haven't played it mp* And just so we're all on the same page...this game wasn't given a 6 in graphics because it's a sequel where the graphics weren't improved. It was given a 6 because it's a sequel, where in their opinion, the graphics are WORSE than the first game. I won't be playing the xbox version, but I hope they fix some issues for the PC version
  18. I'm worried about this as well. I'm hoping the game comes out in early February, but something tells me it's going to be late in the month. Another LucasArts game, Rebpublic Commando, was set for realease in Feb. also but they pushed it back to March 1st =/ Not a big change, but at this point every week I wait is a punch in the gut
  19. I dunno, seems kind of lame to me to have the little information they do, along with 1 pretty uninteresting and silly trailer
  20. That depends on why you think it's called a lightsaber... It either means... 1) Lightsabers light up and area, therefore "light"sabers or... 2) All of the weight of a lightsaber is in the hilt, thus making it not a heavy but a "light"saber. As far as I can tell nobody knows for sure, everybody assumes 1 though.
  21. not that there's anything wrong with that... runs away...
  22. Hmm, sounds like you're trying to get luke to come out of the closet. I think it's safe to say the Pink's sexual preferences go against my straight philosophy...
  23. Hmm, I don't know about the dark/light/pink sides. All I know is that I'M on the STRAIGHT side. You guys can do whatever you want
  24. nice find Kazic, I never saw that before. That's the first info I've really read about Darth Nihilus. Seeing as though his identity remains a mystery, I'd say we're gonna be shocked when we take the mask off his dead body =D
  25. You can't turn off the "dialogue". You can turn off the subtitles. Slight difference. If you turned off the dialogue, that means the PC was never able to respond or talk to anyone. Genius. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh c'mon, everybody knew what he was talking about you smart ass <_< <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He was responding to MY use of the word dialogue, and mistook what I meant by dialogue. So I told him that you can't shut off dialogue. Read the entire thread before jumping in. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I did, he thought you were mistaken and went to check on it. He was nice about it and was trying to be helpful. You on the other hand were just being a sarcastic prick "
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