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  1. How can dexterity not have an effect on defense? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm not sure, I just remember reading somewhere that it was separated this time, I may be mistaken though
  2. You can't turn off the "dialogue". You can turn off the subtitles. Slight difference. If you turned off the dialogue, that means the PC was never able to respond or talk to anyone. Genius. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh c'mon, everybody knew what he was talking about you smart ass <_<
  3. I thought there was new stuff in TSL. I remember reading somewhere that defense would be sepatrate and not part of dexterity anymore. Is that right? Nobody seems to be talking about defense...
  4. It's just a gaming forum, no reason to get all upset and start cussing and whining like a child. And while the Xbox version may not have any flaws, it can be argued the PC version will be better. Better graphics, loading times, updates... You can't aruge with that
  5. 1) This thread wasn't made by spamming, so you should be jealous. 2) The thread you're talking about isn't on this forum. 3) You wouldn't bother posting unless you really care what we think, which means you really are jealous. Moral of the story: You're jealous
  6. I think you're gravely mistaken dear friend. You'll be suffering through longer load times, poor framerates, and mediocre graphics. The option to mod the game will be unavailable to you. You will get no updates from xbox live. After a few months of playing you will bow before us wishing you had the patience to wait...
  7. I don't see what the point of new information is when it's literally just a weekend to go. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> True, however, I would like to see the official website become updated. The characters should all be there, along with all of the weapons. Lots of more screenshots, and at least one more trailer. There's no reason we shouldn't get than while we wait for the PC.
  8. "Sister? Yes, you have a twin sister. If you will not be turned, perhaps she will..." "NOOOO!!!"
  9. Now we're making polls about what shortcut icons might be. I guess that makes it official, there is nothing left to poll about, we've considered all possible options in this game
  10. If I REALLY was a padawan at the Jedi Academy, I would choose my path based on what my instructors told me. They would be wiser and know things better than me.
  11. All stores get games early, that way they can put them on the shelves opening day. It wouldn't make sense to ship the game out to stores the day it comes out, they wouldn't have enough time to stock their shelves and label and price everything in their databases
  12. There are 3 difficulty settings. Though I'm worrried since IGN said it was easier than the first game =( oh well...
  13. That sounds star-warsy. They believe in the force which is generated by all living things.
  14. Oh come on, you know girls do the same thing to guys. "We care about sense of humor alot" oh please gimme a break...they just want a good looking guy with $$$$$
  15. Let's fact facts, you cannot disprove god. Logically it's impossible. We'll never be able to. You can't honestly say we ever will... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You can't prove him either! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Technically, god could reveal himself to us thus proving he exists. otherwise yes it would be impossible, which makes it a mystery.
  16. Let's fact facts, you cannot disprove god. Logically it's impossible. We'll never be able to. You can't honestly say we ever will...
  17. The christian faith encourages you to talk to and help others. Saying that and acting like you are goes against your faith. I'm not trying to judge you, but if you're going to be associated with a group of people you should act like you are. It's simple logic.
  18. I think that's pretty arrogant of you to say. I don't necessarily believe, but I keep an open mind b/c I don't know for sure. I am willing to accept that some people may have proof in there being a god, but I do not. What I don't like is arrogant people who believe in god simply becauset they're insecure with their life. Being arrogant like you are towards EVERYBODY only worsens the matter..
  19. There is no hell. It's possible there is a god(s) but there is no hell. If there is a god, then that means he created us knowing that at least some of us would do bad things (freedom of choice). However, if we get punished and go to hell for doing bad things, that is just wrong. That means that god made us knowing that we may spend a long time being tortured. If that's the case, that means god is a sadistic bastard, and I'd rather be in hell than with him. Obviously that is not the case, therefore there is no hell.
  20. That would be interesting, but after a while that would become really boring... Having to stay focused and react quickly is what gives arcade/style things their long-lasting appeal. I still think it's nice to have them in there, and I don't see why you guys are complaining since you don't HAVE to swoop race.
  21. That is very true. I'm not sure if there are/aren't god(s) out there, but I like to keep an open mind. The problem is people who don't know for sure, and only believe just to make their life more secure. This has caused massive problems, including the Dark Ages. Imagine how advanced we'd be if not for those hundreds of years of decline. Imagine how advanced we'd be if smart people like Galileo weren't afraid or punished to come out with their ideas.
  22. Hehe, who knows, maybe that'll be an option in the game.
  23. Aren't you that kid who always makes fun of people when they post dumb things and say, "Read my siggy?" Maybe YOU should change your siggy to, "Don't make stupid posts", and YOU should read it
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