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  1. Three words come to mind: "...pulling a Bindo." One of the funniest lines I've ever seen in a video game.
  2. Great info. Feel free to go on and on and on and on...
  3. I'm not sure how to answer this. The dialogue is more intersting and there is a lot more of it. If by subtlety you mean "difficult to get the desired outcome", then I'd say absolutely. If you mean subtle as in "difficult to see what is the lightside/darkside reponse", than no. But I think it should be obvious which is which since the two sides are such extremes to one another. Usually there is a grey area response as well. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There are defitely more little nuiances in the dialogue this time around wouldn't you say Sol? I the convo with the "protocol" dro
  4. The characters in my party have so far been very engaging. I was following the development of the sequel since it was announced, and I had always thought that pretty boy, elvis look alike, Atton Rand seemed kinda lame. But his character is actually quite cool, not like Carth, who was a constant annoyance in the first game. Kreia is a very interesting character. Even though she has turned out to be an almost carbon copy of the character that I am building, I couldn't imagine dropping her for a more complementary npc. She is so mysterious that I don't want to miss a chance to learn som
  5. Thanks Siorfin. Could you elaborate some on why you think its better than KOTOR. Thanks for any info you may provide.
  6. Wow! Finally, a constructive post! Great stuff, Sol_Invictus. Tell me, are the dialogue choices for your PC more subtle this time around? Also, is there a greater variety of choices that the PC can make when speaking to people? How interesting are you finding some of the NPCs that have joined your party? Thanks for any answers you may provide...
  7. On a cold day in Hell... ...so, that would be February here in Winnipeg, Canada.
  8. I think the bugs stem more from the complexity of any large CRPG. As to whether it will be more polished, perhaps not at initial release, but subsequent patches are certain to make it a better game.
  9. Gromnir, I'm curious. What would you consider to be the greatest CRPG you've ever played. The game you believe is closest to your personal idea of perfection. No need to expound, just the title would be fine, as a point of reference.
  10. Is that code for something, or did you smoke too much tea this morning? :D
  11. I'm afraid that my addiction to KOTOR II will lead to my early demise through starvation or exploding bladder. But seriously, I trust the game will be great due to its design team pedigree. I fear only game-stopping bugs, that seem to pop up from time to time in complex RPG's.
  12. Not to beat a dead horse or anything but, I noticed this quote from acolyte 1.1 (the gamer who has the game early): "I have a seeking [sic] suspicion who Kreia might be, but I'm not going to reveal it." This neither proves nor disproves my crazy theory, but it certainly adds a little intrigue to the equation. :ph34r:
  13. I love my PC...BUT... I'm getting a little bit tired of having to upgrade the damn thing every 6-12 months. I'm also growing weary of having to play the part of beta tester to buggy, unpolished games, until the developers of said games decide on whether its cost-effective to release a patch (I'm not including Obsidian in said list of developers). With the XBox, I get a game that is made standard for one type of setup, minimizing the possibilities of bugs. As well, I get the game almost 3 months earlier. On the other hand, graphically, hands down the PC is better. As well, modded
  14. Well, let's see... I'm looking forward to the darker storyline, plumbing the depths of the new and improved NPC's, and a more morally ambiguous game in general. Also, any game that has Chris Avellone as lead designer gets my money. Oh, and I'm looking forward to finding out that Kreia is actually Bastila.
  15. Well, in this particular case, the idea is definitely a bad one, but if I'm right, the world will bow before me (at least in the imaginary one I live in), and if I'm wrong, I was never on these boards. "
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