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  1. Hmm, I gotta disagree with you there. I don't like "Free Feats". I like working my way up and earning feats by leveling up. Makes the game more challenging, and more gratifying imo.
  2. Hmm, good question. I think KotOR 3 should definitely have a new engine, which means we'll probably have to wait for xbox 2. As for expansions till then...hmm, as long as they keep the same character as The Sith Lords, and has something to do with the story in The Sith Lords, that's fine with me.
  3. I agree that there's no "new info" in the chronicles, but they do help explain events that will most likely occur in the game. We know we're going to Dxun and Onderon, so we'll have to fight the best tamers and other tribes that live in the jungles, as described in the chronicles. Also, this is verified by one of the IGN articles describing their play through... So the chronicles aren't ompletely useless, and I'm sure there's plenty more in there to tie to the game.
  4. oh right, good call Either way the fact that you can start this game off with implants shouldn't come as a big shock.
  5. The point of Christmas is to spend time with family and exchange presents. You can't hate a holiday because of how it came to origninate Furthermore, anybody who dislikes Xmas is a cold hearted person in my opinion....
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you start off with implant feats in KotOR 1 if you were a soldier?
  7. I thougt they were fun. It was nice to do something different once in a while and show off your Revan skills Though I guess it's not for everybody
  8. So that means it'll be the weakest of the series and introduce a kid-friendly species that makes the film feel more focussed on the children? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> People complained in ESB that the comments by C-3P0 were lame and his jokes were annoying and just in there for kids. The said the same thing abot the ewoks. twenty years later nobody seems to mind, people just hate Jar-Jar. GET OVER YOURSELVES, admit that it's funny and quit being so arrogant
  9. Hmm, I'm afraid we're running out of time man. The stakes are too high on this one to ask something like that.... I fear we may never truly know, and that is a very depressing thought...
  10. You know I was starting to question your allegiance for a second there, but now I'm sure you're one of the good guys.
  11. Let's face it. The real world isn't that fun, and the star wars univers is.
  12. What do you mean prove it? All he has to say is "the" and that's then end of it
  13. Hmm, that's seems to be a stretch though it is possible and would be interesting " Though I think he was just exiled because of his involvement in the Mandalorian Wars, joining with Revan despite the warnings of the Council.
  14. From what I've heard and read so far this game is good enough to at least get a 9.3 . I wouldn't be surprised if it goes above the 9.5 though
  15. Imagine a galaxy filled with hundreds of Sith Assassins led by Darth Sion. The Jedi have been decimated, and all of the sudden they get news about a would-be Jedi, the exile. Not only do all these assassins really have nothing better to do, but it would make them very popular if they were the one to bring you down or bring you to their side. They are going to hunt you down like mad.
  16. Krei being Bastilla would be pretty lame imo. The devs said they didn't want to try and outdo KotOR with a twist, though there will be several little ones.
  17. On the latest thing from IGN it says that you have the option to save the lives of many Miners from sucidal Mining droids. So there'll be some people there.
  18. The Rakatan homeworld was revealed on the website prior to the game's release though...
  19. There are probably worlds inbetween the ones shown, but I'm sure we go to those worlds in that order.
  20. I could see 100+ hours. Do every single side-quest, listen to ever dialogue option in game, play minigames alot. If you did that I could see it.
  21. I like spoilers, because I hate them. I can't wait till Feb. so I have to find some info about the game. At the same time I want to be surprised by everthing when I play the game. I'm in a war with myself, and there appears to be no way to win My only choice is to kill all xbox owners... :ph34r:
  22. Are you kidding? Just thinking about 2005 makes me want to cry. *Curses Xbox *
  23. No doubt, that game was just a really really easy game comprised of a mediocre amount of extremely small levels.
  24. I think we can all agree that Halo 2 has the best ending of any game of all time
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