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  1. Well technically yes, but I was speaking in different terms. EVERYBODY knows that the key to your defense is a strong attack. So if your attack rating is messed up, there goes your defense. Ok fine, I was wrong, you were right. Are you happy now? *hides in hole*
  2. Haha hahaha ROFL!! ok it's not that funny, but I'll do anything to make you feel bad about it
  3. Maybe you could become a representative of Czerka corporation. They're fairly large :cool: And think about it, you could travel planet to planet protecting the corporation, all the while secretly hunting down and destorying sith bad basses. And if you go darkside, you could betray Czerka Corp. and fake killing Sith, when you're really giving them BONUS buys and discounts!! *Runs to copywright his ideas* (w00t)
  4. Hey, that's understandable. He's killer, well, assuming he doesn't drop his blaster
  5. I liked everything you said dude, accept for the above suggestions you made. 1) I want party members to travel with me, I dont' like the idea of one planet only party members 2)More than one place to go on a world sounds nice, but it's kinda redundant. Why not put a bunch of good stuff in one place? I mean, if you have to travel somewhere to experience something new, it should be another world IMO. 3) Well, there have been Grey Jedi in the first two games. Jolee, Kreia. And the idea of having a Grey Side enclave or academy seems really ridiculous and silly to me Overall good stuff tho
  6. The dual wield penalty lowers your defense rating. High dexterity bumps up your maneuverablity, making you harder to hit. So yes, in that respect it does. The penalty will always be there though, it's not removed by high dext. The only way to improve the penalty is by the Dual-Wielding feat progression.
  7. TPM is a good movie. How people complain about that movie, and not AotC is beyond me. AotC really makes me just hide my face sometimes because I'm so embarassed for the actors.
  8. I think it's safe to say that Revan couldn't possibly be female. I mean really, a female Dark Lord of the Sith, a female killing all those Dark Jedi in Kotor 1? Let's be realistic Obviously only a man could do those things, Bioware just included being female as an option to be politically correct. Let the gender wars begin!!
  9. Unfortunately yes, you're the one looking stupid Don't worry, I've helped people come back from this type of shame before. First step: delete this account and start over with a new name, we'll work our way from there. You don't have to feel stupid forever, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. Something about GoA complaining that his Etch-A-Sketch wasn't up to par "
  11. I dunno, for me it's all about gameplay. I don't care much about really big maps or graphics. As long as it has good framerates and a good storyline I'm game. That's why I didn't like Doom 3, sure it's a breakthrough, but the gameplay was pretty poor, and it got really repetitive. And there really was no story to it. As for RPG's, it would be nice to have bigger maps maybe. But as long as the frames are good and we get a good storyline, I'm game
  12. There's no reason to freak out about little bugs like there is in the xbox version, a patch can take care of those. And this game is going to come out in Feb. for PC, let's just get used to it
  13. He was invented for Dark Forces. Dark Forces came out before 1995 though I beieve. Jedi Knight came out in 97.
  14. I don't think that should really make a difference. It terms of RPG, one game or the other is better. The better game should get the better score. I guess I just don't understand
  15. They released Jedi Academy shortly after Jedi Outcast. We'll probably have to wait a while for the next one. I liked Jedi Academy, but it left something to be desired. The levels were fun, but extremely short and easy. Also, the game didn't let you play as Kyle = P But hey, this post doesn't belong here. This s a kotor forum....
  16. http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/12/14/news_6115069.html They haven't released the actual "GotY" nominees, but they have released the RPG of the year nominees. The Sith Lords made it on the list What's interesting is that Fable didn't make the list. Interestingly enough, Gamespot managed to give Fable a higher review score than they gave The Sith Lords. I think it's safe to say that they are very inconsistent, and their process of reviewing games is slightly flawed... "
  17. There's a big difference between imperial march and songs like the x-files. I don't have the game so I haven't heard it, but that would be really lame if they had music like x-files in a star wars game
  18. Well, pretty much any oddball game glitch that might occur, as you see on the Technical Issues forum (T3 falling in hold and can't move, save gaems being removed, dialogue sequences not making sense) can all be fixed in one patch for the PC. The main issues for the PC is that everybody has different vid card drivers. So the game might have texture mess ups, and have a bad appearance. The worst thing that could happen to the PC version is that it crashes and freezes alot, like many many people complained about Kotor 1 PC. Hopefully they are fixing that this time around.
  19. Ooookay. And I'm sure you'd just be in heaven if the game turned out to be an unplayable mess, because the devs musta put those flaws in just for the Xbox version. I like my PC games as well and hope the PC version is better, but wishing ill on the same game but a different platform is not a good idea, because not that much gets changed between ports. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just so we're clear about one thing, I never said I hoped the Xbox version had bugs. I just wish that an untimely demise happens to xbox owners. I hope we understand each other now.
  20. My Laptop played Doom 3 just fine but it crashed frequently along with other minor bugs in Kotor 1. Really, the only thing that matters is how well they adapt the graphics to different vid card chipsets, and they did extremely poor with the first game :">
  21. It's really quite simple really. I don't have an Xbox, therefore I hate everybody who does. Don't take it personal, I just wish you would die
  22. Hmm, so you want them to post to make sure we're feeling ok? The game is done! They're just tweaking it for pc. There is no recommendations we can make now, so there's no point in them coming here to see what we think. There have been MANY designer ramblings released, talking about basically every aspect of the game. If the devs said anything else they'd probably spoil it for us. Get a grip dude
  23. Bah, you got my hopes up for nothing. They dont' have part 10 out yet, you're referring to Part 9 ( IX ). It appears that's gonna be the last one as well.
  24. Wow... immaturity at its lowest. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What is this, somebody critiicizing a PC owner on the PC Forum! Looks like somebody isn't happy with their little puny xbox version We may not be very mature, but at least we're not resentful like you are
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