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  1. Yes it was argumentative, and it was meant to sound stupid. That is why afterwards I said it wasn't significant and therefore was a poor choice to use for item drops. Would you people please read entire posts before posting your opinions? This is the second time today... And if you took the time to read my posts and understand them (you can understand proper English grammar yes?) then you would have read that I would prefer a random loot system based on common sense. Your entire post agrees with what I said earlier, and yet you call what I said stupid and idiotic....
  2. Believe it or not, they made an entire forum dedicated to Spoilers. I know, it's a shock... I like your post, but it doesn't belong here. I would have enjoyed playing this game without knowing about admiral Onasi, but now it appears I have no choice.
  3. Indeed, it really doesn't make any sense. Republic Commando comes out after this game, and they have movies, trailers, system info, and lots of other cool stuff on their LucasArts website. What does Kotor 2, sequel to game of the year get? One unsatisfying trailer, minimal character descriptions, and 2 feats that are exactly the same as in the first game, among other poor things. I mean, it's one thing to say that they don't care what we think of the game, and they just want us to buy it so they can make money. But you'd think they would have a better marketing campaign to get us to buy it in the first place. Something is up
  4. Well, that's not realistic either...How long it takes for somebody to die has really no affect on their items they're carrying. In all reality it's probably more realistic to say that the longer it takes the more items are preserved. For instance, if you kill them quick it means a fatal critical stab or some quick damaging strike on your part. That would mean they would be severed by your blow or quickly fried by a force power. On the other hand, if the battle takes a while they could become exhausted and careless and your small insignificant blows (which don't harm they're items) begin to add up and kill them. Either way that's not significant, it's a pretty poor way to do random drops. If you're getting items off a dead enemy I think it should just be random what you get. However, the items the computer has to choose from should be something the dead character could have realistically been carrying.
  5. Well like I said, I haven't played the game yet. And I did mention that I have heard of some obvious flaws. You apparently chose not to read my whole post and to reply negatively. Good job! By the way, your example is pretty poor regardless. Like in Kotor 1, you found the blade of Bacca's Ceremonial sword in the Terentatek on Kashyyk. Don't you think it's possible the Sith battled these animals at one time and stuck their weapons in their hides?
  6. That's why you purchase the game from a website that lets you return it for your money back + free shipping. For example, LucasArts. All Best Buy stores let you do that as well to the best of my knowledge. I think the random loot generator is a great idea. It maeks the game more realistic. Some people are complaining that it's not very realistic because you can't get lightsabers/robes sometimes from Dark Jedi. Well, sorry but that's somewhat realistic. If you kill a Dark Jedi/Light Jedi, odds are that you raelly messed up the robes they were wearing and it's not feasible to use them again. Also it's quite possible for their lightsabers to be damaged during the battle. You have to realize these people just died, their items aren't in great condition To be fair, I have read about some bad uses....for instance, the time you fight somebody near the end of the game who clearly DOES NOT wear a Dark Jedi Master robe, you somehow get one from him... Oh well, nothings perfect, but from what I've read it's greatly improved from Kotor 1
  7. Hmm, there is a penalty for using it. You have to master duel wielding to decrease it the most...it's the same thing with having 2 lightsabers, but with different qualities... However, having you master a feat other than duel weapons for a double bladed lightsaber/vibroblade would be interesting I think
  8. Hmm, the point of buying computer games is to entertain yourself when you have nothing to do...if he wants to buy a game, that means he wants to play it now.... I mean, really ther's no logic in waiting that long, god knows what kind of cool games will be out by then. Heck, why did you buy Kotor? Why not just wait until now when it's cheap =P
  9. You can get it from LucasArts for 49.95 + tax + free shipping = 52.95 Plus you get a free T-shirt that you'll never wear because you'll look like a complete nerd
  10. Spoilers spoilers spoilers They made a Spoilers forum for a reason... "
  11. Hmm, I only have the first kotor on PC. the thing with Kotor 1 was, you can't look up and down unless you're in a mini-game. I think it's the same way with kotor 2... However, yes you can do the option for mini games, which is the only time it becomes relevant...
  12. You are correct, it does exist. How do I know this? Well, its me (w00t) I am the only force worth caring about in this universe "
  13. You make a good point, and I agree with you. Though I personally just buy the game then go look for a NO CD-crack and never use my CD's again. I'm on a laptop so having my cd drive spinning alot makes a lot of noise/heat and I generally frown upon it. Unfortunately you have to hunt down no cd-cracks b/c people illegally get games and use them to play them *sigh*
  14. Not only is this just another silly useless poll, but it doesn't make any sense. Becoming a Sith Lord means doing about half of the things on your list. If you make a poll, each option to select should be different from the others. To summarize: 1) Don't make silly polls 2) If you want to make a silly poll, at least do it right =D
  15. The devs said a looong time ago that there would be 0 content downloads for the XBOX in kotor 2. They didn't have enough time/didn't see the need for it. Now, even if they want to add online content, they won't be able to. Games have to be MADE to support xbox live. Kotor 2 wasn't, so what you have is what you will always have. (From what I've read, what you have is quite buggy) Thats why you wait for the PC version
  16. Well, either he becomes weak and goes back to the lightside (Like Vader did, that sissy ), or he goes back to the Dark side and becomes Bastila's puppet. Either way I think he's a pretty poor and weak Sith Lord.
  17. HK-47 is in the game? Gah, for the last time, no spoilers!!! Ok, so maybe by now I already knew that. But still, play it safe when you post and use spoiler tags. It's only respectful...
  18. This is just getting stupid. I'm not even going to vote...
  19. hehe, you're such a liar Hades. You're going to get this game and play it And no, theyr'e views haven't ruined anything for me. Instead I'm more excited than I orignially was about this game. It's getting very mixed opinions, and people are comparing the ending to Halo 2. This makes it more interesting for me to see what it's like. And I'm not worried about the bugs the Xboxers are getting, patches work miracles on PC games. :D Let me tell you something, IMO, Halo 2's ending was perfect. There was alot going on that they couldn't fit into 1 game, so they stopped at the only logical point to stop at. Master Chief on a ship headed for earth after the crisis at Delta Halo was resolved temporarily. If somebody can tell me a better way they could have ended it, lemme know.
  20. I don't have the game yet, waiting for the PC version ( ), and I haven't seen any posts related to this since the game came out. Would it be a good idea to make an expansion campaign to the Sith Lords? Everybody says the ending was kind of a cliff-hanger. Lots of people think Kotor 3 is on the way, but couldn't they just have been setting it up nicely for an expansion? I'm thinking of something along the lines of BG 2's expansion, ToB. Those who have the game, what do you think?
  21. hehe, unless they found the voice actor and animated her character I dont' think it would be very entertaining. It would be more entertaining to imagine it happening in my head
  22. Yes you're correct there are lots of threads like this. anyways.... 2. I'm gonna be honest with you, I hardly look at the hilt of my lightsaber. To name under 10 things to improve upon for Kotor 3, and one of them being hilts is simply ridiculous in my opinion. I mean, hilts don't do anything, they affect nothing. You can barely see them. Changing your character to be other species doesn't do anything, which is why I don't care about that, but at least that is something you see all the time! 3. No no no omg no! Though to be fair, this would be a better game than SWG. That game is having so many problems right now... At least a Kotor mmorpg would make sense. There could be multiple Jedi and Sith and not affect the story. The designers wouldn't be limited to adding things only form movies and EU because it's 4000 years and the past and the drawing board is wide open. Anywho, we have SWG now, and Kotor 1 & 2 are sp, so making a mmorpg kotor now would be silly. well, really silly
  23. I take it there's no special crystals in this game like the Mantle of the Force or Heart of the Guardian? Maybe us PCers will luck out again
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