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  1. I have seen some vids not in beta are party members and there skills able to be key bound please say yes.
  2. I'm not sure if you know how easy it is to import animations into unity the code is prob already in just commented out. You could add animations and un comment code for the entire game in one day. This is for 1 person he might have to skip lunch.
  3. You should not have it auto replenish at end of combat I would rather have it so I could choose to save for healing spells in combat ie I have spell that uses 10 w/e it was called to heal 20 health but last encounter I lost 10 health I would rather wait to take 11 more damage and use a Same amount of w/e it was called. Over all I think it isn't a bad mechanic.
  4. @volourn yes you have not said that your part was the first 15 pages the second 15 is for other people don't be greedy with the arguing please. Meant as a fun little non serious jest.
  5. While reading this I am still confused as to why combat will now be pointless and unrewarding because each mob you kill worth 36 exp split 6 ways so 6 xp per person per kill is that deciding factor.
  6. Babayaga I'm pretty sure fps games weren't niche when half life came out. So the story was better developed than most fps before it does not make it niche. It makes it a fps with a better developed story.
  7. Stun Your saying you would play the whole game with characters you didn't like to avoid 1.5 hrs worth of combat. And as to the person saying what if I didn't have a bard. It is an example the strings could be anything it's just an example to show something very useful because bards kinda sucked in bgs
  8. Volourn if it is very low on your list why have you been arguing for pages about it the ogre was the objective not the beetles that's why you got exp. it's a very simple concept really.
  9. No one answered this question before when I asked it. So I am going to ask because no one in the last 14 pages has directly or indirectly answered it. Why is exp for killing monsters the only motive for doing it. Is it because no game has given you meaning ful rewards otherwise. Example lets say your adventuring and you find a cave. Going through the cave you fight a bunch of monsters a big bad voodoo daddy and find a chest. Inside the chest are lute strings, and a note saying dear big bad voodoo daddy here are your magic strings. You turn to your useless bard and say hey you have a pretty
  10. My **** look like a pumpkin yo **** look like Macaulay Culkin
  11. I will say some of the Druid spells seem really awsome. The spell that sprouts stam healing around dead foes really nice idea. I just really hope that encounters last long enough for them to be useful. Depends on the party build I guess.
  12. I wouldn't say I don't have any faith but I just don't see ea putting out a game I wanna play besides FIFA. Uninterested is the best word for it prob
  13. Anything you have lying around really
  14. In a flurry of clicks I have 3 copies of l4d 2 from last steam sale anyone interested in trading?
  15. But when you loose all your health you die and when your super fatigued you fall asleep. This is opposite of what would happen with your naming convention making it more complicated.
  16. Why do you need the exp to kill something arnt you getting this game to enjoy combat story and rp. Maybe you want only 1 of those things and maybe you want all. But why is exp the ulimate reward for killing something and the only reason why you do it. This is a legitiment question for I am confused as to how people can say now there's no point in killing things.
  17. I watched a couple videos and to be honest I could barely see past the character they didn't show the tactics view and it looked like a particle spam fest. I'm prob going to pass on it.
  18. Lephys what was last mmo you have played and how long ago. Also hours played and level reached.
  19. I'm saying you can't build a character to chain 30 seconds of straight cc and top the dps charts. But your top dps might have a polymorph. And your rogue may be able to dps really good and also off tank with a high dodge. Or even main tank with a good cc/ healer but would need a different build to get like a parry ability with his dodge. In turn affecting his dps.
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