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  1. So I just added Vatnir to my party and wanted to check Priest's Ability Tree. I've spent like 10 minutes clicking though UI looking for the button to open it, but seems like there is none. Since Vatnir is lvl 20 I won't have a chance to check out his tree, unless I will respec, which I do not want to do. The other option is to look up the class three on the internet. Is there more efficient way available in game?
  2. Game guide (the one created by Prima Games). The thing is that i have a cloak and ring, and they do not stack.
  3. How can patch be delayed, if there is no release date yet? Try harded!
  4. Did it on 3-4lvl on Hard. No issues, but I would not say that it was easy.
  5. I don't renember its name, but there is an option in settings that allows you to enable it. And it is not related to highlighting.
  6. Supply restrain is an advange in my opinion. Make the game more challanging, especialy in bigger dungeons. Same with movement while engaging with enemy. Once you turn your back on the enemy, you are immediately punished. I agree with the buffs though, I think we should be able to buff before battle, and the buffs should last longer. The duration is quite short, even with high Int.
  7. Was working for 8 hours, baked two cheescakes after, read some SJW tears and then played Pillars. @Gorth come to Poland, maybe some cheescake might cheer you up. #I'm not a girl, I just like cheescakes.
  8. It's ok. After 15 hours I'm level 5. Considering the fact that the cap is set to 12 indicates that there is a lot more content ahead of me.
  9. I think it works as intended. Having the possibility of withdrawing it from your stash, would make them obsolete, since you could have infinite number of supplies at any time, making the game a whole lot easier. Having two at the time on Hard diff, makes the game more challanging while crawling though the dungeons.
  10. Hi Guys, Are there any console commands that might alter graphics setting, to make it more smooth? Is there a list of such commands? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Guys, I need a clarification on how exacly active effects are stacking. It is in my understanding that only the highest value is taked under consideration, the rest is suppresed, but there is something in the guide: Could anyone explain on how does this working exactly? Thanks in advance.
  12. Will Prima Guide be available localy, or is it only obtainable via gamestop/amazon?
  13. I have 3 possibilities on my table: Saifer (my usual name) Longarm (BG name for my dorfs) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. I am actualy thankful for the amount of work i have to do this week. It makes the waiting much easier!
  15. I see that Bestseller shelf is still topped by Cities, GTA V and CS:Go... PoE is few shelf below, but still... nicely done!
  16. I'm kinda out of track here... My Kickstarter orders says: Digital Downloadable Copy of Pillars of Eternity, DRM free for Windows, Mac, or Linux. But will we receive a Steam Key?
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