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  1. That's why Israel does that sort of stuff without any fear of retribution. Iran is not a Arab country. It's Persian. And it's despised by most of the Arab countries, with the exception of Lebanon and Syria.
  2. http://edition.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/06...dier/index.html It was just a fly over... a "warning" to the Syrian president. Though I'm impressed that an israeli aircraft managed to get this close to the Syrian president without any reaction from the Syrian Air Force.
  3. Playing SWAT4. First four missions were quite easy, but now I'm stuck in a disco level. I managed to actually finish this level one time, but did not had the score to proceed to the next mission (due to a penalty for unauthorized use of force...).
  4. Sahara - Entertaining movie for what it is. Chinatown - Great movie, very surprising ending.
  5. There wasn't enough time. Jack and Kate were minutes behind Ethan. And if they really needed Charlie for something, Ethan could easily take both of them with him back to their hatch and them release Charlie after Henry explained what he wanted him to do, just like they did with Michael. btw, I was very surprised that the guys at the end were speaking portuguese... when I saw them playing chess I was quite sure they were russians. Took some seconds for me to realize it was really portuguese (Portugal portuguese sounds sooo strange for a brazilian ).
  6. Brasil: Goalkeepers: Dida (Milan) Julio Cesar (Internazionale) Rog
  7. That's not true... Brasil won the 1958 World Cup in Sweden.
  8. Brasil... There is a lot of bad stuff going on in this country, but what isreally pissing me off right now is that not only our current president is poised to win the october elections, he is winning by a landslide. That's just wrong. The guy bought half the congress using federal money. Pretty much every single high member of PT (ruling party) was involved, as well as lots of members of other coalition parties. And yet, not only most of them are not going to be punished, our great Luis Inacio Lula da Silva is going to get another 4 years to sit there doing nothing, travelling the world advertising his (non-existant) program to end poverty in Brasil and getting rich at the expense of the people (who actually deserve this fate for being so stupid, but that's not the point).
  9. I downloaded those last night. First good fan made mode I've played. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You should try the Lone Wolf mods... the best I've played by far.
  10. finished Tigana (Guy Gavriel Kay) last week good fantasy book, looking forward to read his other books reading War and Peace (Tolstoy) finally (took me forever to get this book)
  11. well, Alias ending was surprising at least
  12. raneforyon is quenya (Tolkien again =D) for Ferdinand, which is my real name (well almost, my name is Fernando, but Fernando is just a spanish form of Ferdinand) the avatar is a headshot of Tom Waits btw, Atreides is the name of one of the Great Houses of the Dune novels
  13. atm i reading the second book and so far it's really good
  14. http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showforum=45
  15. not sure about public schools (let's just say they're pretty bad over here), but in most of the private schools they start teaching english at the 4th grade. They're also teaching german in the 8th grade in the school i studied, but it's a german school, so it's not the rule.
  16. stones...? that's just plain nasty dude... :D anyway. i think lost is a bit boring. progress is too slow. can they just open the damn hatch already... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> nahh, they're going to make us wait another month before that
  17. There is no such things over here, it is in India i believe (saw it somewhere)
  18. Right now just Rome: Total War and sometimes Europa Universalis 2... tried SW Commandos a few weeks ago but it wasn't my cup of tea
  19. Yeah, like a lil intro movie, no more. ^_^ Anyway, I don't even consider Ghost at all, since it's not a Blizz project Yes, it is. It was being co-developed by Nihilistic Software, but for some reason (don't really remember why, i think they didn't meet Blizzard's expectations), Blizzard is now the only developer of SC: Ghost. Check their FAQ...
  20. Europa Universalis 2 Hearts of Iron 2 Rome Total War Planescape Torment
  21. The original developer (Nihilistic Software) kinda messed up with Ghost so Blizzard fired then and now they are developing it themselves. Probably redoing a lot of stuff. It's the main reason for the huge delay.
  22. Anachronox... when it got out i heard it was like those japanese console RPGs that i don't care about so I passed. Last year, after hearing someone on BIS board saying how good Anachronox was (Teatime IIRC) I decided to give the game a chance. Turns out it was one of the most memorable games i've played in years... though i really hated the combat system
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