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  1. They have chopsticks in denmark?

  2. Mus? Mus? A thousand deaths is not enough for Mus?

  3. Krookie likes the drunk girls

  4. Being a poor speller gives him streetcred

  5. Fish, Fish. All I see are fish

  6. young Lionel Tannenbaum, I trust you are well

  7. Mus? says we look alike, I say we get him like Jean Van Dam and Dennis Rodman in that movie

  8. Boys, boys. I'm a serious hawtie

  9. If I remember correctly you were canadian, eh?

  10. Pixies' pretty pony is black

  11. I'm not a big Chuck Palahniuk fan, he's too preachy, plus Choke was just super I wanna kill myself disturbing.

  12. I was on my way out when I got your message, my mom and I went shopping for clothes, school is about to start, hee hee. I'm the one on the left.

  13. Thanks for the rude comment, I felt that was pretty undeserved, And tell your friend Accept to stop leaving gross messages, I don't want to get a moderator involved

  14. 96 like my profile says, lol. Actually I'm 17, but my birthday is a little over a month away.

  15. One day us girls should get together and I can give you the dirt on all these guys who are cyberstalking you, toodles

  16. Oh, I live in Austin, that isn't too far away

  17. of course I forgive you, I didn't really understand what was going on. You used to live in Texas, too bad you moved, we could have seen a movie or something

  18. Chris, I thought you were someone I could talk to, but now I don't know. i need some time to think

  19. I thought you were cool, but now you've reveiled yourself to be a true psycho

  20. Patients, good things come to those who wait till after my surgery.

  21. Is that a real guitar?

  22. Might be time to retire that lame schtick, you're what like 40 now? Hasn't the novelty of posting on the internet worn off?

  23. Thank you, I wish I could comment on you, but you have no picture, hee hee. Talk to you later....

  24. Hes a woman then

  25. Doug was way before your time KotorKyle

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