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  1. Yeah, thats pretty much it. Really only the film festival is worth the time. One year we got David Cross to laugh at us.

  2. I need to get your address so I can get the lady at the post office to handle your package, haw haw

  3. Yeah, I'm thinking Roger Clements vs. Karl Malone in a no holds barred douche off

  4. your close, its words

  5. What is society built on?

  6. you're friendly

  7. It means we are pals

  8. Look out for Triangle man, you hear?

  9. I need you to want me, to hold me, to tell me the truth.

  10. meat shields up!!!!

  11. well I don't care for the city, I came here on the train

  12. yeah, pretty crazy stuff

  13. Ghostland Observatory ~ Robotique Majestique

    Get on it....

  14. yeah, ignore that.

    be sure to pull some kid's sweater over his head and go to town on his skull, in the true tradition ofthe american sportsman

  15. bloody so punk but good for me.

  16. so hypothetically, if I were in Vancouver in a month or so, you could contact some people and get me the line on the primo bacon, right?

  17. hows your hockey season gone?

  18. Hey now! Hey now!

    Iko, Iko, unday

    Giacomo feeno ai nan?

    Giacomo fee nan?

  19. Remember that time we got liquored up and decided to go out and have sex with men? You were so money that night, I still can't believe mine turned out to be a tranny. I swear I would have told you if I knew. Atleast your night wasn't ruined by having sex with a woman.

  20. Nah, it just means you're old, Four Cornered Night is really good. I think I might skip out on Blake's next band, as soon as they get completely bad ass he breaks them up.

  21. Remember that time you we were on at the same time, oh man good times.

  22. its too bad there aren't voice clips, I could be all jag-gu-whahhhhhhhhhhh

  23. Whats up, Pilgrim?

  24. This messaging system is sorely outdated for my needs.

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