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  1. The times we had

    Oh, when the wind would blow with rain and snow

    Were not all bad

    We put our feet just where they had, had to go

  2. In my good times

    There were always golden rocks to throw

    at those who admit defeat too late

    Those were our times, those were our times

  3. When she will marry me outside with the willow trees

    And play the songs we made

  4. yeah, but he said he'd till find time to use your for teh sex

  5. Together on the sand, as we sat hand in hand

  6. Sorry I missed your 40ith, I was busy at a zombie party. You probably weren't around anyway since you never are.

  7. that's how I like them

  8. you can cry, you can mope, can you swing from a good good rope?

  9. So, this girl in your personal statement is in Texas? Good move on her part.

  10. Too bad about the pu-tang, but on a lighter note, you'll be 40 in like three days

  11. Many moons ago, I saw Zombie Hitler board a space ship and now all I got was this lousy shirt?

  12. All I want is to be.

  13. I got a new name for your band that doesn't exist: Lefty Wilhelm. Its topical with inbreeding but not incest, I'll keep trying.

  14. 19 days till left

  15. Do you deliver pizza?

  16. Hasta La Pasta, my Portuguese friend

  17. Less then a month before you turn the big four-oh

  18. In time we will show the world why the world made us

  19. and Jango Fett in business attire is cool too, but Django Reinhardt, now thats something special

  20. where do white russians figure into your equations?

  21. When you say case of Bacardi, you don't mean the malt liquor drinks the bitches like, do you? You mean 151, right?

  22. you're gay and I'm not, call me!!!

  23. I still haven;t heard about the awesomeness or nonawesomeness of those last tracks I sent you

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