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  1. I already have one

  2. And whats with this whole, young Zak Braf vibe I'm getting from you lately? How many different color Strokes shirts do you own?

  3. Oh sh1t, I didn't even notice that until you said something. I blame the influx of retards of the Accept, Pop type nature. Also I only play as stealth based classes, DARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

  4. I see you all there, online and ****

  5. He really plays left out.

  6. wtf? How hard is it to get MSN you superretard?

  7. They would do you both, too

  8. Austin was very hoopla. The show was the best I've been to in quite some time and I did a bunch of booze and drugs and all that good stuff.

  9. you know who you are.

    sweetheart, bitter heart,

    now i can't tell you apart.

  10. I have no sense of time since we started

  11. a woman stares out at the sea

  12. Think of every town you lived in

  13. memories like fingertips I can't forget the curve of your body

  14. I don't care that you come off as a pompous ass, you are just a regular ass in my book

  15. You wear the pants of a man who has twice the elephantitis of the balls then you currently do.

  16. You will know, when you are at peace.

  17. Yeah, it not being your comment and all, I should thing so. Hey did you here, Pixies is in college!!!

  18. Its not the Stargate, its the Fargate, it has nothing to do with the movie or t.v. serial that I know nothing about

  19. Born in west virginia oh no.

    Married to the preacher oh no.

    Shes always looking at me.

    Shes always looking at me.

    Shes such a charmer oh no.

  20. no more Farscape references they reflect badly

  21. ::Read in reverse::

    It's Earl again. Well, how else are you

    to live except by denial, by some

    palatable fiction, some little song to

    sing while the inevitable, the black and

    white blindsiding fact, comes hurtling

    toward you out of the deep?

  22. In Sitka, because they are fond of them,

    People have named the seals. Every seal

    is named Earl because they are killed one

    after another by the orca, the killer

    whale; seal bodies tossed left and right

    into the air. "At least he didn't get

    Earl," someone says. And sure enough,

    after a time, that same friendly,

    bewhiskered face bobs to the surface

  23. Like am I drunk right now? at this very moment? Because you can't just decide that, thats something I have to decide. Its my choice, not your's. You can't just decide that I'm drunk. Now you're not listening to me. Listen. Listen to me. I decide.......

  24. We can be together, if you can hold on real tight.

  25. I hope you have been preparing your dainty wrist for the rigors of college life.

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