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  1. Laozi

    You can totally tell that lamppost in the background behind the purple lightning bolts isn't real

  2. The prodigal son

  3. kindness? teehee

  4. the car was impounded, there was no way to escape being grounded

  5. did you get the new electronic mail with your name spelled right in it?

  6. You've changed man, you used to be all about box vans and dead prostitutes.

  7. Yeah, I got it, haven't really broken in to it yet, I got alot of new music recently. The first time I heard it I was a little put off as well, I called it Elvinstein.

  8. You? Railing against hipster? Perish the thought

  9. Fear is just false evidence appearing real

  10. Keep the car running

  11. What like the NY Dolls and the Stooges?

  12. you said you would prefer music sent to your GMail, right?

  13. sometimes its difficult to see the trees so far into the forest

  14. nah, a retarded Laozi thing is ahrd to miss with its helmet and correctional braces

  15. Good try though, mouthbreather

  16. not true in the classical sense you were alluding to, it has never been History/Science/English one-oh-oh-one

  17. yeah, thats why its english one oh oh one and not english one oh one, right?

  18. So where's the pictures of you and your hat?

  19. man, those dogs can smell anything

  20. Your mama is that bald guy from Arrested D.

  21. Did you get that thing I sent you?

  22. Que paso, nummy

  23. Slam!!!! Dut du Dut Dut du Dut, Let the bois be bois!!!!

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