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  1. So where is the video. Did it get edited out ?
  2. On some twisted level you have to admire Osama. I mean how many other evil 'geniuses' with underground lairs are left in the world these days. He might be irrelevant and sidelined, but as a symbol of the fundamentalists extremists movement he still holds a lot of power.
  3. I have had to find a cheat for all the point buy 3e games out there so I could manually roll my character and enter the results. Then delete any level up bonus points. Level bonus attributes makes baby Jesus cry. Also, Elves are tall, not short.
  4. Macs are great machines for people with too much money to spend. Unfortunately i'm not one of those people. They only discovered the right mouse button like 5 minuites ago though. Who knows, in another 10 years they might discover the middle and side ones.
  5. Macs are great machines for people with too much money to spend. Unfortunately i'm not one of those people.
  6. The great disapointment of the Warhammer games is always that they fail to reproduce the tailoring element to unit and army composition. A real wealth of customisations would be more interesting to me than yet another starcraft style RTS. It's pretty good just the same tho. I got the pirated version and on the strenght of that bought the game + winter assault. Can't get it to work tho because the crack left some junk in my registry that the kosher version doesen't like.
  7. What a sureal exception.
  8. Why are there so many in drag at these things tho. It's a mite pertubing.
  9. it's my favorite chubby chinese mastermind. wowsa. Warhammer 40k rules. I used to play it when I was a wee lad. The turn based tabletop game that is. Although you spent 90% of the time caring for your miniatures, it was well balanced and challenging. No way in hell I could find the time to do all that painting today though.
  10. I think it's a smoker's lung removed at an autopsy.
  11. I think I might have to agree with you on that. I can't think of any other war movie I haven't been able to sit through without wanting to fall asleep. It was just a very dull movie. And while war is a very dramatic situation, somehow it just seemed overdone and hokey in that flick. Mels getting kinda weird in his old age. The archer massacre in Agincourt would have looked better with 6000 longbowmen (the actuall number) He tried to make up for it with fog. In the end the acting should bee the most important part though. I thought it had real merrit. Apples and oranges really to judge a shakespeare adaptation on it's lack of a hollywood budget.
  12. I love RAN as much as you do, but Henry V is not about Cinematics if the point is to make a Shakespeare adaptation rather than a war movie. I suspect it was. Edit. I screwed up the quote.
  13. Oliver's Classic is complete pompous baloney that for some inexplicable reason has been deemed a masterpice, mostly by people who haven't seen it. It's supposed to be nationalistic pomp, but with an edge. Branagh's was good. People just need to get over his hellishly lengthy and boring Hamlet.
  14. Jude Law generally sucks in "Epics".
  15. I would perfer the individual maps to be bigger. A little more non quest material etc. But of course thats impossible since they will inevitably simultaneously develop it for some console or other. Other than that, the atmosphere is important. The alien races would be really if they were playable. More of them .etc.
  16. Enemy at the gates. Or Rambo 3.
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