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  1. I've had the same thing. Landed one strike on the boarding party and then it went straight to the CYOA text adventure part about the storm. On a subsequent playthrough, I was able to do the whole fight, so it's definitely inconsistent.
  2. I'm doing a monk playthrough now. Will probably go with the original 3 plus Xoti, although I might swap out Pallegina or Eder so I don't have 3 front-line-ish melees.
  3. In the future, you might want to only post bugs in the "Patch Beta Bugs and Support" forum if they are bugs with the beta patch. )
  4. Just an update on this topic... finally stumbled upon the shipment FAQ: http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-181-physical-goods-i-havent-received-mine-yet-when-are-they-coming/ Of note is this chunk of text: "For those of you with the non-collector’s edition tiers ($50, $65 and $100 tiers), the box is not being shipped until the disc duplication has been completed." I don't know if that was communicated earlier and I just missed it, or if the poll backers voted in was ignored for $100 and lower tiers or what, but that explains why my copy has not shipped yet. On the bright side, on the advice of others, I contacted support and asked why I only had one digital key (I was supposed to get the disc and a digital key... and then was told because of the delayed shipment, I was being granted a(nother) digital key, meaning I should have had two), and they promptly gave me a second key. So if you're in the same boat as I am, that's a recommended avenue of action.
  5. Same. Also in CA. I know part of Obsidian pairing with Paradox was so the latter could handle distribution, something they have experience in, but I'm starting to question what exactly their experience amounts to.
  6. As far as I can tell, being in the same boat as you, those of us in one of the tiers that included both a physical disk AND a code, are only being given one digital code, despite the delays in the physical shipment (and the (known) delays in the shipment of the actual game cd). I haven't seen any commentary from anyone in Obsidian on this yet, which sucks. It especially sucks because part of the point in choosing a kickstarter tier with multiple keys was so that multiple people could play when it launched. (Yes, I know there's a workaround if you selected the GoG version... that shouldn't be a requirement though)
  7. With the beta patch installed, Kana's chant counter never seemed to climb above 1 when fighting in the sanitarium. When battle ended, it would drop back to 0... then when battle started again, it would climb back up to one but no further.
  8. Read the thread. Most of the people posting HAVE supported the game, and did so at tiers that should have gotten us multiple keys. The GoG suggestions are what to do in the meantime since so many of us still only have one of those keys.
  9. In the same boat as other $65 tier players. Had planned on playing with my wife... voted for the 'make the keys available rather than delaying the box shipment' option, and... my box still hasn't shipped, and only one key is available. The game itself is good (several large bugs not withstanding), but the shipment, keys, and communication regarding both has been less than stellar.
  10. I like it. Would probably roll with your preferred version if it was an option.
  11. Suggestion for these reviews (which are very illuminating)... that first video could do with some actual video, so you didn't have to try to describe why things didn't look good or weren't working, but could actually show them. Regardless, I always look forward to these, since I don't have beta access. Thanks! Edit: I see at least some of the visual details made it into the followup videos, so this may be less of a valid point. Just 22 minutes of video review with no actual video was odd.
  12. You remember the other day how I was saying that the lower camera angle isn't good for combat? Well that's why. It's even worse when tall creatures (such as Forest Lurkers) are in front of player characters, you can't even see your own units. I know mechanics are more important than graphics, especially at this stage, but that screenshot is a bit of an eye opener. I hope work will be done to clean up the display of the player models (and enemy models) so they are distinct and clear in any environment.
  13. Slightly off-topic, but has it been confirmed whether or not we will be able to use custom portraits for ourselves and NPCs? Also, from the description, it sounds like the boost/penalty for a priest/paladin who adheres to/strays from their deity applies only to the PC? I guess I can understand that, depending on how much autonomy the NPC is given, but it's a little odd. Otherwise, sounds good. The chanter is very reminiscent of an everquest bard (with chant effects lasting a short time after a new chant has begun, allowing twisting). Hopefully, it won't be quite as intensive as that game's implementation (every four seconds, switch song), as that would be very difficult in a party-based game. Also, any spell that starts with Achtung really should end with Baby!
  14. Looks really good, all! And I'm glad my KS donation finally showed up as linked on the backer site.
  15. The back end/data for fog of war is implemented, but not the rendering side. Also, if the room were obscured by fog of war, that would be a pretty crummy screenshot. Or you could have opened the door But yeah, I figured LoS or FoW wasn't in yet. The screen itself looks lovely.
  16. Looks amazing! My only (minor) concern is that the individuals inside the room are visible, even though the party is outside of the room, with the door closed. I'm guessing that fog of war/mob detection is not in yet?
  17. That's just lovely. Very happy to see the image make the transition into gameplay. Nice to see Josh's commentary on the few criticisms people have raised as well.
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