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  1. The game won't have too much in common with the BG series, because the lead designer Mr. Josh Sawyer did not like them. It is quite amusing that he has to design a successor to a series of games that he hates. I'm sure the backers won't mind, because all 80,000 of them didn't like Baldur's Gate either....... The game is also a spiritual successor to commandos (a game that Sawyer loves), so it was necessary. No combat xp.
  2. Thats not how it's gonna work you moron. Retardation on your part. And it was wrong to try and suck up to a retarded moron. I should have kept on criticizing him instead.
  3. Question: What about the doomsayers that predict there'll always be ways to sneak around foes? Josh Sawyer: oh no the players did what they wanted to do Source Well, avoiding combat will always yield the best results and Sawyer won't change it, no combat xp. There is no more choice, just ignore combat if you can. Or attack. Who cares. Annoying pointless combat is now a feature of this "great" game. Wow, I can hardly wait for the "WTF is this?" reviews. lol At least Shadowrun and Wasteland 2 are looking real good, that is probably because the lead designers are not ****ing retarded morons like Josh Sawyer, who only wants the game to cater to retarded morons like himself. Later @mates of the pro combat xp faction. It was fun. And cross your fingers, maybe Feargus or Avellone will finally realise that Sawyer is an idiot and fire his sorry wannabe designer ass... or maybe the game will just fail miserably (which is more likely) buh bye.
  4. No inventory lists no inventory icons IE style inventory then i'm happy.
  5. Yup, you're right. Less choice. Because choosing is hard. So remove the choice of engaging in combat or not, just make it a no-brainer.
  6. It first perfectly in the idea, more content? More reward. IMO the way it should be. And why is it degenerate to have people experience more of the world? Is it "degenerate" to make players experience the whole game? Sounds odd to me... Apparently you did not understand what he wrote. You keep arguing that combat xp leads to degenerate gameplay because it rewards the player for combnat, which in turns forces the player to kill and murder everything that moves (which is not true by the way). TRX850 then concludes, that exploration xp must also be degenerate, because it also rewards forces the player to search for every last area, nook and cranny for that precious exploration xp. Please note, he has nothing against exploration xp, that only exists in your head because you did not understand his argumentation. So, I ask you: Why is it not degenerate to reward a player for exploring and why is it degenerate to reward him for combat, even though PE is a tactical combat based game?
  7. We are advocating for a quest/objective + combat xp based system, just like in the IE games, the spiritual predecessors of Project Eternity. These are my favorite pro quest/objective + combat xp quotes of the day, part 2. Part 1 can be found here.
  8. #2: 10 minute Let's Play YouTube video bites With vulgar language for my amusement.
  9. I'd recommend that too, because it's a great game. And also to see that objective/quest only xp works great in Bloodlines. A game that 1) is extremely linear, 2) is non-party based, 3) has no tactical combat, 4) and has hardly any special loot. Which is quite the opposite of what PE is supposed to be.
  10. ^ ^ I agree. No in combat stamina regeneraton pls Josh, only tactical stamina "healing". And outside of combat, I would prefer if health could only be healed with potions/magic or sleeping at an inn.
  11. Oh leave him alone. Otherwise I might hear something I don't like and start trolling again. And I have been pretty mean lately. Sometimes, it's best to face the horrors of everyday life and bravely confront them. True. But priority number 1 is combat xp. We can bug Josh about the combat regen after that has been fixed.
  12. Oh leave him alone. Otherwise I might hear something I don't like and start trolling again. And I have been pretty mean lately.
  13. Is accuracy purely a character stat or can it be improved with enchanted weapons or items e.g. "gauntlets of accuracy + 2"?
  14. Heh, I suppose you guys will win in the end I very much doubt JES is even reading this travesty of a thread. Edit: I'm just not that optimistic after all... Well, he knows it exists, I've seen him in here before. He left pretty quickly though. heh
  15. If you just stand still for a bit, you'll regenerate. Good one. lol
  16. Cute cat. Really. But don't tell him you don't like combat xp or he'll hate you forever.
  17. ^ You're right Valorian, but sadly we can't have both because Rob and Avellone drank up the animation budget. JK I agree with Josh. And just because variants are low priotiy doesn't mean we won't get them. Not to mention that they can do some tricks with the standard animations to add some variation (I think, but I am not sure, I am not an animator). Maybe Mark or Josh can answer that.
  18. I always loved it when the super mutants scratched their butts while waiting. I thought that was quite amusing. ^^
  19. I'm not exactly sure. All I know is there's cake! Ahh, ok. Me an Greenballz will have a slice then.
  20. This is true. But those who prefer sneaking and avoiding combat don't really care. The nice thing with objective-XP is that it allows quest designers to do just that, with a very precise level of control too. No it doesn't. Avoiding combat yields the best results then.
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