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  1. If the entire world in PE was just a long tunnel, then it would still be more efficient to sneak. Unless the game of course forces me always to fight. But the world will not be a tunnel (that is unorthodox), so sneaking will be the most efficient way to play the game.
  2. I am not talking about conflict resolution or killing elite mobs for good loot $$$. I am talking about regular adventuring or sneaking past regular mobs on the way to your destination. Sneaking is the most efficient way to play PE under such circumstances as we have already ascertained. It would not make sense to play such a large portion of the game the unefficient way.
  3. Yup. In PE you would of course kill Firkrag for the loot, becase he is an elite mob. And after that you sneak until you reach the next elite mob, because it is the most efficient way of playing the game.
  4. You're right, absolutely right. Sneaking is the clever and efficient way of playing PE. That is your argument for combat xp, isn't it? "Sneaking(/diplomacy) consumes less time and resources." Thus, isn't sneaking (and diplomacy) a more efficient (and, by extension, clever) way to play? Yes, that is true for PE. Sneaking will be the most efficient way to play the game, and you are right. Everybody will of course choose the most efficient path, seeing that it doesn't really make sense to do anything else other than sneak and make wise diplomatic decisions.
  5. I agree. That is why xp for all optional content like sidequests should be removed from the game. Nobody should be rewarded for doing anything, which will make the game just as fun if not more.
  6. Like I said, sneaking will be the most efficient way of playing PE. And you will be rewarded for doing it too. Thats the way it is.
  7. You're right, absolutely right. Sneaking is the clever and efficient way of playing PE.
  8. If stealth and combat paths both drain equivalent resources...how is avoiding combat better than not avoiding combat? Like I said, you don't have to have a stealth ability to avoid combat and avoiding combat is not being penalized in any way whatsoever. Penalizing sneaking or avoiding combat would also violate Sawyers stance on "degenerate design". I have to find the link. Avoiding combat always yields better results.
  9. If you're wanting to do a "legit" stealth build, then you'd have to use stealth ability to avoid combat as much as possible (since I'd think a stealth build should be weaker to a combat build for, you know, combat). I assumed Josh was talking about penalized in terms of losing out on XP with which to improve the area of focus (stealth, diplomacy). If Combat + Quest Xp is implemented and the stealth path only gives quest XP, then stealth parties are going to take significantly longer to advance their skills, leading to stealth paths "deadending" because the party is too under leveled to succeed in high level stealth checks. Depends on how sneaking is implement. If we're not talking about magical invisibility and silence, it might take a good bit of time to work characters around paths without being spotted. Avoiding combat will always yield the best results (unless it is some rare elite mob with good $$$ loot). Even if you penalize or remove the stealth ability.
  10. You don't have to use some stealth ability to avoid every combat situation you know. And how could the resource drain be the same (if there even is any for sneaking)? Josh already said that pacifist sneaking will not be penalized in any way. And what takes longer, combat or sneaking? Where are you more likely to make a mistake and get your party seriously injured, combat or sneaking? In which situation do you have to make wise tactical decisions, combat or sneaking? What defines a tactical combat based game, combat or sneaking?
  11. This. Why should one player who simply sneaks through an area receive the exact same amount of xp as another who fights his way through?
  12. No. It only makes substantial stealth for every class a less viable choice (i.e. you sneak around everywhere)... which makes sense in a tactical combat based game just like the spiritual predecessors. That is like, I dunno, saying that you should be able to sneak past every encounter in Modern Warfare 4.
  13. You don't engage in combat, because avoiding it yields the best results? Combat will be a waste of time and resources in almost every situation? There will be plenty of loot in the enviroment so you don't need combat loot? There is only quest xp? You mean only stealth or diplomacy. Since when has diplomacy not been a viable choice in the IE games or even Fallout for that matter? And they used combat + quest xp.
  14. This scares me. It will either be very good, or it will suck horribly. And we have had too much horrible already. meh. Oh come on, you can whine better than that. Well, If it isn't dumbed down, then I guess I will hear your whining next week.
  15. Also, that anyone would think Josh Sawyer of all people, whose biggest investment in the PE blurb is IWD (compared to Avellone's PS:T), would somehow be "anti-combat" is complete and utter rubbish. Irrational, hysterical, whiny. I mean, really. Oh right, Sawyer is implementing sneaking and combat avoidance mechanics (like quest only xp), because they were in Icewind Dale and improved the combat, right? LOL. You have to love the logic. Not to mention that we are not complaing about the combat directly (which you would know if you actually read something in this thread). It is about the fact that combat will be pointless, because avoiding combat will yield the best results, which makes absolutely no sense in a tactical combat based games.
  16. Of course the D&D rules will not be used. As for the rest, read the thread.
  17. An Isometric camera, party based fantasy game with a strong central narrative. Beyond that the road was open as far as I could see. YMMV or course. How could I not see that the game was going to be fundamentally different and dumbed down. Ohh, thats why.
  18. A modern IE game. The game Josh Sawyer wants to make because HE misses IE games as well. Oh, ok. So when they asked me if I missed classic cRPGs, they really meant "modern dumbed down cRPGs", because classic is synonmous with modern. Well, at least they are updating the graphics.
  19. the only reason this has got out of hand is because you probably hate combat. We have mentioned about 100 times why "quest xp only" is terrible in tactical combat RPG, but all it does is fall on deaf ears. Not to mention that you guys keep saying "the IE games were great and had great gameplay" then you say "the gameplay in teh IE games was crap". What a bunch of illogical nonsense.
  20. Every problem he had was either with the D&D system or game scripting (and not combat xp) except for one little thing. Which was ridiculous as I pointed out already. Yes it does, it prevents you from engaging in combat, because avoiding combat yields the best results. As we have said about 100 times. But anybody who hates combat would of course love this system. Not to mention that looting could also make a moron go on a killing spree and players also want loot, a fact that you "quest xp only" lovers never mention. And combat loot is still in PE you know. You don't have to kill everything or do every side quest in a game with combat + quest xp. If you think you do, then you are a moron. Not to mention that it is not the game designers responsibilty to (indirectly) prevent you from killing everything either for a) loot or b) xp just because some players can't control themselves and/or are complete morons. Not to mention that even doing that is completely harmless, it will not break the game. And wait, whats this? Miss classic cRPGs like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment? So do we! Introducing Obsidian's PROJECT ETERNITY. Please, tell me what you were expecting when you read that. That would be interesting.
  21. I see that you are trying to protect the dumbing down of this game by saying that the spiritual predecessors were already dumbed down. That was a good one. Way to go.
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