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  1. Well, Hassat Hunter chose to troll me in your thread (a thread that might actually interest him, funny how that works). So it's not my fault. The side effect of course is the derailing, which you will have to live with until Hassat has stopped his trolling spree.
  2. lol. Ok, then at least give me the link to the post in the degenerate gameplay thread that describes how to find the post that you are talking about. Not to mention that I am not the only one reading this forum you know. Maybe somebody else wants to read some of your "wisdom"?
  3. Quest only xp prevents me from killing the poor animal, even if I just want to kill it for "fun" or it's pelt (loot)? Wow, that makes sense. Really, it does (not). What? As to your edit; What prevents you? Nothing. It's that you're not REWARDED for it. A very important destinction... What if I'm a poor bastard in PE and really need cash? The "quest xp only" system will prevent me from going on a murdering spree for loot.... how? Oh right, I almost forgot. There will be so much loot in PE that you don't need to kill anything, you will just avoid all combat. The loot system is implemented in a way so that the pacifist players are not at a disadvantage and will still get loot. So not only the "quest xp only" system will prevent me from killing those poor evil orcs, the loot system will too. How funny is that. Killing in PE will be "double pointless". lol Not to mention that you could skip whole areas in Baldur's Gate, because you didn't need to do every side quest and kill every monster, either for loot or xp. If you didn't know that, then you are a moron. But some people like to visit every area anyway so that they can find that super rare loot. Sadly, you must also kill to do this and will also collect more xp for this. How sad. But at least you can avoid the combat in PE now! lol
  4. Ohhhh, so now you only have problems with some of the D&D rules then? Well now, PE is going to have it's own ruleset. That has nothing to do with combat xp by the way. But this caught my eye: Quest only xp prevents me from killing the poor animal, even if I just want to kill it for "fun" or it's pelt (loot)? Wow, that makes sense. Really, it does (not). That is a scripting problem and and not a quest + combat xp problem. Not to mention that this problem was fixed in BG2 (you know that other game that used combat + quest xp). I guess we have to add it to this list. The Brood Queen is not pleased..... *hisssssss* EDIT: I almost forgot. How will quest xp loot prevent me from going on a murder rage? Sure, it will be just as pointless as with a combat + quest xp system. But it is not the obligation of the game programmer to prevent you from going on ridiculous murder rages. Not to mention that removing combat xp won't prevent you from doing that anyway.
  5. It was a post aimed to you. In a thread you obviously seen. I don't expect everyone to have read it, no. But since it was aimed at you, I was expecting YOU to have read it. Apparently, you didn't however. I'm not shocked (imagining some reading a post aimed at them. I have some messed up logic indeed!). Yeah, I remember. You said that there is a post on some big ol' thread on this forum and that we should go looking for it or something. Yeah thanks. I will now go search through every one of your posts (wow, 3600 posts, i hope they are not all from that last few months) from the to find some info that you wrote because you are too lazy to find it yourself. Yeah, that really makes sense (no, it doesn't). Like I said, look for it yourself and post it if you think it is good. That is what everybody else does. I was obviously talking about productive posts. But I will respond to trolling. I don't mind answering to your troll posts so that we can destroy the whole point of this thread in the first place. Really, I don't have a problem with that.
  6. While Helm probably wont care and read I, I (and with me others I assume) would be interested. And atleast you're guaranteed it will be read with us too . "I love the game, but the gameplay sucks, but I love the game" lol so, he didn't like some aspects of the game, i.e. the combat. He was probably the guy that wrote this question to Josh on Formspring: But maybe it was you Hassat, that would also fit your profile.
  7. Failure to read has striken again... You failure to read conext and reasonably deduct has striken again. There is a problem with quest only xp and that is why this thread exists. The OP even wrote about it in the first sentence. I don't expect you to understand though, because that is not one of your strengths. I see my explenation of why "sneak XP" is a technological and programmers nightmare in the other thread fell on deaf ears. I'm not surprised. I see that you expect everyone to read every post you have written, even in a thread that someone might have never seen, which is a ridiculous any extremely illogical proposition. I'm not surprised actually, seeing that logic is not one of your strengths. Not to mention that you did not understand what I wrote (like I said, I'm not surprised), not to mention that it was just a simple proposition an not a demand (I guess you can't tell the difference). Those who like to sneak must have to make a major tradeoff and they must also have to be rewarded xp in a different way. How? I am not sure. It might help if you would actually post your link to what you wrote about this instead of trolling. Ok, you can now post your undescernable post of troll rage (the way you like answer).
  8. As I have seen in other posts you love to bend over and take all of the dumbing down with great pleasure. You also attack anybody that criticizes the dumbing down. So, yes, I meant dumbing down, i.e. destroying the mechanics so that the game caters more to retards, which might be the reason why you like it. I also removed the quotes for you, because you are apparently some kind of wannabe 12 year old grammar nazi, even though my use of quotation marks is compliant. Yes. Wrong. Anybody who is not a moron would see that. But I see that you are now resorting to grammar nazi tactics that 10 year olds like to use when they are trolling. -> "no missing" mechanic. Is of course correct.
  9. Nice read. It is always great to get to know more about the guys making this game. This scares me. It will either be very good, or it will suck horribly. And we have had too much horrible already. meh.
  10. Wut? I thought this was supposed to be an IE style game... but apparently you want now want to mutate it into a Commandos style game. Interesting (no, not really). Well, I shall leave you to your evil doings and won't bump this thread anymore.
  11. ^ Oh, my mistake. I thought you wanted to fix the problem, but I see that you prefer to be stubborn and will try to fix what cannot be fixed, because avoiding combat will still give the best results. You just want to make it harder to sneak past obstacles (that can't be avoided). lol Wel, this thread is worthless then. It was stupid of me to think that you would actually like to reason. By the way, nothing is exploitable if implemented right. But like I said, you are stubborn.
  12. I see that it has now finally been accepted that there is a problem with with "quest only xp". Yeah Helm, this is a good thing! We could have both, but it would require a system that has never been implemented in a game before. Like I have said before, quest only xp is not the answer. Hmm, Kitty. You're right, we could make it work. But there has to be some kind of substantial tradeoff, otherwise having stealth will not make sense. The player has to be forced to make a decision and must stick with it. Yes. But it will be hard to implement in a party based game. But if it was possible then we could have the game appeal to those who like stealth and those who like combat. skullzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Okay guys, we need some kind of hybrid system. A system where there is combat xp and a reward for sneaking, I will call it "sneak xp". But you can only do one or the other. What do you guys think? (That sounds great Helm!!!)
  13. ^ Please don't be mad at Helm because of our reasonable argumentation. Yes. No need to throw a hissy fit Junta, because you don't like the fact that our argumentation makes sense. Quest only xp does not fit in a combat based game. Jee-willickers. Yeah and we don't demand quest + combat xp for a stealth game, because it makes just about as much sense as quest only xp in combat based game.In other words it doesn't make any sense at all.
  14. ^ Because Josh said that sneaking will not be punished, because loot is "systemic". Avoiding combat will not give you less or lower quality loot. And If you use deductive reasoning then you come to the conclusion that avoiding combat will yield the best results, which is awkward for a combat based game. Yes. You will always have enough loot, no matter what you do. Avoiding combat will almost always yield better results, because combat will be a waste of time and resources. You only need to attack the (very rare) creatures that drop good loot and can ignore the rest. Yeah! It's great! PE is not gonna be combat based, but "avoiding combat" and stealth based, because the reward for being stealthy will be much larger! I hate combat and this system is great! *wooohooo!!!* *hisssssssss* yes, the brood queen is not pleased..... *hissssssss* not pleased at all. *hissss* quest only xp is like saying that having facehuggers implant embryos into potatos instead of humans yields the same results. and we don't have to worry about the humans becoming hostile. better results. *hissssssssssssssssssssssssssss* must send facehuggers to ninja now. buh bye. *hissss*
  15. Ohhhh, that is the question that always makes you rage, because you can't answer it. You answer is not satisfactory, because it makes absolutely no sense. You hated the gameplay, yet you loved the gameplay, yet you hated the gameplay but loved the game? wtf? lol So I ask you again, why do you hate combat + quest xp, even though you loved the games that used it? That is a major mechanic and it improved the gameplay in the IE games enourmously. And I have written about 55 times, why quest only xp is degenerate (but I know, you are blind): Quest only xp is a "degenerate system" in a game that is based heavily on tactical and strategical combat. It makes combat pointless because avoiding combat yields the best results, which is awkward for a game that is combat based.
  16. Oh, ok. How about we make this game a shooter and call it "Call of Eternity". That really is something different.
  17. I'm not saying it'd be terrible, I'm saying quest XP only is better. Combat XP -- even if there's only relatively little of it -- will create perverse incentives, which result in degenerate strategies. You won't be able to have any persistent respawns (e.g. the "close the portal wherefrom the demons spring" quest), you'll reward players who chase monsters for no other reason than XP and so on. Once again: if there is an easy way to align the systemic incentives with the in-game objectives, why would you not want to do that? If you were a designer, why would you knowingly leave in perverse incentives? Why do you keep saying the system in the IE games sucked, but that they were great games? It does not make any sense and is a major contradiction. You should love the system, because the games were great (that is why you are here too) Combat + quest xp is the only way to go, just like in the spiritual predecessors. Quest only xp will only cause "degenerative" gameplay in a game that is based on strategical and tactical combat.
  18. Yesssss. Let the rage out, because you know we are right. rage, little Hassat, raaaageeeee. skullzzzzzzzz There is no point in discussing with you. You need to calm down first and learn how to write succint and descernable posts. Not to mention that I keep on repeating myself. And you don't understand anything anyway, because of you major lack of comprehension skills. skullzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  19. I only respond to quotes like "They hate combat, that is why they like combat xp". Which is ridiculous. It is the other way around. Sadly, you only see it one sided (the side you prefer). By the way, if you tried grinding in Baldur's Gate... then you are a moron, because it is not only a pointless, but an impossible task.
  20. A reward is not required you say? Well then, remove xp for side quests too. Sounds like fun.
  21. I don't want to avoid combat because I love it. You want to avoid combat, because you hate it. There is a difference. Sneaking up on an enemy and shooting him in the head is stealth. I know you don't get it, but that really is stealth and Deus Ex rewards you for that because it is a stealth game. I guess I have to use Google and post 20 links until you get it. And "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" is story driven and has no xp. According to your ridiculous logic no xp would also be a great option for PE. Like I said, stop comparing apples and oranges, Deus Ex, Zelda, Bloodlines and the IE Games are all totally different. The IE games and the spiritual successor PE are tactical and strategical combat based games, that is why quest + combat xp fits. skulllzzzzzzz more kobold skulllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  22. I'm surprised that you say that. Not only are they ridiculous and wrong (Deus Ex stuff), but also almost unreadable. The opinion has not changed. It's still the same, pro combat + quest xp.
  23. @Hassat Hunter Deus Ex 1 was stealth game, and that is why stealth in almost every single situation was rewarded. Anyone who has played Deus Ex or can use Google knows that too. i.e. you needed 1 bullet for a stealth headshot, maybe 5-10 or more if you were not stealthy. No, only those who hate combat want quest only xp, so that they have a real good reason to avoid the "annoying" combat. Skullzzzzzz more Hassat skullzzzzzzzzzzzz Vampire: Bloodlines is a linear game with very little loot, and Deus Ex is a stealth game and that is why quest xp fits. They are very different from the IE games, so stop comparing apples with oranges. I see you did not understand my sarcasm, when I said that xp for all optional content should removed ( I am not surprised). Both quest xp AND combat xp are important.
  24. @TMZuk TMZuk, adventuring, questing and roleplaying causes players to look around every corner of the world, not combat xp. combat xp is great in crpgs. otherwise you wouldn't be here. and this game would have never been kickstarted. proof: Miss classic cRPGs like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment? So do we! Introducing Obsidian's PROJECT ETERNITY. skullzzzzzzzzz gimme dire wolf skullzzzzzzzz a non-violent option often times rewards you more xp, for example by making wise choices. Brains and brawn should be rewarded, not just one or the other. It was like that in those Fallout games you love, and they had combat xp too. Fallout and Fallout 2 have combat xp. And you love them, but hate combat xp? What a contradiction.
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