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  1. Not impossible, just more complicated than the usual stuff. I'll try to fix it anyway if they don't do it themselves later towards the release.
  2. >could you also target vertical and horizontal as well? You mean change the way portraits are displayed from horizontally to vertically? Hopefully, yeah. >I heard talk they were going to also have a beefy gui skin as well. Is that currently in the system? Not as far as I know. The textures might be in there already, but even if they are, they're not assigned to anything.
  3. When you click on it, the tooltip appears only for half a second, then reappears again for a brief moment, but is never visible long enough to be read.
  4. At least in the tavern, don't know if it happens elsewhere. See picture:
  5. >I think Beta releases should just stop until further notice. Nice trolling there, dude.
  6. If you try to loot the last item in container by dragging (as opposed to by simply clicking), the moment you start dragging, the looting screen closes and you can't place the item anywhere. The video reproducing it, just in case.
  7. Place your camera the way that your party member's portrait is over a chest. Click on the portrait - both the party memeber will be selected and your previously selected party memeber will start running to open the chest.
  8. Uh, just to clarify. It's got nothing to do with any mods, it appears on perfectly unmodded game. You dismiss an NPC and then attempt to save game or to perform area transition, which results in a failed attempt to auto-save and this hangs the game.
  9. The link to the tool to edit spells is this thread's first post (first line of the post). It should allow you to assign your own particles to spells. As far as I can tell, anything can be done, it's only a matter of how much time it's gonna cost you. At this point, it's not possible to extract and modify scenes yet (disunity doesn't support it yet, or actually it does, but there's a bug that wouldn't let it work with poe scenes). You can change anything programmatically though, so your hands aren't tied.
  10. I'd have to take a look at the .dll for those oses. I'm not interested, though.
  11. Two new things. 1. Figured out how to make a custom options page and fill it with custom options (and they're saved between plays and can affect the game as per their description). This should be useful when people start making mods. 2. Made an in-game GameObject hierarchy browser and components inspector. This is very useful for figuring out what goes where, has what components, has what values, etc. Used to take hours to properly inspect certain things through debug. Now it's instantaneous. Can toggle gameobjects on/off to see if you're on the gameobject that you think you are. Will probably make components' fields editable in the future.
  12. Ok, suffice to say, it's just one of these things... like saying... why do I have to play for 2 hours to kill the boss? Just spawn the boss in front of me and make him a 1hp creature. You'll disagree, but whatever. Inventory management in a certain form is part of the things that create immersion.
  13. Meh. Maybe if some of these features risk making it into the game, I'll voice my concern with more enthusiasm. Right now, just not worth it.
  14. A big NO to 99% of the things you proposed. Looks like you're a skyrim kid, no offense.
  15. Infinitron is without any doubt the most gigantic troll I've ever witnessed in my entire internet life. He knows what he says is wrong, but he keeps writing it just to get you butthurt, cause he can't help it. He's very subtle too, but he went over the top a few times, revealing himself just barely, but sufficiently. I'm constantly amazed at how skillful he is, it's really unbelievable. I've never been so blown away, seriously.
  16. Oh, it also happens with characters' weapons and shields. Not with the characters models, though. So I imagine it shouldn't be happening with their gear. Example:
  17. At some point during zoom out, it SUDDENLY loses all its crispiness. And then at a normal zoom intended for playing it looks extremely blurry. Here it's sufficiently crisp: And then a little zoom out and it's suddenly blurry: This is how crisp it can be at a really close zoom:
  18. Engagement must be considered for its goals and then evaluated on how good it accomplishes them. Goal: allow you penalize enemy NPCs trying to reach for your casters at the back, as well as penalize you for doing the same to the enemy group. I'd like to question this goal: - Why would I even want to reach the casters at the back? They're not as powerful as they were in the IE games, where you HAD to deal with the casters first. - Enemy priests don't even hang at the back, they get into melee. - And enemies don't even try to target and get close to my casters. Anyway, how well Engagement accomplishes its purpose: - Enemy casters can easily be nuked by ranged attacks and spells, I don't even have to go in there with my melee characters, so it doesn't accomplish anything. - I can still go around enemies (avoiding engagement) and reach the enemy casters with my melee characters if that's what I want. Conclusion: engagement is a third wheel. What could be improved: You could change the whole game to accommodate engagement and give it reasonable goals, which is a bit ridiculous, because it should be the other way around, but ok. You could give mages protection from ranged nuking, give AI smarter targeting and make priests hang at the back, and make casters much more powerful so that we'd need to target them first. We all know that's not gonna happen, considering that Josh Sawyer doesn't want mages to be like in BG2. The other option would be to remove engagement. So I'd like it removed. I realize admitting that the system you invented has no purpose is difficult, so I don't think that's gonna happen. I think whatever we do or say, we'll get the game with this useless and annoying mechanic anyway.
  19. If you hover over areas that aren't flat, the cone indicator is displaying incorrectly. The spell however will fire off in a different direction:
  20. 1. Bug #1: Right clicking on any spell on the right page in the Grimoire always brings up a window saying that "you already learned that spell". What it should do is display the spell's description. 2. Bug#2: When in a spell description window, left clicking outside the area of the spell description closes the grimoire, but the spell description persists. What it should do is close the spell description instead. 3. UI Suggestion: You should be able to close the spell description by right clicking on the description page itself instead of dragging your mouse towards the small closeButton. This way inspecting spells is a simple process - right click on the spell, read it, right click again, move cursor 50 pixels on the right and inspect the next spell. Right now, it requires you to move your mouse back and forth for no reason.
  21. 1. Accuracy isn't recalculated (in the Character Sheet, maybe in the game as well) when you swap weapon sets. 2. Accuracy's number is displayed twice in the Char Sheet if you unequip your weapon.
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