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  1. - Anything that draws PoE further away from BG2 is bad, cause less of an "IE Spiritual Successor". Different feels from the game = not ie successor. - Whenever I killed a tough party in BG2, I'd always rush to loot the dead leader, to study his loot. Then go study the mage's loot. Etc.... The whole concept is now gone, as I'll be looking at loot from lots of bodies at the same time not even knowing which body dropped what. - The area looting is slightly immersion breaking, due to it stinking of modern video games mechanisms and simply being irritating on its own. - It takes away choice, however small it may be. I don't want to deal with the loot of everyone I killed, I'm only interested in that goblin shaman's loot, for instance.
  2. The log frame and its background are just one image unfortunately. That being said, it is possible to extract that image (Sensuki extracts things with UnityStudio?), cut out the background in photoshop (or change it) and re-import it as part of the mod. If you provide an image like that, I can try to hook it up.
  3. Yeap that's it! Thanks much! Also for those who care here is a new 720p link. I did some more passes on the UI so I decided to cack the old one and repost a new one. Same naming/text file rules apply. http://i3.minus.com/ibel9Fr7odrtHF.png Hey, looks awesome. I was thinking of making the brown background behind the 2 sets of 6 buttons togglable. Don't know, maybe it could allow you to improve the UI even further by placing some art behind the 6 buttons? To illustrate what I'm talking about: I'll look into it tomorrow, thanks for the png.
  4. I don't have much experience with vector images, but sounds like a cool story. I've seen this functionality a few years ago in some other software and it didn't work very well at all.
  5. - Fixed the last known bug, so here's the v4.0 for all platforms: http://rien-ici.com/iemod/ - Custom frames included in the mod are only available for 1920*1080 resolution at this point. Karkarov said he's going to adapt his frames for other resolutions. As for my own U-frames, you can adapt them yourself if you want from this psd. - Still looking for an artist to draw the buttons, here are the specifications. Recorded a short vid to showcase all latest functionality, but there's almost nothing new if you watched Sensuki's last video about the mod.
  6. In short: - Since Unity (or Ngui?) doesn't scale down images very well, you have to make an image for every resolution (or you don't have to, but then people with those resolutions wouldn't be able to use it) - You have to call your images: yourUiName-1920x1080.png, yourUiName-1280x768.png, etc... Example: http://i.gyazo.com/3adcf232734fde7acede45dc8c2ea4c5.png - For every .png file, you must have a .txt file of the same name. The text file has three lines. First line is the left bar's width in pixels, second line is bottom bar's height in pixels, third line is rightbar's width in pixels. But the image itself is in one block in a simple png-24 bicubic, it can be an L frame, a reverse L frame, a U frame, a _ frame. If there is no left bar in your UI, just use 0 on the first line in the text file. Will release the mod tomorrow so you can test these things in game. I wanted to finish the buttons, but seems like I can't draw anything decent, so we'll have to wait for someone more capable.
  7. Autosave makes a save after you transition to the new area, while it stands to reason that it should save BEFORE you transition to the new area and that's also how it was in the IE games. The reasons why it should save before and not after are numerous and obvious, I suppose this is a bug then?
  8. If you select one character, then another one by clicking on their portrait, both characters will now have active selection circles, even though only one will be selected obviously. If you select characters by clicking on their selection circles, the bug doesn't happen. A short demonstration:
  9. Updated the asset editor in case somebody wants to start tweaking stuff: http://rien-ici.com/iemod/asset_editor (didn't test it though)
  10. No. For instance, they tweaked the boobs size in one patch. Obviously they didn't go through each armor mesh to change the boob size, they just modified the bones on the base female skeleton. Doing it your way would've been extremely inefficient.
  11. Find quality models - rigged, textured, with animations and of the same visual style, then we'll talk about it. Plus they're using some kind of system where different body types use the same skeleton by scaling bones, so that allows them to have 1 armor mesh and 1 running animation to be used on male/female humans/elves/dwarves etc (or do they use morph target? never seen it used for armor). Anyway, good luck trying to make something compatible.
  12. He most likely installed some old outdated version. I lost access to the site where the link is outdated too... the latest version is currently this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62420848/iemod-435-v3-windows.zip https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62420848/iemod-435-v3-linux.zip https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62420848/iemod-435-v3-macos.zip
  13. These are the U-frames you'll be able to chose from in game: BG2 Mosaic Dry Wood Dry Wood Brown Generic Wood Brown Wood Planks Wood Planks Brown Big Stones Medium Stones Polished Granite Scratched Granite Scratched Stone Scratched Stone Blue
  14. In game screenshot of what I'm working on. Buttons on the left side are temporary, they'll be wider like in BG. (just noticed... two characters have bright selection circles when only one is selected - it's a bug)
  15. Everything you're discussing is possible of course, but I'm not going to be the one to do it, maybe someone else might implement it when modding picks up. I've been working on something else for the mod since yesterday, something a lot of people have been asking for. Will show soon.
  16. Yeah, but don't download from there, cause I lost access to that site and it's just old versions there now...
  17. Somebody sent me a macos assembly, so here's the modded version: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62420848/iemod-435-v3-macos.zip Also there's been a little update, so Windows: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62420848/iemod-435-v3-windows.zip Linux: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62420848/iemod-435-v3-linux.zip About the update: Disable Engagement has been reworked and what was an experimental feature is now an actual fully functional mod. Godawful thick circles are removed from the game entirely. Arrows will not be displayed if you tick disable engagement. Enemies now change targets correctly and the overall dynamics are the same as in vanilla. Also since the devs have made circles even thicker now, I made a console command that allows you to change the thickness to your liking. I'd prefer to make a slider in the options, but I'm limited in time. So the console command is SelCircWidth 0.03 (the range of numbers is probably somewhere from 0.01 to 0.05... experiment and see what suits you best...) The thickness will be saved between plays, so you only have to configure it once. Oh yeah, I've also made it thinner by default, so you may not want to change anything.
  18. Linux version v435. Can't test it myself, somebody it a try: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62420848/iemod-435-linux.zip Also, I lost access to the website I usually uploaded these things to (rien-ici.com/iemod), so don't download from there (f*****g drupal... have correct login/password, but can't login).
  19. Windows version for v435 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62420848/iemod-435.zip Unlocking combat inventory also unlocks combat lockpicking. Otherwise, no changes other than that. In case you were using custom UI and have moved the party bar, your portraits will not be attached to the party solid background initially, so hit "Use Default UI", reload the game, and then move things around like you want, everything will be ok.
  20. The combat log isn't getting enough love. Lots of people will be playing with a resized log and it doesn't look good:
  21. Yes you can do this in unity. You can call a function to do whatever arbitrary code you want. Many games do this.http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/animeditor-AnimationEvents.html I don't know whether PoE does this sort of thing or not, but it sounds like you don't know either. I'm just saying that it's possible that changing the animation speed could affect things other than just the visuals. Using delayed invokes like that sounds pretty dicey. That would make interrupts pretty annoying to implement. I mean imagine casting a fireball... castingAnimation.Play(); Invoke("ThrowFireball", castingLengthInseconds); ...and then the character gets interrupted and does not complete the casting. You would have to go and cancel the invoke. Which means you would have to keep track of everything you invoke, in order to know what to go and cancel when you get interrupted. Or have paranoid conditionals everywhere checking if you've been interrupted. Which is a lot more work than just switching to the "interrupted" animation. I just opened the code to give it a glance and if I'm not mistaken - it's the way I described, except replace invokes with Coroutines. There's simply a check for an interrupt - if (interrupted) StopAllCoroutines();. Interesting thing about animation triggers, but it would probably be unwise to use it - let the animators tweak their animations as much as they want and don't force them to make the hit happen on a certain frame, all the syncing would be annoying and time consuming both for them and for you.
  22. Josh Sawyer made it, and the version I posted is not up to date. (i think)
  23. As with all things, the interest wanes eventually. I'll update the mod for the new game versions, but I most likely won't be adding anything new. I already spent around 2 months worth of full time work on it, now the modding framework is available for anyone willing to mod and there are plenty of examples in the code of how to do various things, and I'm always available for questions if somebody is interested in giving it a try. I do have other interests, lol.
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