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  1. He's not assuming anything, it's just a good long term strategy. W2 can turn out to be bad, even if there's 5% of this happening. So with all possible outcomes, this move has the greatest +EV.
  2. Being a bit familiar with this process in a somewhat related area (not gamedev, but close), the best time to raise funds is now. If they wait for W2 to be released, then it can go either way. It can be a genius game and everyone will donate; or it can be a mediocre or a misunderstood title and nobody will donate for a long time (until the public "forgives" ineXile); or it can be somewhere in between. Right now, almost everyone is still excited, Fargo has a huge credit of trust because he received a big funding and hasn't spoiled it yet, so the perfect time is now. After that, they've made two games, at least one is bound to be good, so they can keep working with Kickstarter. At least this is exactly how it works in my area of expertise.
  3. I definitely remember that larger ssd's were slower when I was buying mine, it wasn't just a trend, there was even a technical explanation. I guess they must've overcome it recently.
  4. All those stds... Type using namespace std; after the include, then you can just use cout without specifying which class it belongs to, so without std:: Instead of using cin to avoid the console to close, use system("pause"); Write cases in one line, less lines. Only use do-while when absolutely required, most of the time use a simple while. I know a very good C++ tutorial in French, you'll be able to learn the basics of c++ in 2 hours, then classes in about a day, then polymorphisms etc, then there's even a tutorial for Qt and some 2d graphics library. Know nothing of the sort in English unfortunately. Interested? upd Maybe paste your code on pastebin.com in the future? at least for indentation purposes.
  5. I don't get why WotS won't allow anyone to make a BG3 or a Torment2. That's just pure evil, isn't it?
  6. There is indeed a great variation in performances, so some research is needed when buying one, but most ssd's if not all are handicapped to some extent (apparently only in matters of writes, not reads) when having less than 50% of free space. I've got OCZ Agility 3 and I've literally noticed it when I only had 3gb of free space. Save game's became 3-5 times slower. So slow in fact, I think any hdd would've been faster. When I have 20gbs free or more, I don't notice anything.
  7. Your questions have been answered, but remember this. SSD drives have been conceived in a way that they are extremely fast, but only when they have at least 50% of free space. From that point, the less free space they have, the less faster they get, to the point where at about 10% of free space they're even slower than hard drives.
  8. I don't see what is draconian about steam or how steam spies on customers. I don't use steam a lot, so I've no idea what you two are talking about.
  9. Surely there's the weekend? I'm not even proposing anything, I'm just curious why do you think people wouldn't have time.
  10. How about we try? I admit it's fun to read, but I believe it'd be even more fun to actually play, don't you think?
  11. For this particular LP, I think it's neither? It's just Tigranes playing solo and sharing his experiences (and embellishing and elaborating a bit here and there). All communication happens in this thread. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...................... why?!? Uhhhhhhhh... okay. Wow.
  12. Are you guys using teamspeak or you just text in-game?
  13. I'm curious, are you playing with voice or just text?
  14. I'm going to try playing with a friend of mine over the internet. Does he need to have the same mods as me? If yes, then I suppose sending him my BG2 folder would do the trick? Or does he also need to fix something in the Windows registry for the game to recognize that he's got the same version as me? Or he can just launch the exe file and not minding anything?
  15. Got Hotline Miami from GOG. It's like GTA2 both graphics and fun- wise. It almost cured my gaming impotence for a day. That rarely happens nowadays.
  16. I'm not sure that Fallout Online was intended to be a game and not just leverage against Bethesda. From what I remember, Interplay invested 2 million dollars into the production of FO. Doesn't look like a real budget for an MMO, but it does look like a budget that one would invest in hopes of claiming "lost profits" when settling with Bethesda. Didn't work out as they thought it would, apparently.
  17. I don't suppose mages have more than one role? How long exactly is the queue?
  18. I don't think he's working and this may be quite interesting when you still get paid for years on and on. I think that's the reason.
  19. Wow, I'd love to join, as a mage, human, male, egocentric, what's meta-game role?
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