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  1. Alright, but why do you assume I would crop the top off, as you say, "anyways"? The orlan's ears would be partially cut off. If I was to use your portraits, I'd like to use them as you drew them with these image proportions, instead of cropping stuff out. This isn't about sales, because posting these pictures doesn't imply that they're under CC0. And anyone interested can always use google images to find the author. There is no rational explanation here, simple as that. You have the right to do that under fair use. Please do, people would only benefit from it. Plus, the author isn't against it in the first place.
  2. There is no need for highlighted version as it turned out, just normal version. Also this close to release, I just want to wrap a few things up and that's it, I won't be modding in new things at this point.
  3. :D <3 I was kinda worried, nobody would like that one. Because...you know, orlans being fluffy. Is that 3d? Kinda reminds me of P:T. Thank you. I originally meant to crop them, and add something easier to cut off. But last time I -did- try to crop them, that stuff up there was cut off anyways. (It's up there to be less obtrusive.) I am not 100% sure that is still the case (might have to check), but it made that other exercise kinda pointless. Yes, I do not like posting stuff without my name, I actually don't like -other peoples- paintings without something to indicate their origin either... Especially considering hardly anyone ever bothers to give credit. However, saying that "it defeats of purpose of posting them in a community setting" is somewhat over the top, in my opinion. I mean, it might not be ideal, but seriously ..at worst that makes them non-portrait-ready fanart. That way it just sounds like it would make any signatures or watermarks disqualifying in a community setting.... So you will not remove the watermark, correct? You're only posting these to self-promote, but you emphatically do not want people to use these portraits in game, correct?
  4. I like your portraits, but do you expect people to play with a huge logo of your company on their portrait? Are you going to remove the logo for people to be able to use the portraits?
  5. There's no need for that. Use of a different atlas with completely different dimensions for ui elements can be easily modded in. For now, you can only use the original size. Using a custom atlas is easy to implement, I even did it at some point to experiment, but I just don't want to make a mod for it myself. The game is out soon, I just want to play it and relax. Somebody else will mod it in eventually. There's a dozen templates that I included, just replace one of these, yeah. Nah, no toggle. If people want to use a different atlas, they can replace the png, that's how it works with most games and most mods. I'll include Karkarov's latest atlas in the files, but it won't be the default one most likely. The default one will be a middle ground between his earlier UI version and his latest version.
  6. My code is very different from how they would've implemented it. I suppose they could use the Gameobject Browser code, but it's most likely easier for them to write their own, than to fix/improve mine. So basically it's almost of no use to them. I gave it to them under CC0, and although I doubt they'd ever use it, if they ever did, we'd have access to their improved version anyway, cause we're talking about c# here.
  7. While the idea is interesting, I think most people would play with stock NPCs for their personalities on their first playthrough, so I think vids about optimal builds for each class individually would be much more appreciated. I'm hoping Sensuki will make those, but if you made some as well, I think the more the better. Different approaches = more info. I hope Odd Hermit also makes some as well.
  8. I'm releasing what I hope to be the final version of the mod. The only work I'm planning on doing is adapting the mod for the day-1 patch and then maybe for some later patches. Hopefully Obsidian will release them as rarely as possible, because each update requires a ton of effort. New compared to the previous public version: - Fixed all known mod related bugs. - Added a "Drop items" button in the inventory. - Sensuki asked for the selected portrait highlight to be togglable (it's a background glow). It was added somewhere in late 300s and after codding in a toggle button, I agree that it looks much better without. At least for Kark's frame, which I intend to use. - New Karkarov's frames along with new sizes. Supported resolution for his frames are: 1280x720, 1920x1080, 2560x1440 (this last one needs to be tested). - Karkarov's awesome buttons are in. (the button for that is called Toggle Custom Textures) - The "No Engagement" mod also disables red 'disengagement' cursor. What soon (in the next few days) will follow is custom portrait frames and custom log from Karkarov. It won't require me to release a new version, you'll simply be able to replace a png. In the meantime, I experimented with the log myself and made it more transparent, just to see if it works fine, but this will be overriden by Karkarov's changes in the next few days. I've exposed this texture atlas for modders to work with directly: New version of the mod is available on the mod's site. If you were using an older version, the "Drag Hud" is now "Drag Hud Background", so it only drags that rectangle texture now. Also, due to some changes in the code, the hud buttons and the clock will fall down from where you've put them previously, quite possibly beyond the borders of your screen, so just drag them back up. If you weren't using the mod, this will not occur of course. So tl;dr, this is how it currently looks:
  9. You've been in the "just about to" state for a good half a year. Not criticizing or anything, but it's getting funnier and funnier to read those readiness reports. But yeah, I know what you mean. I find it hard to find time and energy for this thing even though I don't have kids and all that stuff that you do. It's broken like this: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71091-480-bug-with-modified-asset-bundle-behaviour/
  10. I wouldn't say two weeks. After the game is released, I'd say 1-3 days..? Sensuki probably refers to two weeks because he wants to mod some abilities? The problem with that is that as we found out yesterday, modding abilities/afflictions/etc is currently broken. The "no engagement" mod will suffer from it slightly because you'll still have a few (2-3?) engagement related abilities in game and Sensuki won't be able to change them. Still, the "no engagement" mod is optional and if you play with it, just don't pick engagement related abilities I guess, cause they'd be useless or less useful.
  11. This also applies to afflictions. Unless I load a game where one of my characters is currently maimed, any changes to "maimed" will not be used by the game. So if I load a normal game and then get maimed, unmodded values will be used. Without over dramatizing anything, modding is currently broken.
  12. Fixed all of these internally. One was a longstanding bug since the first version actually, was extremely hard to track down because it didn't throw any errors, but Sensuki found the exact way to reproduce it and that solved it. Others were the result of the transition to v480, it was a difficult one.
  13. Yes, it uses the default mesh. I really hate the default mesh. It's pink and looks like a 3 year old kid in blankets. This is the next thing that I want to experiment with. I want to scale down the default loot mesh and give it a brown tint to see how it looks.
  14. Made a "Drop Items" button in the inventory. Found it annoying that I couldn't get rid of items unless I could find a container. Now you can just drop stuff on the ground and pick it back up if you want. Or just leave it there if it's junk. Will be available in the next version. I guess. It's more down to earth kind of thing, no creatures from other planes or stuff like that. Lots of stuff that I guess you could find in swamps and caves... Not a big fan of that, but I can't say that it's not diverse. There ARE lots of types of spiders unfortunately. I'm somewhat arachnophobic and there are 8 types of spiders out of 70 types of creatures (LOTS of which are repeated a lot... like skeleton mage, skeleton rogue, skeleton this and that...). So many spiders. Ugh.
  15. Anyone's who wants to get some new content, I recommend you type UnlockBestiary (if you're not using the mod, type in "Iroll20s" first) in the console and then check out a bunch of pencil art (stylized to look like it) that they drew for each type of monsters (Journal -> Cyclopedia -> Bestiary), and a bunch of descriptions (scroll down for those).
  16. Updated the mod for windows. Linux and mac won't be available for this version. Added functionality to hide buttons background so they'd fit into Karkarov's Ui very well. Custom buttons were drawn by Karkarov, but that's for the next version. As for the frames, I only included the new KarkarovB I think, KarkarovA is the old one, but Karkarov's updated it I think and maybe even sent it to me, I just lost it in all the fuss (sorry). It's only 1920*1080 for now anyway. 1. Doesn't sound important, so I'll have to say no. Swamped with other mod related things right now. 2. It's supposed to be a mod that improves game experience, it's not for little pranks. I would cut out Activision out of VtM:B's logos because they ruined Troika, but Paradox did nothing like that to anyone, as far as I know.
  17. So yeah, ran into a serious problem at the very end. Mod is delayed till it's solved.
  18. Heh, actually, you'd have pretty hard time guessing which loot bag you took a look into and which you didn't with a 3m radius mechanic. Another example of why this mechanic is bad.
  19. Tons of skipping. By looking at this screenshot, I know immediately there's nothing of value on the ground.
  20. You can try to rip the log out with photoshop, I guess. If you do that, make sure it's without tabs. You can send me your version of buttons, I'll have to develop a system similar to the custom frame's system for the buttons then. Yes, major changes will always be optional.
  21. I have a Josh-style fix. Why don't we improve area looting with auto-looting, and then whenever you find items that are superior to your equipment, they are automatically equipped, and inferior items are automatically converted into gold. That'd solve a lot of the looting problems. Also, let's make looting not require clicking even once, it's done automatically by the game after the fight is finished. And fights should be resolved automatically, at least make an option for that for god's sake, cause all the clicking, ugh...
  22. Oh, another aspect lost in transition, by the way. I liked to see what was in the loot bag more or less before looting. Icons for scrolls, weapons and armor - all of that gone and replaced with 1 generic loot bag.
  23. I'll try to update the mod today. Have you seen the codex thread with the specifications? That's all I have at the moment. Also the mod isn't using them at all right now, it'll be implemented when there are buttons to work with.
  24. Impressions from the new version: - Improved main menu music. - More ear pleasing button sounds in the main menu and options. - More UI sounds in game (and they're good). - Gone is the horrible inventory sound that made my ears bleed - it's replaced with a soothing sound. - Party characters voices have a nice little echo added to them. - The volume for inventory items being picked up and dropped off was lowered down (good). The game sounds much much better than before. It's like they changed their sounds guy or something. Really, hats off to whoever did it.
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