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  1. Ok, for a perfect sound sync, there is a possibility to trigger a sound at a certain frame in the animation, but only in Unreal. Not in Unity, so it's simply synced in the code. As for triggering a "hurt" animation or applying damage - this has nothing to do with animation in any engine, you just always call these things in the code. >So if for instance the code waits for the completion of the attack animation before beginning the recovery cooldown timer, then speeding up the animation would cause you to get more attacks per time period. And potentially have other unforeseen effects if the devs did not account for that animation speed variable not always being 1. No. Animationclip's length doesn't affect the game rules, the game rules dictate that the attack's length depend on other things (see image below), not on animation. Animation is entirely independent and it's simply called to be played when the attack happens as a visual representation of what's going on. What most likely happens in the code when the attack is called is something like this: attackAnimation.Play(); Invoke("DisplayRecoveryBar", attacksLengthInseconds); After the attack animation has played out, it'll automatically go into combat idle animation. So doesn't matter what speed you give to the attack animation clip.
  2. No, Unity (to my knowledge) doesn't even support capsule colliders for body parts depending on the skeleton out of the box, only Unreal does (physics asset). Anyway, it's not coded the way you think and it wouldn't make any sense to do it that way - it's not Dark Souls.
  3. To be honest, animation is my weakest point, as I really truly genuinely hate everything animation-related. After a few seconds of googling, it appears that there is a simple way to control its speed. Never tried it, but it must be it according to the description, so yeah, what you're asking is probably doable.
  4. >Option to remove penalties from Armour. This one is particularly interesting to me, since I want to play a wizard and I hate the fact that it's better to play a naked wizard, than a robed one right now. IE games didn't have any penalties on robes, and it's just ridiculous that a naked mage's recovery time is faster than a robed one. I want my wizard to have a robe for god's sake, he's a wizard, not a nudist. It's doable. >Unlimited gold for Merchants (exit and re-entering a shop resets the Merchants gold anyway. Give merchants unlimited gold or at least a LOT of gold to avoid resetting it all the time). I'd much prefer merchants' gold not being reset and having them accumulate it gradually when you leave, than them always having heaps of gold. I hope they'll fix it themselves. I know that's not how it was in the IE games, but that's how it was in the Fallout games :3 Anyway, merchants with unlimited gold may simply break the economy of the game. Would have to play the entire game to have a solid opinion on this option. >Vertical Portraits on side of screen Doable. >Map Transition anywhere on side of map. I wouldn't do it, for quite a few reasons. It's difficult to do, it may be game breaking in certain areas (we don't know, we need to see the entire game), and it just makes more sense to travel by road. Plus, some encounters might be set up this way (between you and the road), as well as some other things. Some areas, quests or situations may be specifically designed assuming you can't transition anywhere. >Drop items on ground. Doable. >Stealth for individual party members. No idea if it's doable. >Healing Spells and Potions to cure Health. Doable. >Unlimited Rest supplies It's just cheese, isn't it? I'd like to see an option for "rest anywhere" though. Anyway, both are doable. I'm not working on the mod right now though, so I'm unlikely to do any of it. The mod is open source, so anyone willing to step up will be able to add these things quite easily.
  5. Doesn't. Thank god there's a way to turn them off.
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot about those. I'll correct it in the next version.
  7. Quantics also had custom buttons that were unresponsive, but after exiting to main menu and reloading, it worked ok. Try that. Don't know why it happens sometimes to some people.
  8. Oh, so it's macos then, I assumed it was a linux dll. Anyway, macos version that apparently works: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62420848/MacOSAssemblyPatched.zip
  9. Her def is 156, which is 3 times higher than expected, and makes her unkillable. I asked Sensuki and he says her def is 47 in his game. Bug?
  10. If you don't want the middle menu, you can just drag it out of the screen. And if you absolutely need the minimize buttons, you can use the mod without activating custom UI, since it's completely optional. But I don't think I'll ever restore the minimize buttons in custom UI myself though. You'd even have to make 2 on each side, depending on where your UI elements are, and it's just not worth the all the trouble, since log is pretty important anyway. The sources are open though, anyone could very well extend the mod to support minimalist ui. Sure, add me on steam. However I'm not sure I want to do solid UI until I see what Obsidians come up with. And I'm not sure the IE type solid UI would look well, considering that we're now in the wide screen era and the log would be too wide, and action bars in poe are different from how they were in IE games. A few things would have to change.
  11. Here is a link to my Assembly dll (OSX): https://www.dropbox.com/s/otdby7pil8ipv4a/Assembly-CSharp.dll?dl=0 It would be great if you could give it a try Ok I'll look into it over the weekend. Don't hesitate to remind me in case it slips my mind.
  12. Two simple things I could do: 1) Make them draggable individually. 2) Perhaps I could make them align vertically, but then the functionality of swapping their positions would be lost. I understand people's desire for vertical portraits, because that's how it used to be in IE games, but its impracticality is also blatant, considering the amount of mouse movement it would require, since action bars are horizontal and therefore would be quite far away from the portraits. I'm curious, would you seriously use vertical portraits and not care about the distance between portraits and action bars?
  13. Alright, two things: 1) Forget motion capture lol, it's not something that produces final animation files. As far as I know, half of them end up being unusable, the other half needs serious work. You can make animations easily yourself in Maya, you don't need to buy all that motion capture crap for that. 2) If you want to modify current animations, try to export .fbx files with disunity, get them into maya and modify them, then I can attempt to hook them up to the game and replace current animations with them.
  14. 1) I'm not a UI artist. 2) I don't know how Ngui interracts with 4.6 UI, but probably not well at all, so it won't be useful in that particular case.
  15. IE games didn't have "rest anywhere" by default, mods added that, but yeah, it's easy to do, so I added it to the list. >a list should be made for everything IE that's missing from PoE and have it put in the game I was thinking of making a trello list (cause they're pretty cool) and getting people to vote for issues that they think should be addressed first, but then I remember the number of downloads and the consequent fact that it'd look pathetic with 2-3 votes.
  16. 1. Select a few characters. 2. After rightclicking on a party memeber's selection circle and holding the RMB down, drag the mouse over to another party member's selection circle, then release. This will result in random characters being randomely selected and/or unselected. Doesn't always happen, but at least in 50% cases it does. If you can't reproduce it, place the characters a bit differently and try again.
  17. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69812-392-tavern-painting-on-the-second-floor-is-bugged/
  18. They lose interest in you, it seems, if they can't reach you for just a moment. Or maybe for some other reason, I don't know. In this vid I'm going to close a door in their face and 2 hostile NPCs will decide to turn back and casually walk back to their room, and a few others won't even try to reach my party... Only 2 out of all of them will keep fighting: In this next video you'll see that after killing BB Rogue, two of them will be like "ok we're done here, I'm going home". (no doors involved) And in this vid you'll see the wolf do a moonwalk for some reason.
  19. It passes through walls in certain places and while doing it, also teleports a short distance ahead sometimes. I cast it 4 times in that corridor, 2 times out of 4 it bugged.
  20. Steps to reproduce: 1. Beat your mage (with your party members) till he's got 1hp left (so 1 true hp and 1 stamina) 2. Save game 3. Exit to main menu 4. Reload that game => After a second or two, you'll receive a death screen. I reproduced it again just to be sure and recorded the process while doing it, so just in case here's the vid.
  21. Also, I hope you're aware of the fact that the log is bugged, generally speaking. Messages often being displayed at incorrect height, jumping up and down, etc...
  22. Only affects combat log, the other tab is displaying text correctly. The red rectangle shows the unused space:
  23. By the way, multiplayer can be modded in. It's just that not a lot of people played IE games in multiplayer, it's a single player game, so I'm not sure somebody would be willing to go through all the trouble.
  24. >tilesets No tile sets, their terrains are 3d meshes with smaller 3d objects on them, they render it and save it as an image to use for background. You can make a background image using the same process if you want. If you do just that, you won't have dynamic shadows and some other stuff, but you'll still have a decent custom location. >super high end 3d super duper applications It doesn't matter what they use because: a) you don't access to their 3d assets to modify them b) even if you had, nothing would've stopped you from using blender if that's your desire, the .obj file format is used across all 3d software You can execute whatever scripts you like and whenever you like with the modding framework that I've released. If you want to inject a script that would read a custom file corresponding to a map on load map and make certain adjustments to certain creatures, you can do that easily. You wanna do it? You can then write a basic "creature editor" that would generate such files. All in all, a day's worth of work at most.
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