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  1. I also think it's cool that people behind the making of the games are getting more exposure due to the kickstarter model. It paves the way for the pocket protector rock star of the future. lol
  2. The reason I say hidden is because of basically one thing. There are people who play games not to ... play them, but to "game the game" or go after achievements and treat the game they are playing as some sort of weird trophy item. Then there are also people who for whatever reason hate alignment, probably because they only ever see it done wrong. Ultimately the idea is about allowing the player to create the character they want, giving the game a way of reacting to that character in a "reasonable" way, making npc's slightly more "real", and just helping to immerse you in a game without
  3. Well thought out, overall good post. I like and agree with all of your ideas, except the part about making all the stats hidden. I don't see a need for that.
  4. No. If you don't like reloading when something goes wrong, then don't. Others don't have time to play through a game more than once or twice. Some people would prefer to have the experience they're looking for the first time through. I don't think there is any logical reason to stop them from being able to do that. If this was an "optional only" setting that you could select at the beginning of the game to keep yourself from yielding to temptation, I would support it. However, barring that, see the first word of my post.
  5. It does. You level up and get skill points to spend. That is representative of you gaining that experience. If you choose not to invest points in lockpicking, then it is YOU who decide that your character didn't learn anything from the lockpicking he did leading up to that. This argument doesn't carry any weight against the lockpicking skill point investment at all, unless you're arguing for a system which completely takes away "skill points" in favor of a system that let's you get better at ALL skills by using them. And while I do like the idea of a system that let's you get better at ski
  6. And who in their right mind would -believe- you when you said, "I have this map worth ten thousand gold..." Certainly sounds like a scam to me.
  7. Now would be a perfect time to lock this thread.
  8. The thing is, what "class" is an assassin then? Ultimately, this argument doesn't hold weight when compared to the rest of your post. If rogues have sneak attack, which you say they should, then along with their other skills, they are the class most ideally suited to be an assassin. I'm not saying EVERY rogue needs to be built this way. Rather, I'm saying that giving people the choices on how they want to play/make their character should be a major priority. Let's take a look at what an assassin needs skill-wise, versus what a thief needs. Assassin Required Skillset: A method of at
  9. I'd like to just get off of this subject completely. I actually enjoyed the debates going on in this thread until it got hijacked by religion. Gods exist in the game. Religion exists. Atheism likely doesn't exist because people know that the Gods exist. If previous games are any indication, then there will likely be characters that don't worship any particular deity. There really isn't a debate to be had about it. Whatever they're going to do with it, they'll do with it, and it will likely be fine. Even if there ARE details to debate, this thread really isn't the place to do it. If you're
  10. and his competitors would raise their prices. At first, this idea sounds brilliant. While this is a realistic assumption based on real markets, assuming the pool of competitors is small enough, I don't think it should apply here on much of a noticeable scale. There are several reasons for this. First, in an RPG, there are several things that are to be considered abstractions. One of those things, as represented in a "big" city in a game, is it's merchants. Sure, mechanically, you may only have the option of purchasing weapons from 1-3 merchants in a town. However, this is simpl
  11. Actually, it'd be less work than that if you grouped weapons together that were used in the same way. For instance, a handaxe and a machete are two different weapons that are functionally used in exactly the same way. Both are single-handed, chopping-only types of weapons. Therefore the abilities and animations associated with their use wouldn't have to be different. Further, single-handed weapons that had both chopping and thrusting capability could share -some- animations with those as well, narrowing the number of animations that need to be created. Basically, I don't think we need to o
  12. I'm normally all for more options, but this one, I think I could do without. I may be incorrect here, but even in "Ironman" mode, if you die, I think you can restore to the beginning of your play session. I think all ironman mode does is disable you being able to save your game except when you quit. Which, really, if that's what it is, it should be renamed inconvenience mode, because all you have to do to override the system is quit the game, restart, and load from your previous save. If, on the other hand, their ironman mode is truly a "die and start over" situation, then that's cool, and
  13. Freaking Gizmo?!?! lol, I'd love to see this race in a game. Maybe they have an inherent racial ability to turn into gremlins once a day.
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