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  1. If you still be in need of rouge you can swap my blade with thief - probably that two weapon wielding kit. You can choose personality as you want. I imagine him lazy as hell. Only reason to move forward is fatloot or vision of taver wench.And he is scared of dark and vampires because he seen in mad (psychadelic moshrooms) dream he saw Buffy serial for 4 hours stright make him scream in horror because he fought it will never end. Ok now I am too far, just make him how you wish
  2. Good, I am happy that I am now not the last one in the line
  3. Haha that would be good for me, but there are still like 7 people in line before me
  4. Great, so put me on waiting list please! Human- Chaotic Neutral - Blade. As I see waiting list is quite big not much chance but still a little one
  5. Bumping old thread just to get into party for BG2 walkthrough, hope we will seen it soon!
  6. I thought I had baited you enough for you to explain why monks should be in there. Differentiation is exactly the issue, I feel the monk can do nothing that another class couldn't/ shouldn't do. The 'moving around the battlefield quickly' idea is ok but then that could be a rogue too. They actually have movement abilities (like HiPS). I'm simply not buying the 'monks could be based on Christians' line of thinking. They're too obviously Eastern. Christian knights (i.e. Templars) are usually represented by Paladins. To be honest, there are as many reasons to have them monks in as there is unlimited reasons why not. Its always only matter of taste. An oh: What he can do what other class cant? are you joking? So we will be sitting with warrior and mage and we are set to go, because other classes can swing a sword or cast a spell so why to bother with them? xD
  7. I would add that mechanic should be that when character get into fight he can simply drop torch on the ground to keep light up - another strategic layer is that you have to keep your party where you can see
  8. I think that main think that ranger have to some unique mechanic to step aside from barbarian/warrior/thief. Yes wilderness bonuses are must but it would criple ranger in rest part of a game and it can be 3/4 of game indoors/caves. So Bow - yes ranger should probably be master of bow - even when I am not big fan of them but bow can be used by warrior as well. Melee fighting - I think ranger should be quite good at swordfighting, maybe with dualwield (especialy dagger in off-hand) and spears! (I hope they make spearfighting viable option as in most IE games spears are soo weak) Sneak - This makes much sense as well as ranger is somehow scout - I would call it camouflage for ranger and enable it only in outdoors locations, but still thief is master here. BeastMastery - On other hand rangers pet is quite unique mechanic for ranger (ok I know druids are even better at this but i think that druid have much more unique posibilities than ranger so I would leave pet to him) and I would like posibility to focus on beastmastery. But this is hard to implement, in most RPGs I played animal companion were in better situation distraction, in worser situation hindrance Monsters Lore - this could be real unique mechanic for ranger - it should be similiar to favoured enemy, but instead of choosing it, ranger should gain more bonuses against monster type depending on how many he already slain. It would make sense that when ranger meet new monster he dont know how to deal with him better than other class, but he study his pray and learn his weakness so next time he would be prepared. It would make him great at cleaning cannon fodders and not too overpower when fighting more unique monsters
  9. I like how first Alien vs Predator game got that tension feeling because you never can clear level completly. New alien were still spawning so there was no safe place and you still have to be on the move. It completly remove feeling that you are safe when you clear room. I know that its not isometric game but I think that this could applz to any game pretty well
  10. This not going to happend. This is why PS:T was not such big 'comercial' success as other more fighting oriented RPGs. It was great in sense of atmosphere an dialogues (this is what makes good roleplay) but missed more complex combat system (read gameplay) for good RPG you need all these elements balanced (Role Playing Game(play)) I don't mean that fight is not important part, i meant that storyline, gameworld shoud be main par for eternity only backed by fights ... if you like fight il sudest Diablo 3 hack and slash ... Its like you tell that ToEE or IWD were not good games because they got good combat... and even when i love Diablo, like Diablo II I HATE D3
  11. This not going to happend. This is why PS:T was not such big 'comercial' success as other more fighting oriented RPGs. It was great in sense of atmosphere an dialogues (this is what makes good roleplay) but missed more complex combat system (read gameplay) for good RPG you need all these elements balanced (Role Playing Game(play))
  12. Of course that I am following my dreams? Who are you that you are following dreams of someone else? Jeez. And I am not saying that I will not play game because I dont like look of one race? Ha. And why are there forums If I dont post my opinions about it? And why would Obsidian public these arts if they dont want us to discuss it? And I am not forcing my opinion to anyone. I got better opinion about you Osvir..
  13. Yeah exactly my feeling. If they are fish people they should be less humanoid, no boobs, cold-blooded, fins instead of skin, no groin? alien faces etc... here is one example (just for inspiration, not completly same) http://gw2bydc.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/q2.jpg http://i382.photobucket.com/albums/oo268/CathrinMoon/krait2.png but I agree that these are little bit too bestial
  14. From look of art it doesnt resemble (make sense) that they are connected to oceans. If I overlook that fact that humans on islands doesnt evolve much differently (visage/body) that humans on land and then that these guys are from islands where their race evolve over all these years they still doesnt look different enough from common humans to be their own race. But its only MY opinion and I am completly fine if you like them. And personaly I dont see any shark-fin. But its only WIP and a lot can change during development cycle.
  15. Honestly it doesnt make any sense that they would be affected by oceans. Logicaly no race evolve in such small area as coast of Dyrwood so we can expect that they live in other areas of world as well. So lets say that there are Dyrwood clan which have affinity for water. Personaly I dont see much connection to water in their look. To Osvir If I show you banana and tell you that its orange you can call it orange all day but we all know its banana.
  16. Personaly I was expecting more from Amuaua. From these 2 concept arts they look like half-orc so why not call them half-orcs when they even fill same role/style (stronger and larger humans)
  17. Ahhh! Fresh meat!!!!! good one mstark. Stil love him even now when i think its not so scary after you slay him 100x times
  18. I think hollywood ruined horrors with films like Saw etc. For me horror is fear of uknown, fear from what can happend? what will I do? what will I see? Today everyone need tons of blood and severed limbs and thinks that its horrific. No its not, its only disgusting. I can't watch Saw because I am frightened from it? No I cant watch it because I would puke
  19. First horror games was from isometric perspective. Even Gorky 17 was rpg horror with isometric And exactly how horrified did you feel? How horrified did you feel when watching Birds from Hitch****?
  20. ^^^^^^^ i can second that. Gorky got great atmosphere. But most 'horror' like where boss cutscenes.
  21. I am all for horror and dark atmosphere, especialy in creepy dungeons and alike. I want darkness and when I say darkness its dark and full of horrors. Thats why I really like idea of light radius/ torches. Darkness improves tension drasticaly. For example how scary is if you know that you stand in large room and 50 meters far away from you is goblin rushing at you X you standing in dark area, your torch enlighten only few meters of your vision and light of it blinding you and you hear creapy noises and movment in darkness? I almost see how hero dropping sweat from his forehead. And then BAAM freaking small goblin. On other hand this is more about atmosphere and tension as I count not imagine too much how isometric view can make you scared or frightened. Its more about tension that you dont know what will happend next, if you have enough supplies to get out etc.
  22. I think that GW2 make it great that each profession have different skills with same weapon. That way you can clearly distinguish different use of profesions even with same weapon or combat style. I know its MMO and combat is much more action oriented but one thing they done right is how greatly they distinguish each class for its own uniquenes, http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/List_of_ranger_skills http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/List_of_thief_skills
  23. Without absolutly no info about classes i would choose Ranger or Barbarian or Druid because I like nature based classes. If ranger is too focused on bows then druid or Barbarian as i dont like ranged weapons too much. Than I am interested in rogue or monk for talking. Then I would like to try some magic user so it will be wizard or cipher. Rest of classes are quite meh for me. I particulary hate divine classes (priest, paladin) or generic warriors.
  24. Yeah I liked Soul Reaver as well and it could fit nicely to PE. I dont remeber it too much but he was 'classic' vampire, they cast him away and he become 'Soul Vampire' and hunt other vampires? Anyway it was great game
  25. Where exactly? Barren mountains, tropic islands, jungles or deserts are horribly biased toward Northern hemisphere? Ok then... and as I stated before poll can contain only 10 answears thats why we missing savanas and plains. Other than that I think I capture most of enviroments (of course not all)
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