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  1. Maybe a geographically episodic skyrim like game could work, Imagine a game as big as the dlc Dragonborn, every 6 months the release another island/plan of existence/duchy (or whatever contrivance they use to explain the game) Each separate episode could have a main quest and side quests resolved within it plus a deeper main quest that carries over. yeah that could work. Personally I would love something with deep characters and factions of Obsidian coupled with the graphics, vistas and broad scope of a TES game. I also think they seeing the still quite impressive New Vegas sale numbers and community support plus the Eternity kickstarter success that publishers would love to do a deal with Obsidian.
  2. When i said Skyrim was celtic...ish I was just remembering the art/design work on banners/inns etc. Of course Nord culture is very Norse itself. But in retrospect I get what your'e saying, Ok i'll rephrase myself - I have enjoyed North European pre christian inspired culture and art styles in fantasy but I think I've had my fill for now.
  3. Anything except for another Celtic inspired fantasy, I mean I love Skyrim, Lord of the Rings etc but I think celticness and its byproduct of using Irish/Scottish and regional English accents in fantasy games has run its course, time to move on maybe.
  4. I want to suggest some simple functions to the menu, some of them from the total war series, some for the Civ series that i love Game menu options - Save current game and exit to desktop -Load current game I would also love a desktop shortcut to current save
  5. Well i dont know about J-pop but I do think there shouldn't be this automatic Fantasy must have European medieval/classical music straight-jacket either. I want to suggest that different ethnic.races have very different music Like for example Sagani? people could be south american wind pipes while another race might like japanese drumming
  6. Save and Exit to desktop from game in one click. Continue from last save desktop shortcut.
  7. I like Cadegund armor, it sits in this happy medium between bikini armor enthusiasts and the just give them mens armor crowd. I also think that as you went up the class ladder you would find that women (and men ) with more income/status would add decorations, even feminized touches like slightly molded breast plates to their armor.
  8. Yes i agree with some of the posts above, screenshot / something showing what the gameplay will actually look like, combat animations, how detailed the armour and faces will be, zoom in/out limits. But Im guessing this kind of thing is still 6 months? away Personally I dont need more lore stuff, I will pick that up as i play and explore (and read the wiki after i finish the 1st playthru)
  9. Not that exotic but I would love Flails to be in the game. oh and shuriken.
  10. Normal and weak FTW! Becoming OP is usually the time I start a new play-through actually.
  11. I thought the Dragon age origins puzzles were ok actually. I mean some were a bit easy and some required a bit of thought. I see some people here bragging how they were too easy but I have to disagree, and I really liked the word puzzles in the sacred ashes quest, true it would have been better without the multiple choice answer system but thats unavoidable I think for a word puzzle, They were required main quest puzzles so they had to be solvable by the overwhelming majority. Im ok with much harder puzzles but only to unlock optional loot rooms for example. Now Skyrim's puzzles are the prime example of how not to do it (sorry skyrim, i still love you) They were overly simplistic and dull.
  12. Yeah , I have to give a shout out to Aloth's magic too. Its dark, sneaky and a bit disgusting. I love the look. Hopefully the other wizard will be a serial womanizer with a secret snuff addiction to round out his character and give him some edge.
  13. The later Sagani is the brown colored artwork while the earlier one is the shorter snow pic right ? hmm i preferred the the second version then , thought it was less typical LOTR dwarf and more inuit / kalahari bushman look. Edair, the only thing I would say about him is he looks a bit soft and looks like he has had an easy life, give him some world weariness and lose a few kilos, or is he meant to be a well off human from the upper class? Aloth looks ok, I like that he has long hair and that the magic looks to be a bit disgusting rather than clean floating white sphere look. Fortan looks to be a nutcase, but in a good way. I think its great that he is older, but still ripped and ready for some up close and personal martial arts. I would make the tattoos on the arms and back rather than the belly button mind you. Hopefully the tattoos have magical meanings and different "rune" tattoos will be on his body depending on how you level/spec him. Cagegund, looks great, really hit the spot of attractive but in no way fan service hot. The only other thing i can think to add is that ediar, fortan and cagegund are all pretty caucasian looking, hopefully we can get something else for the next human companion. OH yeah, i like fat wizards too, he spent his days reading magic texts and munching on sweet shrimp cakes, of course he wont be ripped.
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