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  1. to get the bartender to sell u some u need to hear, while invisible, a conversation between a pair of thugs planning to rob Vogga.
  2. the txt patch is available for english also, I just downloaded it.
  3. I had this problem, but i just goofed up talking to her. I get it with Kriea and Vivas in first person but not my character. So, it must be easy to mess up talking and not get it.
  4. I don't remeber seeing Malachor V blown up as the ebon hawk left. It did seem to change, maybe, be no explosion. Wasn't goto there to prevent the remote from setting off the explosion?
  5. I thought the game was VERY GOOD, it didn't suck. It had a few bugs and my game only froze a couple of times. If u want a buggy game on release, then play daggerfall, or one that likes to crashs among other things, Morrowind, but both were very good games.
  6. I enjoyed the end game, but i did miss having a cut scene and the end of the game. Of course i would like to know it Malachor was blown up or not, and how they got off the planet because a cut scene the ebon hawk being destroyed. The surface of Malachor could of looked a lot better. The sith academy looked good but no way to access any library material. I did notice there was a meditation chamber and west wing cells that could be seen by a dot denoting there location but no way to access them, disapointing. Overall, I enjoyed the whole game, and the ending left an opening for a KotOR 3. Hopefully, Obsidian or Bioway will do it and not LA. Just because LA decided not to do it in house doesn't mean they having choosen someone to do it. We just don't know if KotOR 3 will be done until some says yes and says NO to put a stop to the rumors. Given the games success, I think and hope there will be anyother KotOR. With a new engine please, take a look at Oblivion pics.
  7. The handhaiden is always taking off the head gear that i put on her, very annoying!!
  8. i will be buying NWN 2, i thing they will do a very good job on it. If they are doing KotOR 3, yes I will, I am enjoying KotOR 2 very much. Any other game, it depends on what the game is. I am not inot massing multy player games or first person shooters. I like fanatsy games: Elder scrolls, Might and magic, Wizardry, etc.
  9. Prolog, graphics were poor IMO Mining colony, very cool place Citidal Station, It was okay, but i wish there was more area to explore Telos, cool place, the ocean washing up on the beach looked really cool. The Jedi enclave could of been bigger and I wish i had a chance of looting the Jedi artifacts stored there when i got there or being able to come back at a later time NarSaddaa, seemed fully developed with lots of quests to do, best in the game in this requard. I wish they had been able to finish the sublevel of the military based so i could explore it. Dantoina, okay, but could of been bigger. Should of been able to finish redemption quest even if u had a light saber when u first showed up on the planet. Korriban, disappointing. It looked like they ran out of time and didn't develop it. Hardly anything to do there. dxon, very cool place with a good amount of things to do. Loved the fog, especially the way the fog hugged the ground. Ondonar, good, but wished there was more to do there.
  10. a minor but annoying bug, when u goto different areas my off hand light saber, a short lightsaber, is off while my main light saber is on.
  11. i took kreia and the tech guy. kreia for destroy droid force power, and an expert with computers and demolition.
  12. small bug on nar shaddaa because i took out goto's ship before talking to vogga the hut. a refuge couple wants to escape the planet but fassaa says they can't because of goto's raiding of vogga's freighter and i should talk to him. but he will hire the refugee pilot now that goto is no longer raiding voggaa's freighters. I talk to vogga and he thanks me for seeing to it the goto will no longer raid his ship, and he agrees to help out on the telos fuel. 2 locked doors in the dock area near fasssaa, and no option to pick them. is visas, the sith assassin suppose to max out to the light side shortly after joining the team, my character is maxed out to the light side. also involving fassaa, he asks me to prioritize 3 ships coming in and he is having a problem because the 3 pylons aren't online at the same time. I got them online before talking to fassaa, but the pylons reset after i talked to him, but the control panel near fassaa didn't reset, so i can't get all 3 pylons on at the same time. I am enjoying the game, very much, so far. Good Going
  13. vivas mar joined my team, but even though i haven't left the planet she is maxed out to the light side, just like my character. Should this be happening or is this a bug?
  14. I found the path finding by the npcs in my party much better. no one stands around and i don't have to wait for him/her to catch up when i want to leave an area. otherwise i agree with u
  15. the only problem i have is TSL deflauts to windowed mode and i have to manually change it to full screen.
  16. why not go look for some crystals in the cave? the jedi enclave is too obvisious a place to hide.
  17. I got mine from ups at 1:12 PM pst, put in my computer and started install at 1:15 PM and finished my install by 1:25 PM. Then I had to go to work Now, I will go and play it, bye
  18. not yet, but ebgames and ups say that i will recieve it thursday.
  19. correct me if i am wrong, but attributes start out at 8 and u get 30 points to distribute. And isn't the system a weighted system also.
  20. let the xboxers be the beta testers :D , we benefit with less bugs Too bad LA pushed KotOR 2 out the door early, it would of been nice to see that robot factory/planet.
  21. KotOR 1 had less problems with the Nvdia drivers than with the ATI drivers. So, I would get a Nvdia card, but then I've always gotten Nvdia cards; I'm not impartial. "
  22. I would like to see some KotOR 2 Icons that I could use for my shortcut to KotOR 1.
  23. I would like to see some KotOR 2 Icons that I could use for my shortcut to KotOR 1.
  24. if the gamespot article is correct, then the gurdian and sentinel get the same # of feats, 8, up to level 15.
  25. maybe u can only get your lightsaber if u are female, the last handmaiden only joins u if u are male.
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