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  1. KotOR 1 & 2 fixes @ lucas Forums would be a good place to try. The info here got KotOR2 running on my rig.
  2. also try this link to the lucas forums vista fixes for kotor 1 & 2 @ lucas forums
  3. kotor fixes from lucas forums it also includes an ini fix too, * First, figure out where the .ini is installed. Default is "C:\Program Files\Lucasarts\swkotor(2)\swkotor(2).ini". If its not in that location, then your going to have to do some searching around on the hard drive a bit. * When you find it, just double-click on the file to open it in Notepad. * Scroll down the file until you find the Graphics Options * Under the last line ("last line" as in the last line of the list of entries under "Graphics Options", NOT the last line of "swkotor(2).ini), add "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1", without the quotes. * Goto File, then Save.
  4. if u went from ati to nvdia, then u should get a driver cleaner to remove all traces of the old driver, and then install the new driver.
  5. try this thread at lucas forums: KotOR 1& 2 Vista fixes
  6. i went to the ini and changed fullscreen=1 to fullscreen=0, but the game still plays in full screen mode. I have a wide screen lcd, so the game looks off and want to try window mode to see if it looks better.
  7. link to lucas forums for ati driver issues with KotOR
  8. try this thread, KotOR 1 + 2 Vista fixes thread also, try adding "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" in the graphics section. there are many good suggestions for installing and getting KotOR 2 to run under vista including: install under compatability mode, get new .exe from securecom - link is in the thread, use nhancer to create profile to force opengl to version 1.4, replace mss32.dll, and more.
  9. there is also a nice thread at the lucas forums on kotor and vista vista fixes KotOR 1 + 2 Vista Fixes, and included on the 2nd page is a line to add to the kotor ini file under graphics "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" and that solved my kotor 2 problems, black screen at the main menue. in the thread is a DL link for several items including dx9 to run along side of dx10, mss32.dll, securecom also suggested there is nhancer and use it to create kotor 2 profile with opengl forced to 1.4 i used forced software sound, crashed in spite of using alchemy.
  10. try this thread at the lucas forums: kotor 1 + 2 vista fixes if u r running vista. U didn't state your o/s. on the 2nd page is a line to add to the kotor ini file under graphics if u r using a nvidia graphics card.
  11. kotor uses direct sound and vista doesn't support it iirc from creative alchemy site: Knights of the Old Republic 2Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window). DirectSound3D Yes [Knights of the Old Republic 2] RegPath=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LucasArts\KotOR2\Path so your problem may be sound don't install kotor in the program files folder, it's protected and limits things like patches and stuff. from another thread, hope this helps vista tech help linky
  12. iirc they r on rc1, so i expect it to be released, but i don't know when. Just go and play kotor games or something else. I am playing sp HGL and fallout 3 with all 3 DLCs and in abt 2 weeks point outlook DLC is coming out. I am sure u have other games that u play, so go play them.
  13. how does over-playing the game cause bugs to appear, just curious? glad to hear the mod is moving right along.
  14. i'm glad that they are finding these bugs now rather than later. Good job on the bug hunting and squashing
  15. 1 major, 1 trival, and 2 tweaks, but the 13 features are greyed out. So, they must of decided to drop adopting the features? why? just curious we may get it by the end of this year instead of next year.
  16. i hope that it will be sooner, but i am patient. i'm messing around oblivion, kotor 2, and dipping my toe into two worlds, and i'll get back to nwn2 when mask of the betrayer comes out. inq mentioned that blizzard has a 3rd project, evedently called hydra
  17. u need to get the unofficial patch team-gizka dl link when entering ebon hawk turn left and it's at the last bunk. it's only available after u talk to the former owner of the ebon hawk on nar shadda (sp?). u can ask him to prove that it's his ship, and he will tell u abt the hidden compartments (both the old one from kotor 1 and the new one). compartment contains leveled loot.
  18. i would rather they found these bugs before the release than after the relwase patients is a vitue, grasshopper
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