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  1. Problem solved....lol I inadvertantly stepped on my laptop and had to replace it. the new one has Windows 7
  2. hey guys trying as I might I just can't get Kotor2 to work on my laptop (KOTOR1 works fine) here are my specs: OS: (ok this is wierd I promise it is vista but this is listed on kotor2 check screen) : Window XP v5.1 build 2600 Service Pack 2 CPU : Genuine IntelĀ® CPU 585 @ 2.16 GHz RAM: 1920 MB HD: C:(NTFS), UNICODE 67.21 GB Free Video: (null) 1024MB (Got a yellow warning on this but it should run right?) Audio: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) Open GL: Intel - 1.5.0 Build DirectX: DirectX 9.0c ( It allows me Character Creation and plays the initial movie.....hear the sound effects then it cuts out. I did get the vista download from the Securom site so it's someting else.... Please help
  3. I installed Kotor on my laptop (Vista) I keep getting this message when I try to play "Abnormal Program Termination" Any ideas would be useful.
  4. From what I know, Galaxies doesn't let you do that unless I'm misktaking, same thing with online play on Battlefront. I'm just going based off the two mmo's I've played, WoW and City of, both have things against harassment, Galaxies does too IIRC but I don't know how to access it. Anyway, I don't hold out hope for Kotor 3 Agreed, that died as soon as they announced the MMO... but it is nice to speculate on what KOTOR 3 could be
  5. Game starts with the Ebon Hawk escaping the orbit of Malachor V and landing on a nearby planet where the player is. A near death Beo-Dur is discovered on the ship and the player uses a nearby healthkit to save his life (this would be all movie) From there he tells the story of what has transpired so far where the PC's responses indicates the Gender and Light/Dark side of both the exile and Revan. From there the PC joins BaoDur and goes to retrieve some party members from Malachor ( I would be thinking if the exile was dark side this would be missed but I would think that some of the characters from Kotor 2 should be included as party members) From there perhaps they look to go to the Dark Regions where Revan and the exile supposedly went and I was thinking that a modified Revan and/or Exile (depending on converstaion with Bao Dur) could become party members, but I would only want one. I don't know this is purely off the cuff but I think this would be a great way of opening the game.
  6. That's good to know...since my background was starting to get quite red at this point
  7. Yes, I just started trying to do this too, need to rethink my strategy bc a need to be LS to get Mira so I have to start tryiing to be nicer to the lousy NPC's in the game
  8. I think that is a glitch in the game....you don't need to bash it...just open it.
  9. I am currently enjoying the game on my first playthrough...am dissappointed that it is incomplete... Thank you Team Gizka for coming up with this project in the first place and working on it for so long... looking forward to the completed product I agree with the sentiment that it should be witheld until completion...don't want another incomplete came out there
  10. Thanks guys...that was exactly it....read the damn instructions Veng heh heh heh
  11. I recently purchased and installed KOTOR II and have been playing it. My son started his own game, when he saved, my progress was wiped out...is there some way to correct this problem?
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