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  1. Also I've noticed some glitches when it comes to conversation as well. After a cutscene it would show a glimpse of the last scene in the cutscene right before you started that quest, it is very hard to explain and I'm not going to give an example because it would be a spoiler. Sometime the dialogue also loops with the same answers\questions as before whereas in the first game sometimes these disappeared. But some of you guys never experienced anything which is quite odd . This reminds me of the bug (PC Version) of the cutscene in the undercity where Calo Nord kills 3 black vulcar gang members. Right after that the fps dropped thru the floor, and when u were going thru the area where the cutscene the fps drops again, just as badly. Bio fixed it, I think it was a memory link, but I'm not sure.
  2. I remeber in game 1 that mission would practice pazzak with u and hk47 would practice defending the ebon hawk. Do the npcs allow u to practice the mini games, including swoop racing?
  3. so, u could have a npc create the items u need to upgrade your light saber?
  4. yes, the guide is out, and yes it is missing info like the details on the classes. Probably LA is to blame for the missing info.
  5. did revan exsist in the sw universe before KotOR game?
  6. american x-box is first because its an american developer could be a reaseon
  7. I'm getting the pc version, so i have to wait until feb, sorry abt the april wait. It should be very good. the previews and the vids all are very cool.
  8. a simultanious release means that the game was delayed for everyone. translating games for other countries takes time.
  9. Do i like this decision, NO. Do I understand this decision, YES. There are many more console game players than pc game players because pcs are much more expensive than consules. Be glad we only have to wait 2 months this time instead of 6 months. And be glad that they are porting it over to the pc also.
  10. Jedi Weapons Master the first time thru, then master, and finally watchman . After that I will think abt doing the dark side.
  11. I think that the old female jedi that joins the party is Jollee's wife, and u have a chance to get them together or for her to kill jollee. canderous will probably be working for the sethi also.
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