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  1. since u switched graphic card from nvidia to ati, did u use cccleaner or another prog to clean out all of the old nvidia files before installing the ati driver?
  2. i am now replaying Wizardry 8, an old school fantasy rpg.
  3. i thought u had to be 75 good or bad & level 15 to get the prestige class from krea
  4. the major bug is gone, but minor is up to 13 and the feature and trivals are up also. I'm sure they will solve the remaining issues, just have to wait. it will be done when its is done, not before.
  5. kotor 3 will need a construction set like in nwn2 and oblivion so users can make there own quests, planets, etc.
  6. i saw that they got back 1 major and 2 minor problems, but i'm sure they will knock them off fast.
  7. of course they are ignoring pc users. pc users are more demanding for a quality game than console users, plus there are more console users to milk and abuse with a so-so game with a poor plot line. it is easier for la to butcher a game, like they did to kotor 2.
  8. I like oblivion and i am still playing it from time to time. i will get the expansion.
  9. it would be nice if kotor 3 went to the Valley of the Jedi, after all, we have been to korriban. Yavin 4 would be another good planet to visit.
  10. i saw this, i wonder how long it will be before kotor 3 is announced, who will get to developed it, and what engine will be used.
  11. after fighting match with her, get dressed and talk to her abt her lack of clothes. as for color of her light saber, that's up to u. how abt blue, afterall she will be a guardian jedi.
  12. how abt a link to the article
  13. i preorder nwn2, but my code won't work, so i can't download the toolset. on oct. 3 2006 i sent a e-mail to atari to complain abt this. I hop to here from them in a week or 2. If they don't correct this situation, i will concell my order with eb games and wait until nwn2 is in the remainder bin to buy it. I am totally disappointed in atari. If u make a mistake registering, they tell u to try again and NEVER tells u what your mistake is.
  14. I will believe it when bioware officially announces KotOR 3 themselves. Until then, this is only rumor.
  15. Might and Magic 1-8, with MM8 fleshed out. Wizardry 6-8
  16. I'm currently playing Titan Quest, but dabble with kotor 1 & 2, and Oblivion from time to time.
  17. try the very low graphic setting.
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