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  1. since your mobo has a pci-e slot, u just have to make sure that u get a pci-e video card. And I would get a 6600gt if u can.
  2. it will be ready when it is done, and not one minute before, just like anyother game. so, leave the modders alone to do there work. I am sure they will give us updates when they can, so be patient.
  3. how many games can u name that do not have any bugs? how many games can u name that u do not have any issues with how they plotted out the game?
  4. LA is probably cheap and only authorized one patch, so obsidian is doing the most that they can. LA will probably say no to a content patch because they are cheap and it would prove that they rushed KotOR2 out for Xmas for the Xbox
  5. I also enjoyed the game, but it's easier than KotOR 1. Most sith attackers don't use their force powers on u. I never used force breack or resistance. I wish there were more hk50s attacking my party; they are only on nar shaddaa, telos, and the mining colony. They had cool weather and a improved interface. I liked the influence system, but not the romance(KotOR 1 was better). Light Sabers are much cooler and more powerful, some thing too powerful, but i like it. The end game could of been better, but that is LA fault for pushing it out the door early. Obsidiam wants to do a content patch, but LA hasn't replied to that as far as yet. Its harder to achieve dark mastery than light mastery, at least for me, i don't like being evil :D
  6. on dantooine, between the bridge and the exit to the area where the scavangers are is an area where frame rates drop down to single digits.
  7. hust save before u try the dialogue option to get force sight.
  8. where u talk to her doesn't matter, but u need enough influence with her to get force sight, 3 points i think. But, u get only 1 chance at it, so save before talking to her abt how she sees thru the force.
  9. u need 3 influence increases, i think, before u can ask her abt seeing thru the force option. I save before I ask the question just in case i fail. Force sight really isn't useful but is nice to have.
  10. obsidian asked LA to let them do a content patch is what I read, and no word from LA as of a few days ago.
  11. i haven't been able to find them either, but I'm not worring abt it.
  12. on shar naddaa, the little girl, adaana, who is going to be sold to the hutts, is slightly bugged. After I killed her guards, I told her to go home, and then I wien and killed the overseer and his thugs. Then I went to see the girls mother for my reward and she asks if I have freed her daughter yet and my options are no, not yet, and I'm still working on it.
  13. I happen to look down and saw that there was a lower level, yet no way to get down there. Were they planning on making the enclave dungeon even bigger?
  14. no, u can't access the sublevel of the abandoned base. It is the factory for the hk assasson droids. the cut scene when u leave the is very informitive, one hk says that your team invaded us! for the other quest, u can just tell him that u killed them when u haven't.
  15. but how does a DS female get him to turn jedi. I start out losing a point when i talk to him the first time because i am very DS.
  16. when u talk to abt improving yourself, she will help u with your skills. asks u what your weakest and strongest skill and come back when u have improved your weakest skill. I did this, and she said that these to skills were improved, but all I got was an increase to my force powers, no increase to my strongest or weakest skill.
  17. from what i've heard ati and nvidia cards are abt equal. I like the 6800 better because i've had no trouble with nvidia's drivers. nvidia has better open gl drivers while ati has better dx drivers, but both companies are working on bettering there drivers.
  18. On dantooine, u get the redemption quest, how do u complete it. I could only get the assissent commander of the miltia to speak up for the jedi.
  19. i agree abt bao dur, i haven't used him either, He doesn't talk. I can't ask him to repair stuff because i buff up my own repair for using the tables, so i see no practical way to influence him.
  20. but are u sure the planet died? What abt goto preventing the remote from exploding the 4 republic ships to destroy Malchore V? And, I that that the Ebon Hawk got crushed and fell from its crash site in a cut scene before the finale battle. So, how did it come back and save the day? And what is with mira showing up out of thin air to fight hannabar and then disappearing again but not joining the exile? It seems out of place.
  21. I would prefer a obvious hint, like telling me outright that the npc isn't talking to me because i am flirting with the handmaiden. I think that all the npcs should have a "I just want to chat" option, so u can talk romance or abt main or side quest events that u have done. Word of events will get around in a small group even if they weren't there at the time the event happened, They will have an opion on what u did and u should be able to influence them on it also. maybe romances should be listed as bonus quests so u can keep track on how u are doing. everything seems to be done thru cut scenes. Like atton got jellous of the discliple joining the party and said we were full, but no dialoge options appeared to talk abt it.
  22. I didn't have any real problems, just a couple times the game froze. The game was very enjoyable and I felt compelled to play to the early hours of the morning. Any game will have bugs and need patching, KoTOR 1 needed patching and people with ati cards complained the most abt having problems. If u want to complain abt buggy games, then play daggerfall without any patches, then u will have a real reason to complain.
  23. i also enjoyed KotOR 2 very much and i will buy NWN 2 when iti comes out in 2006. the ending was okay, but left too many questions:goto vs remote, ebon hawk destroyed and resurrected?, y no cutscene ending. i liked that kreia told what happened to the other party members in the future, but would of liked a better cut scene at the end. I would also like to get more than 1 chance to learn vivas sight power. I don't mind some open questions that hint at a KoTOR 3, like what Mandalore is really up to late in the game. I also wish there was an influence bar like the light/dark side bar.
  24. u do only get one chance at it, and u do need good influence also. save before asking to see things as she sees them. i missed out on the first game because of this, and almost messed up on the second game that i am currently on.
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