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  1. thnk for the changing the settings thing i just put everything as high as possible and now its is working just fine now thanks for all your help everyone who has posted and hope if anyone with this prob sees this is now able to fix there prob
  2. There is, but it's getting little desperate. Change all the graphics settings in game to lowest possible, and make sure that v-sync is off and refresh rate is at 60hz. Then try the game to see if it did any difference. If it did, then change the settings back one by one to see what causes the artifacts. If it didn't work, I'm out of ideas ok then thnk ill try that if it dunt work then thanks anyway
  3. no ive tried using the oldest driver my graphics card will let me and still not working is there nothing else i can do
  4. do you know where i can get older drivers coz ive tried looking but cant find any
  5. My new graphics card is a GeForce 9 Series. Yes it dus work with all other games and ive got all the latest drivers for it aswell
  6. well it's like this. I've had kotor 2 for a while and its worked very well. But recently my graphics card broke and i've had to get a new one. I've reinstalled the game and now it wont work. Well it works for like 5 mins and then it starts to show interactive objects as black and characters black aswell. Then if u try to carry on playing then it either freezes or you jump around and u cant control the character. Ive included an attachment of a pic that may show you wots happening. Please does anyone know wots happening and know how to fix it
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