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  1. don't blame obsidian, its LUCAS ARTS! LA determines what gets released! Obsidian wanted to do a content patch, but LA said NO!!! OBsidian did sound and video patch, and LA has yet to release it, and your great grand children will probable be dead before LA releases it, if then. LA is full of crap. and if a KotOR 3 is done, I would wait to see how badly LA messed it up.
  2. how abt a slight improvement in the AI. Have u ever noticed that your computer controlled charaters never turn on there shields
  3. ah, that explains it. so, if u don't want the handmaiden in your party, then u don't talk to her or what do u do. I don't mind having her in my party, but now I will have 3 guardians :D
  4. true, its the holowan plugin mod that I'm using
  5. found a bug?, I have a female twl'lek(Guardian), and when I left Telos, for the first time, I found that the last handmaiden had hoined my crew? I wonder what will happen when I get to Dantoine and meet the disciple?
  6. enjoying your mod so far. started a new game, and its nice getting max attributes and skills. droids are tougher. it was interesting seeing all 6 of the dock clones with the pc's stuff. Kerea and the pc's pics are very dark though(lower right corner of screen). Kerea's change is nice. I also like starting off with a light saber.
  7. be patient, its a big project and it needs to be beta tested before release.
  8. metadigital, they were orginally going to do it, but obsidian/LA said they were going to do it themselves, so restoration team dropped it.
  9. Could the team do the music patch please. It's obvious that LA isn't going to allow a music and movie patch, probably because the console players can't get the patch and LA can't take the heat where pc players getting something that console players can't get. besides, LA has abaondoned the KotOR franchise
  10. here is another mod siteMorrowind summit U may want to get a house to store loot that u find. also, u may want to try the zed mod, he is a merchant in balamore near the mage's guild. Merchants in MW have various, low level, money available for buying your loot, while zed has a million dollars available for buying loot. He is very handy when u find valuable loot and want to sell it for a proper price.
  11. I added asus enhanced driver to go with asus smartdoc, and when I looked and tested one of the settings, for improving movie pics, but started KotOR2 instead, and that must of messed things up, because when I removed both then the problems stopped.
  12. just recently, last day or two, a started having a problem playing KotOR 1 and 2. I found out that my opengl is dropping to 1.1 from 2.o. I was using 77.56 when the problem started, and just a few minutes ago I tried xg80.40 and still got the same problem. I deleted the old driver using add/remove programs, reboot, install new drivers, reboot, check KotOR 2 scan hardware and it says that it passes including having opengl 2. I go answer the call of nature and come back and suddenly I can't play the game. so I check again and now my hardware fails, opengl is now 1.1! Does anyone have any ideas. I do have spysweeper, lastest version going, and it listed 6 items to ask if I want to keep, but suddenly dropped to 3 items.
  13. I got it working, it was my appearance settings that were causing the problem. I lowered my resolution to 1024x768, and went with smaller font sizes in the appearance settings and the continue button appeared. nice game
  14. I can't get beyond choose the side deck, any suggestions? the cards are there with a pre-selected group that u can use, but I don't see any accept button or continue button or start game button.
  15. could u mod the merchants so that they have upgrade parts for everything: lightsabe, armor, range and melee weapons. The merchants are very hit and miss.
  16. I had to vote for KotOR 1 because of the cut content, otherwise I would of gone with KotOR 2.
  17. I got mine hear: Tweaks R US They have the regular and XG versions
  18. one thing I would like to see is the weapon style to default to the one that u have the most skill in.
  19. u can never get into the private chambers. U get a key before the final battle so u can get into the med center, droid repair, garage, and security/computer center. the rodian/weapon's merchant always, for me, disappeared after the battle. The redemption quest can't be finished.
  20. I'm using 80.40 with my 6800gt and I now have no warping on dantoine.
  21. I think the people who bought dungeon lords with u would disagree abt who had the most underdeveloped game, plus almost all of the critics have panned the game because it is underdeveloped and buggy. Much worse than KotOR 2. I enjoyed both games and DL was more incomplete by far. As was said, make sure all your drivers and dx are up to date, plus defrag your HD.
  22. I don't believe there will be a KoTOR 3. LA would of released the audio/video upgrade that was promised if they were interested in KoTOR series. The upgrade was supposed to come out a few days after the last patch because it was to big to be a part of the last patch. LA said no to a CONTENT patch. There has been no further regular patches for KoTOR 2, and NO Audio/video patch. SO, I can only assume that LA no longer cares abt the KoTOR series.
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