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  1. Apart from not finishing the story being a bad idea, I can't see why anyone would be interested in having a KOTOR-game during the Mandalorian wars. You know what happens, you know who did what, there are no real surprises possible. You either play a story that is already told (if you play as Revan) or aren't of any importance (if you play someone else). There is nothing to be gained in such a game. The few nice things about the War would be completely overshadowed by the lack of a real plot.
  2. I wouldn't agree with your cat example There is a difference between a being going after prey and a being going after one of it's own kind. The latter does happen with quite a few animals as well, but it's because of an entirely different reason. No animal was build to eat its own kind as main food. I don't agree with evil being needed for balance, either. Nature doesn't let beings destroy themself for balance reasons. If there are too many humans, famine or catastrophes would kill them, not humans themselves. There is no reason to suspect that humans killing each other has any real reason. Humans have been killing each other way before they grew in such a large number. The only trouble for nature is, that mankind has developed in such a way that it does things no other being does. No animal tries to change the nature, nor do they transport things to areas with a low supply. Animals either leave or die if there is a shortage in something they need, humans do pretty much the opposite.
  3. I wouldn't want that last idea anywhere near KOTOR. Neither the ability to get anyone nor the ability to kill anyone you want, is a good idea. There is absolutely no way to create a meaningful story or interesting characters, if you use that idea. First, all NPCs couldn't have anything to do with the story, second, it's basically impossible to create dozens and dozens of interesting characters, not to mention that it would take ages to develope. Third, you end up without interesting but annoying characters. You simply cannot do that in a story-driven game like KOTOR.
  4. Playing as a non-Jedi shouldn't be in the game, apart from maybe the first few levels. Anything else really isn't doable, because a non-force user has absolutely zero chance against a powerful force user, especially in a one on one fight. And please finish the story that was started in KOTOR II. It wouldn't make any sense to completely disregard the true Sith, now that they changed Revan's reason for the war. If you build up an enemy in part two, you don't go in a totally different direction in part three. The game should be about stopping the Sith, just like it was set up to be, with Revan going to the unknown regions and Kreia telling the Exile to follow him.
  5. Actually, that is wrong They usually have started development way before they announce it. I know what you mean, I just had the urge to nit-pick
  6. Again, he lets them do their thing. As long as they make money, he could care less what they are producing and when they are producing something. Why should he even care? He is a movie-maker, he works on movie-projects, he has absolutely no reason to interfere with LucasArts' plans for the future. I don't know about you, but I haven't seen Bill Gates go to every single little department of his company to tell them what to do. Nor any other billionaire around.
  7. *Sigh* Apart from one exception - that being Force Unleashed - George Lucas has nothing whatsoever to do with the videogames LucasArts produces. Lucas is a movie-maker, all the different departments (LucasArts, ILM, Skywalker Sound, etc.) have their own management. Lucas only interferes if things are going bad or he needs them for his own work, and even then it has nothing to do with what the parts of the company are doing in other projects.
  8. It seems like they already have the translators, and most of the stuff is already translated anyway, it's not something terrible hard to do nor is it as time consuming as some people think it is. Or look at their site for more info: http://forums.team-gizka.org/viewtopic.php?t=2430
  9. Well, they still have Celebration Europe and the gaming industry has the new E3 and the Games Convention, so there are still some big events left Not that I expect them to announce it at one of those events, either... If I remember correctly, the first TSL-material came in "electronic gaming monthly" and "computer gaming world", so they wouldn't necessarily have the first announcement on LucasArts.com.
  10. It would be one heck of an accomplishment, if a tv-production would match the quality of a $100+ million movie-production. Of course the quality of animation is worse. Apart from the fact that they didn't even want to go for a real-look.
  11. Never had a problem I didn't have in the first one as well. Problems with graphics actually were more common in the first one for me, though using different drivers always solved it.
  12. No, I wouldn't, because it wouldn't serve a purpose. Not that the force would let him die anyway, he was going to fulfill the prophecy, and nothing would have stopped him from doing that.
  13. Again, it doesn't matter when they take care of a certain bug. It's not like they would be finished faster if they resolved this particular bug instead of other ones.
  14. It shouldn't piss you off, it's their free time they are spending, you are lucky that someone is doing it at all. Besides, it doesn't matter in what order the bugs are resolved, not to mention that the bug tracker doesn't show everything.
  15. That looks like a pretty weird logic to me. You are basically saying, that someone who had success with a product, shouldn't try and earn more or add anything new to the product, because he already made money. Which basically means for an artist that he should stop making art, as there is nothing he can achieve anymore. Movie and sound technology would be 10 years behind today's standard, if Lucas hadn't decided to continue. There was a demand for Star Wars, so why shouldn't he let other people continue? That happens pretty much everywhere, and not only in the entertainment business. Lucas has hardly anything to do with the EU, nor does he really care about what other artists do, as long as they keep to what his people think is good enough for Star Wars. To him, the EU is more of an alternate universe, and he definately has more important things to do, than checking whether every story they come up with fits into his idea. Many people want additional Star Wars stuff, Lucas doesn't have the time to do it, so what's wrong with letting people work on it, if others enjoy that work? Whether everyone likes all the ideas is completely unimportant. I don't like large parts of the EU either, but it won't stop me from liking the rest. Of course I curse at LucasArts/LucasLicensing/LucasWhatever whenever they come up with another stupid idea, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with Lucas. Nor has greed anything to do with it. If Lucas had been greedy, he wouldn't have stopped making Star Wars movies after Return of the Jedi, nor would he have waited an eternity to release the movies on DVD, while other film-makers were chucking out five different versions of their movies.
  16. I really lvoe those "Lucas only cares about money" lines. Do you have any prove for that? As if Lucas had the time or interest in controlling everything that is going on in the Star Wars universe. He's a film-maker, there is a reason why every department has its own management. I have to agree with the ressurrection bit, Dark Empire is really horrendous and should never have made it into the public, it was a really horrible idea. Sadly, there is quite a bit of EU-work which is simply bad. Though there is some pretty good stuff as well, mostly from before they started to turn everything upside down. I really do like the KOTOR-comic, though, very well done.
  17. I don't see how JA had a better battle system, it was mostly button mashing. I had some fun while playing it, but it's definately not a combat system I want to see anywhere near an RPG, much less KOTOR. Jedi Academy is easily worse than Jedi Outcast, and much worse than Jedi Knight + Mysteries of the Sith. It looks better than the old games, and has some nice missions, but it doesn't even come close in story, feeling and in some ways even combat.
  18. How is Luke the epitome of balance? Where is this darkness inside him? He was no different than Obi Wan, both gave in to their anger for a short amount of time, but that's it. And Obi Wan couldn't be more of a lightsider. Why make it so complicated, when the simple answer was already given quite a few times?
  19. While your theory sounds nice and plausible, there isn't much to support it. All we know, from the material that was released and from George Lucas himself, is that only the destruction of the Sith mattered. Balance was restored by the darkside losing its grip over the galaxy, with the death of Palpatine and Vader. That's the official version. If you think that the Jedi somehow belonged into that equation as well, that's definately a way one can think about it, but I wouldn't quote it as the truth.
  20. Unless Sion can't do that anymore once Nihilus drains the force out of him. It depends on what exactly allows Sion to regenerate.
  21. How so? First you would need to find out how a lightsider behaves. Judging by the movies, even if you just take the old ones, they never go completely by the book. One shouldn't use KOTOR's "I'm so good, I'll even give out extra credits to everyone who is around" style and use that as the ultimate way for a lightsider. The movies are the source for Jedi-behaviour, not the games or books. The Jedi behave like a lightsider would, while you can take it to the extreme in KOTOR. Not the other way, in which the extreme is the way of a lightsider and everything below that gets closer ot grey.
  22. Definately lightsider. To me, there is no grey. No matter how neutral you try to be, in the end, you are tending to one side. Being a lightsider doesn't mean that you have to act stuck up or choose to do "goody goody" stuff. Looking at the movies, most of the lightsiders are far from being anything close to that.
  23. The unknown regions are a bit too far away, I think. Yoda still needed to be somewhat close, to help train Luke (or Leia, if that had happened). It would have been kind of hard for Obi Wan to send Luke to the unknown regions. Finding him on a known planet is one thing, having to search the whole unknown regions to find someone is something entirely different. Yoda wanted to go into exile, not leave the galaxy to the Sith.
  24. Um, that's because the engine doesn't allow it any other way, unless you want to walk for hours or not run at all. The Valley of the Dark Lords, for example, is much larger than it is in the game. Just because it looks like everything is next to each other doesn't mean that it really is. This is a computer game, you can't just create whatever you want, you have to work with what you've got.
  25. The settlers on Dantooine weren't exactly known for going offworld all the time. There were hardly any people living there anyway. It's a remote system not many people care about. It's is one thing to have an enclave which is known to a few people who live next to it, it is something entirely different to have a temple which is known all over the galaxy. Does the game really state that Juhani went do Dantooine? I never finished her sidequest, and it's been a while since I played the game, so I don't know if there is anything which states how she met the Jedi (after Taris that is). If there is no such comment in the game, it is entirely possible that she went to Coruscant and was sent to Dantooine by the Jedi later on.
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