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  1. I would like to be called: Empty Husk of the Obsidian Order Thank you.
  2. Barask's Nail Clipper. Barask had been a mighty blue dragon. He suffered from a genetic disorder that caused his nails to grow very quickly. Each time he trimmed or nibbled his nails they would start growing back so, as you can imagine, he spent a lot of time looking after them. This made him very self conscious and he never travelled out much. He became quite depressed. One day a wizard came into his lair in search of his treasure. Barask had noticed him since the wizard first set foot inside the door. The door being one of the surface entrances to an underground prison. As the wizard tip
  3. The heart that loved. Anahar was the god of love and the heart. He blessed all beings with the love of the universe. He was radiant and magnificent. Those who saw him saw a picture of the perfect male. This of course was different for each race who viewed him. In seeing him they never felt jealousy or lust, only admiration and love. The gods were harder to convince. His wife, O' Liara, the goddess of roots, permeability and transition, loved him very much. However, her sister, goddess of entropy, Erentis, was insanely jealous of their bond. One night, in a fit of jealous rage, she confron
  4. The dearly departed: People who have died may not wish to leave the material plane. Their bodies have gone but their souls remain. Usually they stay around towns or cities. It depends on their life but usually they wish to carry on their lives oblivious to the fact they are dead. Hanging around people in doorways having delusional conversations with the people nearby. Sometimes alive people can hear them. Ciphers will pick up on them. They are usually harmless, only hurting themselves by not leaving. Sometimes they see people and hook on to them. This can result in a number of situations.
  5. The Twins Garupa and Svanne: Sister and brother. Aliases: "Night and day", "Dark and light", "The storm and the eye". Portfolio: Masculinity and femininity. Yin and yang. The duality of reality. They have no enemies or allies as they are inherent within all living and spiritual beings. Symbols: All forms of duality represent them but where they become one is where their presence is felt the most. The twins were born in the beginning from the cosmic One. In their presence, the universal physical elements came into being. They both love and hate their individualised forms. In one moment
  6. I dont get it. He wears little clothing because he is a minimalist monk with few possessions. He's balding and wrinkly because he's old. There looks to be a sadness in his eyes. As if he doesn't want to fight but does so for the greater goal whatever that is for him. Looks like a pretty good base for an interesting character to me. I also like how he doesn't look like your regular joinable npc. I wouldn't say he looks weak but I think the way a character finds strength in spite or because of a said weakness makes them extremely interesting. A trend with a lot of martial artists is their lo
  7. Betrayal is only one of the many different kinds of interactions the party can have. Planesape Torment spoiler: I suppose betrayal is a really good mechanism for creating interesting party dynamics. What about a character who's a bit ditsy and says something antagonising to the guild your trying to appease. As you come out of a cave a band of warriors are surrounding you. They look ready to kill you. Their leader says: "Halt! I would know who you are lest we slaughter you on this spot!" As you think of something to say Ralph jumps in ahead of you: " Why good sir! We are here to ro
  8. Inventing new monsters may not be too hard. An animals abilities and features are related to their environment. So it would be cool if they looked at the environments they were creating and thought about what creatures would evolve and be successful in them. I assume this would naturally lead to original ideas.
  9. I just deleted my comment on how censorship is the death of democracy. I'm just going to let this go. Phew. I feel better now.
  10. I think the main story is meant to be a sort of whodunnit mystery. Or am I wrong? Some incident occurs at the beginning of the game and we have to figure out who's behind it. I'm sure it'll be good if it's main story or side-quest.
  11. This was great to read. Thanks. I feel that leaving it in the hands of the team will lead to them fulfilling their own dreams as to what this game should be about. These guys are talented and creative as hell. We all know this. Now, for the first time ever, they can create something without constraints. No intrusive publishers or timeframes. I really hope the fans allow them to do their thing and not try and force their hand like the publishers have done. I know they want fan input but I say that whatever this team creates will be something heartfelt, deep and completely satisfying. Imagine,
  12. I would love to see different endings that happen due to the decisions i make in the game. I can never play an evil character in most games because it just doesn't make sense for him or her to save everybody at the end. I didn't play mask of the betrayer but I loved watching the evil ending. It felt really satisfying. From a roleplaying perspective, I think different endings are important to conclude your specific, original character. Obviously, they can't make too many but a handful would be nice.
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