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  1. I used the choke point strategy like... 3 or 4 times in the game I don't see why it is so much of an issue. It's not like the game is forcing your hand.
  2. It can't work when you have people doing very few side quests and others doing every single one before advancing the main plot. Unless you are suggesting to remove all XP rewards from side quests you can't balance the game for every single playstyle. Everybody is playing the game at they own pace.
  3. I disagree regarding BG/BG2. You could not get significantly over leveled because each level cost twice the XP of the one before. The last bossfight was not an auto attack snooze fest in BG2 even if you did do everything. They really ought to very significantly reduce side quest XP in this game. I was level 10 when I got to Dyrford. I could accept being one or two levels too high. Being 5 levels too high is just plain stupid. I order to prevent this from happening they'd have to force players to follow the main quest at a given pace so they could perfectly control ther level progression. Which I wouldn't appreciate... Or introduce mob level scalling mechanics... that I wouldn't appreciate either. That's the price to pay from freedom.
  4. First you need to open you song book and make a chant: pick a phrase on the left page and it will be added to the chant on the right page. You can add as many phrases as you want to your chant. Once you've made a chant your Chanter will automatically sing all the phrases you picked when a fight starts. He/she'll read them one after another following the order you chose on your song book and you'll benefit from the effect granted by each phrase in turn. It's a loop so once you reach the end it will start again from the begining. You can attack ennemies and do whatever you want it won't interrupt your chant. Once your chanter has read enough phrases your spells will become available for casting (the required number is specified on the spell's tool tip). Once you've cast your spell you'll have to read again the required number of phrases in order to cast a new one. Now as you probably noticed you can make up to four different chants. So you can make defensive chants, debuffing ones, mix offense and defense etc. and switch between them during a fight in order to get the effect you deem them most appropriate to the current situation. If we get more in depth you'll also notice that some phrases are longer than others so they won't completely ovelap one onto another which means that you'll only benefit from their combined effects for a short duration. You can make chants with only one phrase, two phrases, three... you are free to tailor them the way you like. Well I don't know if that was very clear, I hope it helped.
  5. Fun fact, I've been even more disapointed with DAI than DA2.
  6. The first NWN was extremly disapointing in solo, and quite enjoyable in multi.
  7. I guess they could add a cheat code on the console for that, but I wouldn't recommend putting it in the option menu. And there are probably more pressing issues than this.
  8. Between Pillars of Eternity and Cities: Skylines it's been a good month for Paradox!
  9. I'm having a blast playing the game. It had been so long since the last time I had that kind of feeling like I'm back to my teen years and play extraordinary games, visiting odd worlds and compelling universes and all. And I'm not simply talking about nostalgia, I'm talking about keeping one's faculty to play a game and enjoy it like we would have when we were 15, 20, 25 (or more!) years younger. "Il faut garder son âme d'enfant" as we say in French, keep one's inner child alive. I hope all the nonesense and unfounded accusations you've been through these last days didn't dampen your good will and motivation to go forth (but don't forget to gather your party beforehand), because you did good. You Obsidian, we the backers and all the people who purchased the Pillars of Eternity proved that there is still a place for that kind of games these days, that they are not a thing of the past and can still hold their own among more "modern" RPGs. With Wastelands 2, Shadowrun Returns/Dragonfall and Divinity Original Sin 2014 has been a great year, 2015 also takes a great start with PoE, and there is still the new Torment, the Hong Kong Shadowrun Returns installementand PoE's expension to come. The good CRPG genre is not dead, in fact it is making a major come back. Will I purchase the expansion? Of course I will. Would I back a new Obsidian game if you decided to go through a new kicktarter campaign? Damn straight I would. Congrats Obsidian you have done an amazing job.
  10. Especially if it means not having to wait for a hotfix because the patch broke something (if GOG doesn't forget to include the said hotfix that is ).
  11. The game has some opitmization issues indeed, it is not terrible nor critical but it's there nonetheless. I have no problem running the game at all because I have a good rig (12gigs of ram, i7-3770k etc...), but I noticed some framerate drops in Copperlane, nothing concerning mind you just going from 60 fps to 45 with V-Sync on. I monitored the CPU and GPU usage during these drops and both were below 50-60% so it means that the game engine somewhat fails to use the hardware properly. And turning off V-sync didn't prevent those drops from occuring. So while it isn't a concern at all in my case I can understand that it might become a problem for people running the game on a less powerful rig.
  12. Why? The limerick was not their property. Yes, and that's precisely why they had to get in touch with the author. Ignoring the whole thing and let Firedorn deal with the Twitter angry mob on his own and take the blame for everything, that would have been a real d* move.
  13. So you are basically stealing the case from the victim's own hands in order to serve your own motivations, thank you for admiting this here.
  14. How about you give some credits to Firedorn's own words instead of denying him any kind of honesty in order to keep justifying your anger toward Obsidian? How long will you keep holding your grudge against the devs when the very author of the lines you're pretending to defend said things didn't happened the way you are presenting them?
  15. So you are mad at these people spreading lies about the game's content and the only thing you can think of is threatening Obsidian?
  16. That's a terrible theory. This section of forum has been about all kind of conspiration theories lately...
  17. "Actually this forum section is about Pillars of Eternity." it was a joke since the image in the op is fake as **** and this is just some gamergate ****er trying to latch onto another game for attention, just like the sjws they oh so hate good grief the irony is burning like the sun with this stuff Don't worry I got the joke, my post was one too.
  18. And now every single idiot will examine the game in every detail in order to find a reason to either call Obsidian "progressive sellouts", "disgusting reactionaries", "children killers" etc... I'm really enjoying the game and I did not find any kind of propaganda in its content. They did not use it to force their ideas on anyone so I don't care what are Obsidian devs political views. I don't care if they are feminists, masculinists, communists, capitalists, I did not find any form of extremist ideology endorsment in Pillars of Eternity so I don't see why I should start digging for imaginary hidden corpses.
  19. "Actually this forum section is about Pillars of Eternity." I don't think so, all these accusations come from people who wouldn't have bought the game anyway or recommended it to friends. Twitter is all about noise and buzz, it doesn't mean that it's got an actual influence on what people do in the real life.
  20. This forum sure is the right place to start a feminism vs masculism "debate".
  21. Things has gone so silly that now we can't even tell the "SJWs" complaints about Obsidian and the game from the "Anti-SJWs" ones. This is going way too far. Way too many people are now using this forum to start debates and controversies that don't belong here.
  22. When one starts seeing ennemies at every corner it is the first symptom of paranoia. Stop putting definitive labels on people just because they said or did one thing you don't agree with. This is not because you don't agree with everything they say that they automatically belong to the "opposite side".
  23. This my friend is called hijacking. Don't give in, their only goal is to use the game as an excuse to voice their political opinion louder. They don't give a damn about PoE, they just found a new battlefield. SJWs and anti-SJWs just love to fight and raise scandals.
  24. Yes that's my feeling as well, the characters hitboxes are too large and it messes with path finding. They should make them a bit smaller. I also remeber that the IE games had some sort of shove mechanic when a NPC wanted to reach a spot and ran into an ally on their way to destination. Yeah that's more or less what I'm refering to.
  25. They would not call you a troll if you could voice your opinion in a less aggressive fashion and check what were the stated goals for this game before ranting about them. Obsidian never hid their intentions and all the "issues" you are bringing here were known features before the release of the game. We did not discover them at our first playthrough, because we already knew that it would be like this.
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