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  1. And yet I haven't used any Ad Homminem attacks against you, totally contrary to your response. Since there were faster internet connections we have had exactly the same thing everywhere, and yet you come here to actually complain about this in 2015, so what I can only really fathom from this is that you may not have played any game since the 90's. It is kinda like me complaining that I can't run a modern game in MS-DOS. And like I said the 90s RPGs were far from being bug free. I mentionned the Fallout and Baldur's gate series but I could also talk about the Elder Scrolls, the old ones weren't better than Skyrim in that regard. Not by a long shot. It's quite the contrary actually Daggerfall had its share of game killing glichtes and bugs.
  2. If BG2 had only come out last week you'd be raging on it for the exact same reasons. PoE is not harder than BG ou BG2, not in the slightest.
  3. I think people forgot how bugged were some of the most legendary RPGs (or they didn't buy them when they came out before all the patches, mods, unofficial fixes etc.). The Baldur's Gate were not spared, Arcanum wasn't, the Fallout... ah yes Fallout 2 had quite a handful of game breaking bugs and it took more than a few weeks to ge rid of the most nasty ones (and some were never officially fixed). All these games are now considered as absolute classics but believe me they had bugs, tons of them. Making a RPG is not like making a platformer or an action game, the level of complexity is of another scale. It is not a coincidence if RPGs in general are usually among the most bug riddled games by the time of their release.
  4. The synthesis ending is depressing because it means that differences between species make coexistence impossible. It means that in order to stop conflicts you have to erase all differences and make all people alike. And besides it contradicts many story arcs in the game if you played true paragon, because on many occasion you used diplomatic ways to solve conflicts. So ultimately the "geen" ending means that there's no possible understanding between organics and synthetics, you're acknowledging the Reapers's pessimistic point of view. Offtopic: And in general, besides the obvious plotholes ME3 endings were highly unsatisfying for a lot of people who played Paragon during the whole three games. The "Blue" ending allows you to become the master of machines that exterminated countless civilizations, killed more than billions of people and transformed them into mindless husks, I'm not sure a sane person would like to share his mind with them... (and we are not even sure Shepard's personnality remains unchanged if he/she merges with them). The "Red" ending means backstabing all the synthetics who helped you to fight the Reapers (EDI and the Geths), you choose to sacrifice an entire species in order to achieve your own goals, once agin this is not what a Paragon would do. And I've explained why the "Green" ending is also against the Paragon's spirit. If you make a game in which you asks the player to make moral choices, you can't at the last minute deny him the right to follow his code of conduct and force him to to do what he'd never do (and that's also why, among other things, "Arrival" was a terrible DLC for ME2). And I forgot to mention the "new" ending provided with the extended cut that really looked like a finger aimed at all those who were disapointed, "So you didn't like our endings? Alright here's a new one for you: everyone dies".
  5. You do realize that Elmister and Drizzt are living legends in the Forgotten Realms universe right? On the other side BG1's main character was just as green as it could get. Putting them in the game wasn't a mistake at all, since they are legendary characters a lot of AD&D PnP game fans were hoping to meet them! Now I don't think powerful companions are so much of an issue if they are well written and if there's a good reason behind that (they are plot related for instance, or are somewhat important in the game's universe) and not game breaking. You could give her a giant strength belt in order to solve that weakness though, or even better: Crom Faeyr.
  6. Sometimes I think that a simple "Donation" button in a game's main menu in combination with the kind of message you're suggesting would compensate piracy's damage way better than any DRM.
  7. I tend to think that when the same rules apply to the PC and the companions (same stats range, same access to power/skills and gear), it's fair game. If you can build your companions' template using the same mechanics you're using for your PC then there's room for balancing the group to your likings. If your fighter companion is better than your fighter PC, then that means you built you companion better (intentionnally or not).
  8. I stopped pirating games when I could afford them, in my case it is as simple as that. I pirated a lot of games when I was a teen, but at the same time all my money was already going into video games. I would have had to rob a bank (or steal my parent's money... please kids, don't do that) if I wanted to buy more games. So, in my personnal case, I hardly consider that I hurted developpers studios by pirating games when I was younger. In that regard I think it would be interesting to know how old is the average pirate. Like I said one of the reasons that make me think I didn't hurt the game industry when I was younger is that everytime I had the money, I did buy my games. And that's propably the problem with the new pirates, unlike many "old" gamers, they are not really video games enthusiasts. Back in the 90's the industry wasn't the mass market is has become today, back in the days I was buying video games simply because they were video games, now people buy them because it has become a common consumer product, something between butter and bread on your shopping list. Or some just buy them because it's what you are supposed to do if you want to be a real cool teenager/young adult, that's what they are being told. We didn't buy games in order to look cool or because "everybody has to own this game". Today there are many more gamers then there used to be, but I'm not sure there are so many more real enthusiasts among them, not in the way we were back then. I think many editors are overestimating the true size of the audience. By that I mean, they overestimate the number of people who actually care for the games they are buying. And thus come with oversized projects that will require insane funds just for exposure and marketing purpose. What I'm about t say will probably is maybe a bit extreme but... on one hand video games can't be killed, there will always be people to keep making them, but on the other hand developpement studios can die. Piracy can do than, and so do major editors and blind mass consumption. I'd be curious to know how much small or independant studios have been killed because of the biggest editors. Companies are not playing hands in hands gently, this is not a big family, dirty tricks are part of the rules, and a handful of major companies can steal a whole market. Look around, it happens in every single sector of the economy, the automotive industry for instance, you can't "pirate" a car but now all the independant brands you had 20 or 30 years ago are beeing held in a reduced number of hands. I'm pretty sure that some of the most mediatically exposed game franchise (who said C... o. D... ?) kill diversity just as much as piracy does. And what is behind the biggest franchise? Heavy, real heavy advertising and marketing. The art of making people want what they had never thought they would want before. But is it all artificial, there's no passion behind this, just induced compulsive buying mechanics. My point is, sometimes if sales don't meet the expectations it means that the real audience and the market are not as big as one would think. You can't rely on mass consumption, I think that all the studios who fail to evaluate how big their real audience is will disappear. Piracy is not something you can eradicate, you have to learn how to make it harmless. One of the solutions to avoid being harmed by piracy is to make games for an audience that actually care for your work. And Kickstarter is one way among others to acheive that goal. On a more general concern, we need a change in consumption patterns, the way things works today only allows the biggest to survive. Studios who don't realize they can't compete with the major players if they make and sell their games with the same logic in mind and using the same channels will fail. And no DRM will save them from that. On the other hand our "duty" as video game enthusiats is to encourage people around us to inquire more about what they are going to buy, encourage intelligent consumption: who made this game? what are this studio's other games? what are my expectations? why is it different from the other games in its genre? Do I know enough about this game to make my decision? In short we, the video games enthousiasts, because we are so much more than simple customers, have to kill the blind consumer that lies in our less informed friends in order to make them actually care for what they buy and only buy what they actually care for. Websites like GOG work because they are targeting people who know what's what about video games and are willing to pay for what they like. And I will conclude on this, I'm not worried about PE, first we raised substential funds, and second as much as I love old school crpgs, it has become a niche. And niche games may be pirated but they wouldn't have been bought by the said pirates anyway, because only the real fans care and are ready to pay for them. If you want to help PE, talk about it around you, explain why it is a unique project. It works a thousand times better than any DRM. DRMs can't convince people to buy games, but a well informed friend's advice can.
  9. Probably that one: It is a great mod that adds a BG2 feel to BG1 companions (even some romances).
  10. Menu -> Options -> Enable/Disable quick saves (caution, once disabled the only way to re-enable quick saves is to start a new game) /thread.
  11. I'd love to have the BG1 NPC mod, Ascension/Redemption/Longer Road, BG2 Flirt/Banter packs and some of the best NPC mods (Saulfein for instance) working with BG:EE. (Yep I like mods adding more depth to the NPCs)
  12. Isn't what difficulty settings and game modes are for? You know the easy setting with the "save whenever you want" feature, and the hard one with "save only when allowed". Why forcing everyone to accept one or the other solution when you can let them choose? I can't understand why people want to force others to enjoy the game the way they do, that's a personnal matter, a matter of personnal tastes. Both can exist within the same game, and if you fear your won't be able to resist the the call of the quicksave button it only requires one special option: the possibility to lock your choice when you are starting a new game, meaning, if you choose to limit the quicksave/load function you cannot reallow it unless you restart the game from the beginning.
  13. Seems like someone misses the terrible ME3 endings... Seriously I don't want Obsidian to fu** up PE's ending as Bioware did with ME3. And a cliffhanger with the real ending sold in a DLC? Are you an EA agent? That's the kind of idea their marketing departement could come up with... The only kind of cliffhanger I could accept is one postponing the "final ending" to a FULL ADDON, something big and solid, not a 3 or 5 hrs DLC. Maybe in the one they promised, that's the only cliffhanger I would not look at as some sort of treason for all the backers of this project. "Rip out the final page of the script and sell it as DLC"... Damn, some people really like to be robbed from their money to the point of begging for it. If you want so much your delayed finals words, why not simply asking for an ending released a bit later, like a patch or "extended cut" (ahah!). Sellling a DLC containing the real end is not "revolutionary" and won't "forever make Obsidian the Gods of Game Developers for all gamers", it is just bad and mean business. Do you really think nobody never thought of it? Making more money by selling the end separatly from the game? The idea already poped in every cynical and greedy minds you can find in the video game industry (and that means quite a bunch of them xD ) and that's exactly what well aware gamers don't want to see happening any soon.
  14. I voted "Other" because I couldn't decide between once a month and once every two weeks. But it doesn't have to be a fixed a date, they can share their work and progress when ever they feel like it.
  15. The only thing we need is an Alvin romance, whatever the race or gender.
  16. Just created my account today... Damn I followed the whole Kickstarter event, checked the updates everyday, watched all Josh, Tim and Adam videos, watched the crazy final countdown party (Woooooo Chris, Woooo Alvin, Wooooo Tim, Wooooo Feargus, Wooooo Green Shirt Gril!) ... and now it's over life feels so empty.
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