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  1. This would be the best of both worlds. Obsidian please patch this in
  2. I don't think that's a simile, I just took it literally. Shimmers like adra, Adra being the greenish/blueish stonelike crystal that "grows" from the depths of the earth and is connected to souls. They shimmer in the light - like crystals do.
  3. You can manage with 10 mech, I think there was only 2 doors and few traps that needed more. Traps you can avoid and for doors you can use picks.
  4. Highest lore check I encountered was 10 and highest mechanic 11. With mediocre athletics your party passes all the checks (Left Durance with 1 athletics and he was gimping around with collapsed lung or strained ankle the last 1/3 of the game )
  5. "Cons: Extremely Difficult" When is difficulty a con? Especially when there's difficulty slider with the first 2 or 3 being quite easy And I quite liked Durance... "If doubts and curiosity plague you, you're skinning your knuckles on the wrong door."
  6. You get enough +engagement items to make up for the defender skill. Can't engage if your tank can't reach the mob and after 3 or 4 it gets quite hard. Anyone tried tanking with reach weapons, can you lock out the 2nd row ?
  7. So would you say that PotD chanter solo is impossible atm? No way to deal with the "phantom menace"? ... If there only was a way to skip the pack inside :/
  8. With logarithmic XP need for next the lvl you wouldn't make expansion imbalanced (you would level up quickly and catch up if you were behind). Hate to compare with BG, but it has a XP cap of 161k - and my last solo run with a cap remover ended with little over 800k xp - but that is just a few levels (lvl11 compared to lvl9). And that doesn't make much difference in BG2.
  9. When I got the NPC paladin I ditched the fighter, no real difference on my hard playthrough. My party: cipher,cipher,paladin,priest,wizard,druid, no selfmade companions.
  10. The mind resist spell is a joke. Last few seconds and doesn't really help. Only guy who doesn't get confused/charmed is the paladin (thank god for that even). And all my chars have mind fortress and some even bull's will. Just have try cc all the mobs or hope that my cipher doesn't get hit and cc the afflicted party members. Troupial, only beat the fight on hard, but you might need a druid with you for the insect aoe spell that does raw dmg (can't remember the name now) to power down the adds. You're playing in POTD so you already know these things (might still help other people reading the thread): - Cipher CC as much as you can, and slicken of course. - Use all the summon items - Bottleneck - Revive Scroll is OP - Save priest's spells for revive - If you want to cheese try to reset aggro between fights, don't know if it's doable with the dragon but mobs have a chase range in this one where they reset. - You might need only 1 tank - AI doesn't like to cross Wall of Fire and similar if they're not in one already. - Try to save as much raw damage spells for the dragon. - Cipher debuffs are nice due to the low duration of all spells.
  11. They'll tweak the stats, or someone will mod the system There's already an IE mod out there.
  12. I think the guns (and "alpha strike") are a good thing. Reminds me of real world musketeer lines firing and engaging with swords Though they need to fix the blunderbuss cipher thingie.
  13. BETA didn't get all those things right, let's hope for fast patches So many skills/feats/spells are either underpower or overpower.
  14. To me hard was challenging up to lvl6 or so, after that it got easier and easier. Only challenges were the last level on endless dungeon (3 reloads) and the last boss (1 reload). Giving Obsidian time to push out a patch (and nerf some skills like slicken and cipher hold) and I think I'll start damned,expert,trial run.
  15. Tried a few solo runs on expert,trial,damned with a minmax chanter. Died before stronghold. Need to plan out a bit more, the lack of real stealth will make this hard.
  16. Yeah the music is excellent! GJ! Though I would have liked to hear few combat scores more.
  17. - Character selection circles colored by the character color from inventory screen, would make it easier to just glance at see who's who in tight situations - Confused characters should act as neutral (yellow?) in combat. I hate when the party attacks their confused allies or can't attack (unless forced with A) enemies. - Action queue shows up top of the toolbar when selecting a character, and in the screen (dotted line for move orders). Chaincasting / using skills is quite tedious right now. There's a small window when the spell starts to go off to when it's cast while assigning new orders is confusing. - Pathfinding needs some work, with more than 2 melee characters (even if the other guy has reach) you need to micromanage every attack order. - Color-code items more, plain fine,exceptional etc. items should stay blueish, if the item has other magic properties make it green and if it's an artifact make it yellow/goldish/bronze tint. (Sell all plain items button anyone?) PS. The auto-pause options are amazing!
  18. Well there's the 50 feats I didn't pick yet and spell progression is quite easy to make up, no need to add more spell lvls. And there is always stats (hp,endurance...)
  19. The game for me is epic tactical battles which are rewarded with plot, exploration, items and XP. They take the XP part away if you explore too much.
  20. Pull her back, spread out, AoE the adds, debuff her and use RAW damage type. You don't need traps, just gear and 10+lvl. PS. Revival scrolls are your friend.
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