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  1. Developer meeting: "Hey you know what would be a great idea, a level cap of 12" "Yeah! That way we can punish people who like to explore and clear every nook and cranny. Guys implement that right now!" I just only entered Elms and hit the "magic" 12. Anyone got a lvl cap remover?
  2. Yeah I had that bug also. A rain blight kept following me after a battle, I just killed it with force attack. There seems to be some bugs with spells ending after battle like they should do. Had that druid insect spell effect linger on my paladin after battle, had to reload.
  3. Who's missing the option to change the party's selection circles to custom colors (to match their primary color)? Like the new Infinity EE's did it. Please implement this :/ Would make the combat sooo much clearer. Link to imgur of the feature.
  4. Things I've found during my first ongoing playthrough: - Cipher's level 2 spells Mental Binding and Mind Blades are quite broken, especially if you have 2 ciphers in the party. You can whipe out all the trash packs before your tanks even engage. Mental Binding is quite insane also, a spell that let's you stunlock bosses and root the nearby adds, a bit gamebreaking If I can say so.
  5. Let's start to collect all the stinky stuff right here. Inspired by Use R. Unfriendly and his epic collection The Hero's Guide to A Succesful Adventure or 500 ways to use cheese for decimating even the most powerful foes. link
  6. - Graphics: Cage Cursor stops working after conversations. I'm using 2 monitors and GTX660. Need to disable and turn on again to get it working after every conversation/cutscene.
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