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  1. What were the inspirations/thought processes behind the water color look for the scripted interactions? With the change in location, will we see a significant change in the color pallatte of the natural enviroments, buildings, and clothing people wear? Will there be any new player portraits?
  2. So I'm playing a Druid, and I've just summoned my first blight, a Lesser Rain Blight, and after combat was over its still around and kicking. I figured then that unlike Chanter summons, summoned blights must stick around till you rest. Well, after finishing up that quest (the temple of Eothas) and renting a room at the wind, the blight is still around (and got the buff for the rented room too). Its been knocked out in combat as well, but still had HP and gotten back up. No spell descriptions list the intended duration for Summon Lesser Blight, but I'm assumign this is probably a bug, (which unless someone reports that no this is not a bug, i will go properly report it). So anyone know for sure if this is the spell working as intended (and if so, how to cancel the spell)? Or have I just gotten a bugged permanent summon that I can't seem to get rid of.
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