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  1. Well, they would need VO for those parts. And this is why I was really sad when they announced full VO. I actually considered withdrawing my donation in the vain hope the goal wouldn't be reached, but I realized I couldn't make that much difference.
  2. Ah thanks! Set my history up correctly now. Interesting to see what matters...
  3. Aw man, my Orlan baby isn't here either Is there a way to manually set all the quest states myself? I've only managed to find the generic "Benevolent/Just/Evil etc." Paths when talking to Berath, is there a fine-tuning option I missed?
  4. So I imported my save from Pillars 1, where I specifically remember Eder becoming Mayor of Dyrford. Now I'm on a beach with him and he's talking about how he ran with the Night Market? Is this a bug or has it been retconned?
  5. It's a graphical bug with the latest patch, don't worry, the hirelings are actually being paid automatically.
  6. There is nothing wrong with it in principle, but large budgets tend to come with strings attached which tend to limit the options of developers no matter how passionate they are. Kickstarter funds don't have any strings...
  7. I ended up killing the dragon in both my previous playthroughs, but I did regret it. She's not just a grand and ancient creature, she has combined experiences from all the souls of the people who've died in the Endless Paths. I think next time I might side with her.
  8. There are a couple of those in the game, like and It would be great if there were more though...
  9. I like the crazy names. One thing I dislike about traditional settings is "Common" (i.e. English) as a universal language. Yes, it makes it convenient, but it also makes it less immersive and makes the world feel smaller. I mean seriously, would the Engwithans be so mysterious and foreign if they were called "Glowing Stone People" and built "Glowing Stone Temples" or whatever? As for stuff like Fampyr and Gul, it conveys a similarity without necessarily committing it to being identical to the D&D monster. It grated a little when I first encountered them but I've gotten used to them now.
  10. So what's your opinion on trees full of hanging corpses and the ability to perform human sacrifice in a game kids could play?
  11. That would have been awesome, I really hope they restore some of it in an expansion or patch.
  12. Crucible Knights were rude to me too, playing as an Orlan I literally walked through the door and bumped into a guy who told me to my face Orlans are all uncivilized thieves. Went with the dozens after that!
  13. It is excellent. Some parts are frustrating, some parts make you smile, some punch you in the gut. In terms of story, way better than most RPGs save maybe Planescape. There are actually, you know, themes and stuff. It is a little unbalanced and some stuff leaves you a bit unsatisfied (Stronghold upgrades in particular), but that is true of any game. It almost wouldn't be as fun if there was nothing to gripe about! Currently it is on par with at least BG1, and I'm talking about BG1 after 10 years of expansions, patches and modding. In the future? I have high hopes for this game and its sequels/expansions.
  14. You can speak with them whenever you want, using the speech bubble on the ability bar that comes up when you click their portrait. They have quite a lot to say!
  15. People keep saying the companions in PoE are bland. I just...can't understand it. Blandness means something is devoid of unique characteristics, dull. I'm not sure I can think of any companions in PoE that are standard archetypes without unique twists that make them interesting. Edér and Kana are perhaps the closest to "standard", with Durance and Grieving Mother being completely unique, but they all have personality that sets them apart. You couldn't have a party full of Durances and GMs anyway.
  16. I find it incredible this guy even finished the game while clearly not bothering to learn even the basics of the system.
  17. Making a story which is counterintuitive and unjust while claiming that choices are not good or bad---- this isn't worthy of praise. It just means the game is designed poorly. So a well designed game is one in which you choose all the blue options to get a blue ending and all the red options to get a red ending?
  18. What you did mattered, and not only that, your choices had consequences, both foreseen and unforeseen. If you play the game again and make different choices you will get completely different endings, maybe ones you will like better. That is essential to the replayability of these games. Sometimes doing things for what you think are the right reasons causes harm. Sometimes there are no good options. Sometimes things are counter-intuitive and confusing and unjust. I say bravo to the designers for making it so realistic.
  19. Yes, I got the vision talk with no problems. It is the very last part of the talks that is failing.
  20. She's not invisible, just ... forgettable (she says as much). People don't acknowledge her importance, but that doesn't mean they ain't gonna fight back if she takes a stab at them. But yeah, that's why she has no companion dialogues. There is a great moment when you can question Hiravias about your companions, and if you ask about Grieving Mother he says something like "Who? Oh, you mean that peasant woman who travels with us for some reason?"
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