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  1. So would that make you our resident Devil's Advocate? Actually, at least speaking for myself, I think the discussion and attitude represented in the threads is part of what helps people decide that they wan't their contribution be for the Order and not just a random addition...and since the rest of the add-ons do still cost Obsidian a little money for the reward (even if only an opportunity cost), the OO pledge "reward" of being a member of the group is the best "reward" in terms of %value going straight to developers... Edit: that said, hopefully the OO forums will be live on the new webpage by the time the membership drive closes
  2. This sort of thing actually reminds me of some of the comments/"discussions" over on the Amplitude "Endless Space" forums - which are particularly confusing when the stated goal of the developers there is to deliberately solicit and actively act on and implement player/forum suggestions through a voting process and the "Games Together" approach, people STILL come out with "I really hope that the developers don't implement feature x that I don't like, it would just be stupid, and they should do things how they want to, even though 97% of the poll responders voted the opposite of what I think it should be...it's their game"
  3. Me. So long as the character was well-written, not "worthless" to bring along, and was not written for comic relief in the first place...especially more so if his/her ugliness aspect was something that had to be worked through when it came to inter-party and party-to-outside-NPC reactions. And doubly so if they were not exaggeratedly ugly, but "realistically" ugly with a self-confidence problem that made them believe they were exaggeratedly ugly... And this leaves out the (admittedly stereotypical old crone, but far from stereotypical in just about every other way) character of the type such as...Ravel. I would have LOVED to have that sort of depth and twisted foreshadowing in an ugly companion and not "just" a (very powerful and important, yes) NPC.
  4. This doesn't even begin to account for the diversity in what people consider "perfectly proportioned" either - just going from the examples listed here, I am assured that my thoughts on "perfectly proportioned" differ (in some cases greatly) from those of other posters already. Variety - in all aspects - is necessary if the aim is to generate attraction (physical or otherwise) by the player. Then again, from personal experience, I rarely find myself even noticing "physical attractiveness" in the list of traits held by characters that I tend to be drawn to...and only rarely in those that I'm indifferent too either, unless it is in a humorous way due to over-exaggerated aspects (most commonly such as the boobplate+straps female armor, etc.) That said, I have just as much issue with the male stereotypes as well, as already mentioned by a few. Especially considering that I have RL experience with a large variety of body types of both male and female "warriors" (modern weaponry and historical both included) and the variety of body types in those warriors/soldiers is FAR more drastic than anything I've seen in any video game to date (aside from racial/alien or deliberate exaggerations of differences). I want to see a "range of normal with a few extremes" rather than the stereotypical lithe warrior woman, hulking warrior male, effete swashbuckler, haggard crone, etc. What about that 80 year old hermit that DOESN'T look like badly weathered tree bark covered in scars, and it's from honest exercise and healthy living, rather than some mystical/magical effect? What about that strangely nimble overweight warrior that puts your young reflexes to shame? Dwarves that have "let themselves go", ANYONE that is not portrayed as either ancient or evil with facial blemishes, etc etc etc. On the sexism note - I've often wanted to create (and have run a number of pen and paper campaigns) or see created a world where it is the MEN who suffer from the inferior role, on a grand worldwide scale and not just in some "backwards" matrilineal/matriarchal society looked down on as "uncivilized" or "strange" by the rest of the world. Especially fun was the one campaign where I did this and the PLAYERS had no idea in advance - such a shame for the egotistical male burly fighter who found out that in this world his role was that of "servitude" to do the "dirty work" for the women...
  5. Or 7th at the rate these are filling up and the fact that it being open still through Sunday is likely to cause yet another influx of members
  6. Had never seen that one before...but oh so very fitting...(save for the fact that I've always been more PC than console )
  7. Sugar, you might want to put a link to the thread in your signature addition there
  8. That spoiler clip is both terrifying and gutwrenchingly funny simultaneously...
  9. Thank you for getting the "official" acceptance. Now I can get back to doing...who knows what...
  10. This totally - I had actually gone to click it just as it filled up. Though my wallet will probably thank me for it anyway...
  11. Sadly, this seemed to be the sentiment of a lot of the people on the twitch stream who were new arrivals and had no idea what was going on during the countdown party...
  12. Personally, I've never understood the desire to compete as a sport in an event where the original participant died as a result of completing the goal - and that's even though I used to run track myself and have done the Boston marathon twice
  13. No-one seems to be able to make any sense of what my job or reason for being here is... -Enigma of the Obsidian Order
  14. I was going to post this (and did in fact comment on it on the live stream...not that anyone was likely to notice it there ). I've played 1 1/2 campaigns using it, before the group fell apart due to various people moving. Basically, very interesting system, LOTS of good background information, enough "tie-ins" to make it interesting just as an extension of the 'verse, while still being a good "space opera meets western" game system. Not much in the way of strict mechanics (as in almost all of the "conditional modifiers" are determined by the GM on the spot, and vary from use to use), a simple but brutal combat system which mostly forced the adventuring to be about the politicking and interactions than hack and slash (something I liked about it, but won't cater to everyone in a game system, and was more true to the series/movie as well), and the ability to have your own *loved* ship was just unmissable... This DOES require having a good, flexible, and creative GM (and to *slightly* lesser extent player group) more than some other RPGs to have even a "good" experience - and regardless of the tie-ins and overall flavour, this WON'T happen with anyone who wants to stick strictly to the series/movie as (necessarily IMO) many things were abstracted for the RPG and due to it "officially" only being able to use movie source material, it is conflicting on some things that did come up in the series - but overall with the right group of people it is very rewarding. Would love to see this as a cRPG (though that might be difficult due to the dependance on "seat of the pants" GM style), or a completely different system set in the same 'verse either way. Edit: Don't I wish. Especially if they could get some/all of the original actors to do some voice acting....I can always dream. If anyone could get the rights to produce it, you'd be able to get almost if not the entirety of the original cast to support it. Every public statement/appearance I've seen from any of them have all stated that they would love to continue being involved in the 'verse, in whatever format that involvement takes.
  15. GURPS. Hey...you never said it had to be a cRPG...and with GURPS you can get any of the rest of the genres you desire
  16. This one really depends on the character(s) involved. It should be something that fits with their personality, but not something so "cut and dried" as to be completely predictable. Also, it should not be something that makes or breaks a game if one chooses to ignore it in entirety, or makes the "wrong" choice. Basically, it should be added "spice" that allows for greater character/plot/background development and brings a larger emotional attachment to the character(s) involved in the romance, but should not be mechanically "crippling" nor "essential" for progress (unless of course the game is specifically ABOUT said romance, but that doesn't apply to P:E) Due to the reasons listed above, I enjoy seeing ADDITIONAL quests/dialogue/etc and cutscenes can certainly be used to flesh-out these aspects and/or to bring deeper emotional context...but they should not be tied in as requirements or "large" effects on any "mainline" quests. Pretty much the way things were handled in PS:T was ideal in approach, both with the Annah/FFG in-party and the Ravel/Deionarra aspects, though I think it could have been fleshed out more in the end. Wouldn't have minded seeing some "romance-specific" side-quests, not counting the encounter with Ravel, though I did approve of the Annah/FFG aspects of the encounter with Ravel: even though they were part of the "main" quest, they were neither critical nor crippling aspects of it. However, there did definitely seem to be a bit of an "unfinished" feel to the romantic side of things even at the end, and very little "concrete" progress. (And no, I don't mean because there was no steamy bedroom scene...) In my eyes, some way of generating a feeling in the player of a deeper commitment between two or more characters that goes beyond them being adventuring companions and/or "buddies" which includes some sort of non-platonic aspect to it. Just as there are endless variations on 'romantic partnerships' in the real world, I don't think there should be any qualifications on what makes something a "proper" relationship in a video game either, other than bringing out the same sorts of emotional reactions and attachments - both between the character(s) themselves and from the player towards the character(s). The former allows for deeper character development and depth of plot, the latter makes a more emotionally stirring experience when playing and should be more than just what is "best" in terms of game mechanics...
  17. Basically all those listed collectively - but primarily I'd have to say BG, PS:T, and Arcanum.
  18. I'm rather torn myself...but not because of my inability to choose one of the listed options, so much as that my desire on update frequency is dependent on the stage of the project overall. Right now, I'd be happy with monthly updates - as we get closer to release, that would change to weekly updates. And in the last 2 weeks to month prior to completion I'd love to see daily updates...
  19. This part " For those of you who are getting physical goods, before we ship anything, we will notify you and reconfirm at that time to make sure we have the latest physical address on file" made me especially happy to hear, as I both use a different email address between amazon and kickstarter, but also have a separate billing address from my "residence" address (which has the potential to change frequently...as I live aboard a 30' sailboat...).
  20. According to this threaad: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/61691-update-27-how%E2%80%99d-we-do-and-what%E2%80%99s-next/ Paypal donations while it is still open can still be used for all tier rewards, shipping additions, upgrades to tier, etc - including upgrading kickstarter pledges to higher tiers - just by following the instructions listed there (make especial note of the "Special Instructions" section). Then as long as your total pledged amount (combined between kickstarter and paypal) is the proper amount, you can "distribute" the rewards as you like via email(s) that will be sent to you by Obsidian in the future.
  21. *chuckles* Ah, makes more sense then...I was just pointing out that them knowing you were evil wouldn't necessarily have any affect on a given Paladin-recruit from associating with you Edit: How is that any different than what happens with most religious Orders upon getting past the "initiation" stage
  22. Shhhh, we dont want our new paladin-recruits to know that, do we? Hey, this is PE...nothing in the description of Paladins gave me any reason to believe that they couldn't be Evil too...they don't even have to be "religious" followers of some Deity in the first place either, just "...so singularly focused on their chosen cause that their souls are continually creating a wellspring of spiritual energy..."
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