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  1. Can we have sharks with frikkin lazer beams on their frikkin heads? Only if they were weresharks *ducks* And now that I've caught up on the thread postings (there having been 4 new pages added in the process of me reading already...) just posting a reminder for my being added to the list: RaccoonTOF - Enigma of the Obsidian Order
  2. Alvin Nelson mentioned it during the live stream, so at least one did. Ah, I missed the OO mention in their comments on pledging then, I only caught that a number of them had been backers (Alvin included). Now I'm curious to see their titles Also, just reposting requested title in the new thread as I'm not on the list above - Enigma of the Obsidian Order
  3. I have to ask (having not had the chance yet to get through all 4 threads...) if any of the Obsidian employees that pledged on kickstarter also bumped for the OO...
  4. And in the end noone was correct...because there was no option for "Between 4 and 5"...
  5. Spent an additional $30 worth of airtime on my mifi, but watching the countdown party was worth it...here's to the best game for 2014!
  6. $4M total has been reached (including Paypal) with just under 2 hours left...
  7. From the live stream - Nugganooch: Us backers at Kickstarter just crowd-hired a bunch of guys who're drunk by 3pm on a Tuesday - and I am proud :D Huzzah!
  8. To anyone not watching the live stream - OO just got a live shout out from the countdown party
  9. Well, almost missed the deadline for the kickstarter entirely...as I just found out about Project Eternity late last night upon finally recovering net access (marina living can be a hassle sometimes ). Soon as I found the kickstarter project info I had to go and pledge immediately of course...then come straight to the forums only to find this and head BACK to kickstarter. So...count me in as Enigma of the Obsidian Order...
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