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  1. No obvious error messages. Have definitely tried all the various graphics settings including fullscreen, windowed, etc. Still can't play the damn game. I've long been an Obsidian fan but not even being able to get through the opening sequence without crashing on a perfectly clean install is just too much.
  2. Same problem, can't even play the game because it consistently crashes anywhere from 20-60 seconds after getting out of the crashpod. Updated drivers, no overlays, NOT gamepass version, and have tried various graphics settings. I've had plenty of games with big bugs and instability, but never one that I absolutely could not play right out of the box like this. I also have the 21:9 issues everyone else has. Nvidia GTX 1080Ti, Windows 10, 16 gigs RAM, i7 at 4K, no overclocking, etc.
  3. I've only read the first couple of pages on this thread but I've gotta say, you guys are being a bit overly hard on Marceror. I find myself agreeing with a lot of what he says, it sounds pretty reasonably constructive to me. I'm not detecting any of this entitlement attitude you all keep mentioning either. Maybe I've missed something in the few pages I haven't read, but why not just keep the conversations focused on opinions of the beta rather than character attacks? For my part, I'm having a hard time playing the beta right now due to the incredible amount of bugs (perfectly understandable, I'm not complaining at all). Maybe it is just my particular computer set up but sometimes it is all I can do to get a game loaded and not crash on a scene transition. However, I have every confidence that the end product will be freakin' awesome, Obsidian ALWAYS delivers.
  4. Aside from the initial character creation and menus, my first impression was rather humorous. After having spent as much time as possible exploring all of the character options and reading every detail about all of the races and classes, I step foot into the world...and immediately received numerous axe and sword blows about the head and neck from none other than my very own party members! Haha, I was confused, I had no idea what was going on and I died rather quickly. I guess my party members didn't like the character I created and decided to dispose of it. The next character I created was much more acceptable apparently as I wasn't immediately attacked upon opening my eyes. I haven't been able to play it much yet but it is looking/feeling great. Lots of bugs of course, but that is expected, the only thing I would like to see different is the character models and more portraits.
  5. I'm pretty easy to please and not very critical of games in general, especially ones like Pillars of Eternity that fit the style of some of my favorite games. Overall, I am loving the overall feel of the game. That said, I have to agree with most everyone else here about how boring and in some cases downright ugly some of the character models and customization options are. I understand it is an early beta, but I sincerely hope that more quality options will be incorporated. I think the Godlike look pretty damn cool, but the Aumaua....ehh yeah they just look silly. I think the hair and beards and all of that are fine, there just needs to be more variation. Really more variation all around would be a BIG plus As for the portraits, IMO some of them are excellent, some of them are decent, and some of them are rather annoying. Overall, they are about what I expected with the exception of the quantity. Absolutely need more portrait options, considering the amount of different races and class types, there are just not enough portraits available at this point. So far, these character models and portraits are really the only serious criticism I have so far. I'm loving the vast majority of what I have seen thus far, right down to the UI, menus, text, and of course the environments and music. Oh there is one other thing, does anyone else feel like the characters just jet around too fast? I mean it feels like they are sprinting like Usain Bolt everywhere they go. Personally, I prefer a much more methodical approach, all the better to enjoy the excellent environments
  6. I sure hope it isn't delayed, I start medical school in July of 2014 after which I won't be able to do much gaming. So I'm hoping to be able to pour loads of playing time into Project Eternity from April to June! (I have my doubts though).
  7. This sounds like a great mechanic! It makes sense and I can see how you could develop a lot of deep tactics based off of preventing/exploiting "engagement" in combat. As for the whole kiting thing that Khango was talking about...yeah kiting is one thing in gaming that has always bugged me precisely because the overpowered effects that are so exploitable. Sure Mongols "kited" their enemies...from the back of a HORSE (man those guys were badasses). Certainly it is possible, and it seems like it still will be a viable option in Project Eternity, but with this system it won't be so overwhelmingly effective. Firearms replaced melee weapons (after hundreds of years) because it is hard to close to hand-to-hand range when you have a sucking chest wound. Running around your enemy in a circle while shooting at him as he furiously tries to close the distance is a funny, yet completely silly thought. The French loss at Agincourt had nothing to do with "kiting." The terrain was really the decisive factor, that and a sky full of arrows from English longbowmen. They had to charge down a narrow, muddy corridor (I forget how far, 300 yards or so) as the English just rained arrows down on them over and over. The English were almost completely stationary.
  8. Honestly I didn't read some of these well thought out and extensive critiques of the suggested stamina/health system but I just wanted to throw my opinion in. Bottom line: I like that they are trying to do something different with it. I think that the proposed stamina/health idea could certainly work depending on how well it is implemented and designed into the game. Maybe there is a better option out there but I am glad that they are at least looking into it. That was always a big immersion killer/annoyance for me in the old IE games, "Whew, that was a good 2 fights! I'm out of useful spells...low on health, looks like I need to rest for the next 36 hours," and poof, you are all healed and ready to go. So again, maybe there is a better option or maybe the still very rough idea will be smoothly and effectively implemented...regardless I am happy that they don't want to go with the old rest spamming gameplay. I am confident that Obsidian will work out a great system, they aren't going to build such an integral part of the game into it and have it not work well.
  9. Short reply to some big questions: For points 1 and 2, I completely get where you are coming from and agree with you. I have scoured a lot of the Q and A comments, updates, interviews, etc., and the devs have actually talked quite a bit about both of those points. As far as I can tell, and if their history is anything to go off of, you can rest easy and erase your hang ups from 1 and 2. They have specifically stated that they WANT some areas to be too difficult at lower levels, and they won't be using level scaling like The Elder Scrolls or Fallout 3 or anything. As for the crafting, they have voiced similar concerns as your own in that they don't want it to end up being scrounging for every last trinket and hauling around all of this useless stuff in case you might have a crafting use for it. I really liked how crafting was handled in NWN Mask of the Betrayer and BG 2, and they have said that they will implement a similar system. One that is meaningful, but that doesn't require a ton of specialized materials that you have to grind for. As for number 3, good question, haven't seen much on that. But again, considering these guys' past work in this area and the designs they have put forth so far...well I have every confidence that it will turn out extremely well, however they decide to do it. I really encourage you to look around more at some of the info that has been put out, you will find a lot of details relevant to your questions. Well so much for a short reply, anyway, I hope you back it because I think this is going to make for one hell of a great game. And I am pretty stingy with my gamepraise haha.
  10. To add to what wanderon said, you also have to consider the fact that this is Obsidian...they are a very high quality group and they don't half ass anything.
  11. Everything works except the great helm. You'd end up with crushed cervical vertabrae and/or a 26" neck size if you wore that thing for any length of time unless the horns and frill weighed next to nothing. They'd be fine for ceremonial or parade gear, but not for an active adventurer. Teutonic Knights FTW. Not a practical helm, but they wore them anyway and I guess rule of cool applied. -1 to dexterity, +1 to charisma and +2 to intimidate Not to mention intimidating. A lot of armor was designed with intimidation in mind. Take the Spartans for example, their armor was designed to be not only functional but also very aggressive looking. Many of their opponents were so intimidated by their fully armored (unlike the 300 movie portrays), perfectly ordered formations that they fought ineffectively or fled outright.
  12. I figured the game would look good but this one screenshot quite literally made my mouth drop open. I almost started drooling just looking at the details. I especially love the statues carved right out of the rock and the way the moss is growing on them. The way they seem to be almost in motion and the semi-cadaverous look to them, the details on the bridge, the quality of the water rendering...it's all quite stunning. It goes to show that this artistic method isn't just for nostalgia, artistically it looks far better than very many modern games. This one screenshot really exceeded my expectations.
  13. Remember this is early concept art...a lot of what we are seeing will no doubt change at least a little (or completely) by the time it is all done. I'm a little surprised though at how many negative comments there are on Forton's appearance. I'm not terribly fond of it but nor do I think that every single character has to be overly awesome looking (for lack of a better term). The devs have said that part of their design philosophy with companions is making some that can be hard to like. Maybe Forton is a cranky jerk that nevertheless kicks arse and grows on you over time...or you end up hating him and not using him. Or maybe he is a calming presence full of sagely advice...but not much to look at hah. I do agree that the sandals are a bit odd though. Maybe they are Armstrong's Magical Flip-Flops of Everpresent Fatigue Resistance or something, you never know.
  14. I definitely like unique and interestingly detailed weapons and armor but in such a way that they still make sense. I really, really dislike the recent trend to have all of these crazy, outlandish, super extravagant weapons and armor with pauldrons bigger than your head and weapons so huge and unwieldy that they don't make practical sense even if a character could wield them. Looking at the P.E. concept art posted thus far, it seems to me that they are making exactly the kind of weapons and armor that I love to see in a game. The kind that you could see actually working and making sense in such a world, and whose construction is achievable with their current level of technology (perhaps supplemented by a little magic or exotic materials or something). So realism with a touch of otherworldliness, that sounds just about right to me.
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