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  1. Hey Chris Avellone, Matt Sheets, and the rest of the developer team at Obsidian. You guys rock. You engage with us everywhere. Some of you do here in this cesspool that is the Obsidian forums, some of you engage us over in the other cesspool that is the Codex, some of you engage other fans over at SA or Badgame or even via your twitters/tumblrs/vines/whatevers. Hell you've been to PAX and E3 promoting your game as the developers (not the marketing team) and are always willing to asnwer our questions and even sometimes engage in the butthurt. Cheers to you guys. You've worked hard and you deserve the praise you'll undoubtedly get from this game. Rock on and don't let a bunch of chuckleheads give you grief. We love you guys.
  2. Lots of little things that we knew about. Polish stuff can sometimes be pushed to the back throughout development. A larger change is going to be a revision to the grimoire UI. People were very confused, so we are going to take another pass at it. I can tell you right now that is one of the first mods I was going to make - I think the Grimoire UI is a little "bland" and would really like to go all out on it. I'm glad they're taking another look at it.
  3. Badler keeping everyone on task. Keep cracking that whip man. Get those leads to sweat! Haha, good luck folks. Don't stress too much.
  4. Thats fine as long as deflection/intelligence works the same way. and accuracy/dex
  5. yeah - and it's totally not true about the 3 to 4 gb thing that primejunta said. it could be a variety of different things but the only thing i changed about my set up beore and after my change in performance was to reinstall win64 instead of win32. i have 4 gb of ram. i havent had a single crash since.
  6. Half the problem with this is that there are so many bugs with suppression rules, accuracy, damage modifiers, etc and all that that it's really hard to tell whether their intended design plays well or not. Until they get rid of the bugs, it's really hard to say one way or another. The other thing that seems really odd to me is that armor provides no deflection whatsoever. I would rather armor provide a very little amount of deflection (from 1-10) and more DR than no deflection at all. Recovery time is a PITA and DR doesn't make armor all that worth it just by itself. I have noticed that I end up getting rid of the plate armor as soon as possible and downgrading everyone to better quality low-tier armors ASAP.
  7. Makes me want to play a Skaenite Priest with the Slave background. Don't expect not to be oppressed by your fellow Skaenites though. They kill everyone apparently - slave or not.
  8. This wil actually be a problem with any two combatants where the range of one is higher than the other. For example, anyone holding a pollaxe (which I think has a higher range) and engaging will probably get a disengagement attack off on someone. I actually think that the knockdown range is fine but that the AI targeting clause should include something like, When engaged: IF (target == in range) THEN target the person who engaged you ELSE target closest person Or that moving in closer to your engager should not get a disengagement clause.
  9. hey just wanted to confirm this: i switched over to 64 bit and the game started working really well for me.
  10. Description: If you go to the game and open up your inventory and at the bottom start shifting through the different options (character sheet/inventory/map/options/etc), between inventory and options the whole box-like window shifts over a few pixels and is a little jarring. Steps to reproduce: 1- Open game 2- Open inventory. 3- Start clicking through the different windows. Note the location (transform.position) of the windows. 4- When you reach options, you'll notice that the location shifts over a few pixels.
  11. So much hate for Skaen... I actually agree with the dude, so....there's that.
  12. I think they didn't externalize because it's the beta. If they externalized it, somebody would just compile it and start selling that game.
  13. They don't seem to think murdering dudes is all that big a deal to be honest. They sure attack your party on site priest of skaen or otherwise. Murdering their own dudes. Are the skaenites killing each other left and right? I doubt it.
  14. The problem isn't 1000 bugs, it's about game-breaking bugs. Persistence bugs and the like. Things that make the game frustrating to play or broken go over much less well than "oh this one animation has a small glitch that doesn't affect gameplay in any way." i'll take a 1000 of the latter instead of even one of the former.
  15. even though they say "suppressed" they are not suppressed.
  16. I think the important thing is to be able to import certain objects into the game even if they are third-party tool heavy. Just like we can import in any portrait we want, as long as we know photoshop, we should be able to import in a map - as long as we know 3dsmax/maya/unity. As an example: If I am able to import in a 2d image that would work as a map, that would be huge. I could import the four layers (normals, albedo, depth, and final) of the maps into Unity and compile that into an asset that can be then imported into the game. Just knowing that I can import in a file/asset that has been compiled by unity into the game and then giving me other options like importing or placing certain objects on that map, that would be great. Information that we'd need would be things like, at what angle the 3d map would need to be rendered, etc would help to make the 3d object to 2d map rendering process easier. That way all the maps have the same isomorphic angles and look and don't look "weird" when imported into the game. Basic information like that owuld be very helpful. Specifics on standards Obsidian has used when making maps, objects, etc. These would all be helpful so that those who are interested and can get their hands on Unity (which is free) can compile an asset and just import the final thing into PoE.
  17. that doesn't make sense. Then why do aynthing at all if they don't care about lives? Obviously they care about the lives of the oppressed or else they wouldn't be trying to help them at all. What we know is and that this oppression is what Skaenites fight. Isn't murdering your own tribe/clan/group of people another sort of oppression? So if I'm down in there murdering dudes, they shouldn't really like that. Especially murdering their own dudes.
  18. This is a very important topic. I believe that wearing Saken clothing should also allow you to bypass all of the skaenites and allow you to "peacefully" end this quest. The pros are that you can finish this quest without killing any humanoids (beetles are still there) and it makes RP sense. It's weird that I could kill all of the Skaenites up to wymund and then suddenly wymund's not at all angry with me or anything. Cons - the quest loses a lot of the "challenge" of having to fight your way through an army of skaenites. This can probably be solved by having some of Harond's guards show up in the catacombs and if they see that you are a priest of Skaen or wearing Skaenite clothing, that they would attack you. Or .... not killing anybody means that you don't get as much loot and money and that's ok.
  19. :grin: I dunno....it's WEIRD! and it's tough to remember where the first point in the selection window is...so you might have to reset it by click-dragging. that's why it seems like it's non-intuitive.
  20. Whoa....actually - it's more complicated than that! So! What happens is this: If you click on any party member with your left mouse button and then right-click (use the formation rotate command) and start dragging from that same party member you will utilize a hidden "select-type" command. After you click and drag from that starting unit, you have now set your initial point on the selection box. All further right-clicks (single click or press-drag and then unpress) will issue the second point on your selection box, selecting any party members within that box. It does not need to be a click and drag behavior. Simply a right-click on a unit will suffice to make the selection box. To rest the initial selection point, you must select another character with left-click and then restart with a right-click and drag behavior. This will reset the initial selection box to the location of that unit.
  21. lol sensuki, we've had this argument before. they aren't hard-coded. it's actually based on what commands are bound to the mouse-button. Those commands have multiple components sometimes. Also, I figured out what the behavior is with your RMB/formation rotate dragging behavior. It's acting like a "select" command if the mouse is pressed on a unit and dragged. The easiest way to compare this is to start on a unit, right click and drag to wherever you want. Then see which units are selected. Then, left-click to compare with the selection box that would have been created with the same mouse movement. You'll see that they line up. the formation rotate has two commands bound to a click-drag behaviour. If the mouse is pressed on a location without a unit and dragged, it will allow you to rotate your formation. If the mouse is pressed on a location where a unit exists and dragged, a select command without the selection box being visible is issued. This is the true bug.
  22. it's important to see how your inputs are set up. The actual behavior isn't actually programmed to the mouse button - it is programmed to the commands. Perhaps you should also show what commands are attached to mouse1 versus mouse0 etc.
  23. from update 82 I'm not saying everyone shouldn't get an update. The reality is, though, that there isn't really anything to update at this point. Players without the backer beta can still follow along by watching the let's plays, giving input on the discussions, etc. Again I do think a more robust beta update (with specifics on changes made) would also be beneficial to everyone, including non-beta backers.
  24. look at concentration even with the status boxes saying suppressed XD. please note that the times put in the status boxes do not decrease.
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